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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal
The Forbidden Truths of the Insane Marriage Ritual
06 gen 2004
A Forbidden Truth dissection of the horrifyingly negative consequences of the unnatural, perverse, and toxic societal institution of marriage.
Copyright 2004-2054 The Seer of Forbidden Truth, All Rights Reserved. None of the content of this essay may be reproduced or redistributed by anyone without the expressed and written consent of The Seer of Forbidden Truth. Violators will be prosecuted.

The Toxic, Deranged, Societal Institution of Marriage:

Some of you might be wondering whether the rather "ordinary", commonplace, ritual of marriage, so popular and cherished within your insane, diseased cultural framework, deserves to have an entire essay devoted to it. The answer to this question is absolutely Yes. In this toxic ritual, which your society has sanctified and given the name of marriage, we have an extraordinary, multi-tiered melding of numerous societal and cultural derangements, and in combination they serve to literally astound the sane thinker, in the degree and depth of derangement that this ritual embodies. It is both my pleasure and my obligation, as your Seer of Forbidden Truth, to tear asunder this insane and overtly malevolent societal ritual, lay it bare, and expose it's oozing toxicity for all the world, or at least you few Superior readers, to behold. Let us begin with a generally accepted dictionary definition of marriage: The state in which a man and a woman are formally united for the purpose of living together (usually in order to procreate children) and with certain legal rights and obligations toward each other. That is the basic, first level, most generally accepted dictionary definition of the societal ritual known as "marriage". This definition has not an iota of genuinely valid Truth to it. It is farcical and ridiculously pretentious, not to mention deliberately misleading. Very specifically, it reveals not an iota of the horrific consequences that "getting married" carries with it. The accurate, Forbidden Truth definition of marriage is as follows: A completely unnatural, totally irrational activity, terroristically coerced and compelled by society, in which two people agree to legally enslave themselves to each other, for the purpose of creating a toxic, artificial, totally bizarre and irrational, not to mention unnatural enmeshment, that is designed to retain a brutal, terroristic, unbreakable grip upon both parties, until one party dies. The enslavement carries with it the power of judicial law, thus allowing either of the two parties to literally and legally make life a living hell for the person that they are married to, using societal law, and therefore society itself, to inflict unique, slave-based torment and suffering, upon their spouse. Yes, my definition is kind of lengthy, but every word used in this definition, this revelation of the True meaning of marriage, is 100% vital and necessary, in order to convey, in an intellectually honest and valid manner, the factual meaning of and consequences of, getting or being married.

Marriage is a toxic, unnatural ritual, devised by societal leaders, to terroristically compel citizen-slaves, both male and female, into agreeing to enslave themselves to each other. What do I mean by "enslave"? I mean, in the truest sense of the term, to "become a slave to the other person". This toxic ritual is designed to order two people, a man and a woman, to live together, have sex with each other, create children together, and live in a toxically enmeshed manner, from the moment that they get married, until the moment that one of the two people dies. This "order" is remarkable in scope. It carries with it horrific legal dangers, threats, and weapons, as well as the terroristic doctrine that the omnipotent god creature not only wants people to get married, but then proceeds to somehow "watch" the married couple, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to punish the parties in some fashion, should they dare to defy the insanely fascist doctrines, such as not having sexual contact with anyone but your spouse, that are attached to this insane ritual known as marriage. Astonishingly, a woman who creates a child when married, has an overt legal obligation, as well as overt cultural terrorization, imposed upon her, decreeing that she must assume possession of, responsibility for, and proceed to "raise" the child. A man who creates a child while married, has all of these same fascist "obligations" placed upon him by society, in addition to the even more outrageous decree that he has a financial obligation to provide enough funds to pay for the feeding, clothing, and raising of the child, until the child reaches 18 or 21 years of ago. The amount of money that is involved in this two decade process, easily exceeds two hundred thousand in most cases, and often reaches closer to a million dollars. Yes, I understand that these fascist obligations are also imposed upon non-married human beings who create children, but I want to focus right now on how the toxic ritual of marriage creates a specter of legitimacy to this type of Sacred Family Unit mythology, as terroristically imposed upon you creatures by your societies.

