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HUMANITY, NOBILITY and human rights.
01 feb 2004
Mr. Carod-Rovira :No is roses without thorns in the political flora.
To speak or to negotiate to look for the peace of a Country with other, it is always to exercise: THE NOBILITY, THE HUMANITY, and THE human rights. Simply that. Do they find it a little?
HUMANITY, NOBILITY and human rights.

For: José Viera Gutierrez 30-1-2003: It debates in Catalan Parliament.

The honorable one: Don Joseph Lluis Carod-Rovira, he/she has said it clear and VERY WELL, he/she doesn't have because to be sorry neither to ask for forgiveness. Mr. Carod-Rovira: You have not made any error neither in the form neither in the bottom. What is the form?: to Speak. What is the bottom? : To negotiate.
Mr. Carod-Rovira :No is roses without thorns in the political flora.
To speak or to negotiate to look for the peace of a Country with other, it is always to exercise: THE NOBILITY, THE HUMANITY, and THE human rights. Simply that. Do they find it a little?
He/she has been a Republican who has caught the leading, in the exercise of the good occupations, this is: to be messenger of good will, to begin to solve a great and difficult problem, created by the Government from Spain, with the Basque Country. A government that wants to solve it with police methods of repression, ilegalización of Party, reformations of the Penal Code, Fascist Laws, for not allowing the exercise from the vote to 160.000 citizens, and continually making acts to sow hates bitterness and vengeance. The doctrine of the Defender of the Town": Neither I forget neither I forgive"; All these occupations are characteristic of the heirs of the Franquismo.
Shame! he/she should give to the Mr. Shoemaker, to have been accomplice of the construction of that tool: call: "Pacts for the freedoms and... you Wanted with Fascist methods, and antidemocrats to go eliminating the Nationalisms: Catalan, Basque and Galician? ; Truth Mr. Ibarra?
Did you believe that serving in tray to the Tribunals of Justice, this tool so that, with the reformation of the Penal Code, These Tribunals--of Order I do Publish? -, can they process, to condemn and to imprison to high public positions of the Basque Governments: The Parliament's President Mr. Atutxa, and Catalonia: Minister in cap Don Joseph Lluis Carod-Rovira of the Government of the Catalan Generality?.
Gentlemen Mameluke, soldiers of that privileged militia of the Empire toward God and the Unit of the Homeland! : Up to where you plan to arrive, for the sake of that antiterrorist fight"? Until when they will be using the feelings of the personas?;¿Hasta when their delirium tremens?
Mr. Shoemaker: With those methods, shared with the Fascists of the Government of Mr. Aznar, he/she does a thin favor to the freedoms.
Mr. Shoemaker: What does it pass you, don't they want an opening for Euskal Herria's political solution?
Some black buds, male yellow tulips of the Psoe, to the indulgent being of the antiterrorism globalizado, and repressive of the PP, he/she seems not to want the true political alternative, for a parliamentary majority and this way: to defeat the PP in the next elections of March.
How they want to win the elections putting in their lists to: Dummies or straw figures and cloths, Mr. Shoemaker?
I saw the interview in Antena3tve. Of González Ferrari, Valuable Nativel and Gurruchaga, to the guaperas of CCOO: Antonio Gutierrez, the man but hated by the Spanish labor class; One of the most miserable, and cowards that betrayed the PCE; A daub that I put in a corner Marcelino Camacho, and I send to the " gutter ", beheading at hundred of brave fighters for the democracy and the Republic in Spain, following the instructions, or making the game, and the ball to the Muharray: Farcical Santiago Carrillo. Who do you believe that can vote this individual?
Mr. Shoemaker: Their continuous errors, they have mortgaged the future of hope of an entire town; You go of error in error: The pact for the freedoms with the PP, it has mortgaged him, and that great error, he/she has given place that the problem of Spain with The Basque Country this blocked and he/she goes of bad in worse, you don't give the solution to solve this problem; You and dirigentes"del PP, demonstrates once but that are some true ones useless, and what is much worse is: responsible for the problem that Spain has with the Basque Country Who comes out winning with this? That chance!! it Leaves winning the extreme right of the PP, for blame of the left call. it is you together with others: moles of the Popular Party?

Mr. Shoemaker: Socialism IF, but I didn't seize.

I am a republican extremeño, and I have to defend to the tripartite government of the attacks, and criminalizacion made toward ERC, and to Don Joseph Lluis Carod Rovira. - for the media, bad that it weighs them some political Lumpen of the PP or Psoe!
Mr. Carod-Rovira you are a great ROSE:
Mr. Carod Rovira, from this means -because I am vetoed in other - I express to you and their party: my CONGRATULATION AND SOLIDARITY. I am 77 years old and I ratify all the words of the great speech of you today, in the Catalan Parliament.
Sad!, Very sad! The words of: Miquel Iceta, Itch, Artur Mass and Lleida Lasts. Gentlemen: You are the THORNS of the political flora!.
My memory this alive one, and I want to remind to these miserable " politicians " that in the first elections, next to four partners of Left Republicana.presentábamos in TVE to Don Manuel Azaña's Party, and surrounding had us: Six or seven Civil guards with metralletas to be frightened, and all this, was it consented by those that you/they call Parents of the Homeland". What has it changed from then on?
Sad!: that the Psoe, have filled with climbers, opportunists -that I don't want to name - that daily are kneeling down he/she swims but and anything less than to the Spanish fascism.
That it Punishes! That many of their " leaders " have so little knowledge and credibility, and so few qualities to develop a POLITICAL DISCHARGE, to solve the problem of Spain with Basque Country.
Mr. Shoemaker: Socialism IF, but I didn't seize.
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