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This is NOT Tobacco
02 feb 2004
A list of 800 Non-Tobacco cigarette ingredients. None tested for safety. Many known to be harmful when smoked or to become harmful when burned. There are likely over 1000 additives and contaminants. Why are cigarette makers not told to QUIT secretly poisoning consumers?
There are U.S. Patents for hundreds of ways to make Fake Tobacco...which may be part of a cigarette contents or ALL of a cigarette contents.
Therefore, some brands may have one ingredient missing...tobacco.
No matter...officials and cigarette firms call it "tobacco" that we will think the sickness and death is caused by a plant, not by criminal corporations.

Here is the link to the list of 800 cigarette ingredients...not all in one cigarette, but, you never know. No one is told. No one is warned. No one is protected from any of it. And no one receives compensation for the harms.

Add to the list:
* Pesticide residues
* Radiation, from Phosphate Fertilizers.
* Charcoal dust, from some filters.
* Peanut Shells (for fake tobacco *)
* Puffed Rye (*)
* Puffed Oats (*)
* Puffed Barley (*)
* Puffed Triticale (*)
* Puffed Millet (*)
* Puffed Wheat (*)
* Puffed Rice (*)
* Popped Corn (*)
* Puffed Milo (*)
* Carbon Filled Paper (*)
* Paraffin
* Coffee Bean Hulls (*)
* Sunflower
* Soybean (Genetically Modified?)
* Shea
* Avocado
* Rapeseed (Canola)
* Linseed
* Tung
* Castor Oil
* Flax
* Sesame
* Cotton

That makes 826 non-tobacco cigarette adulterants. But this would be increased if each Pesticide Residue was counted as a separate ingredient. With over 400 Tobacco Pesticides still registered for use in the USA, our number is now up to at leaste 1226...not counting the DDT that gets into cigarettes from illegally-sprayed tobacco.

Do not fight "smoking"; that is to attack the victims. Oppose MANUFACTURING processes....and oppose Government corruption that made all this possible.
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