The appeal that this toxic, unnatural, and noxious ritual holds, also revolves around the obsession that you creatures have with owning slaves. The marriage ritual terroristically entraps and enslaves two people to each other, which is a primary societal goal, but in addition, and just as importantly, it allows, legitimizes, and encourages enraged, slave-seeking individuals to find a human that they wish to possess as a slave, to be able to control and dictate their daily life activities, and to obtain this perverse, fascist, terroristic control, simply by convincing the other individual, through deceit and manipulation of course, to agree to marry them. Once married, both individuals are perversely entrapped to each other, but depending upon the degree of insanity, terror, and rage that afflicts each half of the toxically enslaved couple, one of the two individuals may and usually does inflict far greater "domination" over the daily life activities and life path of the other individual. This is because the marriage ritual is designed to function along similar lines to the child-slave ownership ritual. Married couples are primarily encouraged and in fact culturally terrorized by their society, into agreeing to breed, to have children and to then use those children as subhuman Poison Containers. But at the same time, married couples are also encouraged to use each other as Poison Containers, with the more societally victimized and traumatized half of the couple given cultural as well as to a degree legal authorization, to abuse, harm, impose his will upon, and treat the person they are married to, as a subhumanized slave.

Societies bestow a ridiculous aura of mysticism, sacredness, and legitimacy upon the toxic ritual of marriage, as a way of legitimizing Sacred Family Unit mythology as a whole. You, as citizen-slaves, are terroristically brainwashed into embracing the notions that it is very important that you get married, very important that you create a "family" for yourself, and that you assume the "responsibilities" that come with getting married and creating a family. The bribes that are used by society to achieve this malevolent goal, are incredibly diverse and deviously clever. You are told that all "normal" people get married. You are told that the day you get married will be "the happiest day of your life". You are told that your relatives and other "loved ones", expect and want you to get married, and that you would be disappointing them if you fail to do so. You are told that the omnipotent god creature that you have been brainwashed into believing exists, wants you to get married. You are told that you will be given specific financial benefits by your society, that non-married people do not enjoy. You are told that once you are married, you will have another person at your disposal, to engage in sexual contact with, as often and whenever you wish to enjoy sexual pleasure or climax. You are told that if you feel "romantic love" towards another person, the best way to maintain this love is to marry the person, even though romantic love does not even exist as a reality within human consciousness. All of these malevolent, untrue, overtly manipulative bribes and lies are issued by society, for the specific purpose of getting you citizen slaves to agree to get married, to agree to commit an atrocity upon yourself. What is the atrocity? It is slavery. Every person who gets married is committing a very specific action: They are robbing themselves of their most basic person freedoms, and for no valid reason, enslaving themselves not only to a fellow human being, but to society as a whole. Understand this: The legal ramifications and consequences of being married go far beyond merely being enslaved to a fellow human being. When you are married, you are under the terroristic, fascist control of society itself, to a significantly higher degree than is the case if you are not married. When you choose to get married, you assume and accept financial liability and responsibility towards other human beings, for as long as you or your wife/children live, and in fact even beyond your own death, as evidenced by the fact that many societies have laws which dictate that if you die, some or all of your assets will be given to your spouse and children, even if you do not want them to receive your assets. Far more importantly, throughout your entire lifetime, when freedom and money do have direct value and importance to you, you face an absolutely horrific burden, a legal burden, that society imposes upon you with regard to "sharing" your life, money, sex, abode, etc..., with the specific person that you are married to, and any children that you might create.

Now, it is very important to understand that the financial liability that is terroristically imposed via this ritual, while very important and absolutely brutal in it's injustice, is only a small part of what makes marriage such an abomination. The insane moral decrees that the god creature is involved in sanctifying this toxic ritual, and the cultural doctrine which is used to convince people to get married, are just as outrageous in their malevolent consequences. The ability to achieve pleasure and happiness in life, genuine pleasure and happiness free of toxic societal ideology, is the single most valid "freedom" that exists within the cosmic perception of reality, of each individual. There is no other single societal ritual that compromises and robs more people of the ability to achieve happiness and pleasure in their lives, than the toxic and insane ritual of marriage. The freedom to befriend, form a relationship with, and have sexual contact with whomever one wishes, whenever one wishes, as well as the freedom to always be able to decline to have sex with someone, is incredibly valuable and irreplaceable, insofar as achieving happiness and contentment in life. The instant that a person gets married, this precious, unique, irreplaceable freedom is completely lost. Not only does the married person become horrifically obligated to have sexual contact only with their spouse, but they also lose the ability to decline to have sex with their spouse, since the insane doctrine of marriage decrees that each party has a culturally imposed obligation to try and satisfy the sexual desires of their spouse. How else can we accurately define "freedom"? Well, what about the ability to live where and with whom one wants?? Sounds like a pretty basic, fundamental freedom, but the second you get married, you are completely stripped of this freedom! You are terroristically compelled by the doctrine of your society, to live with the specific human being that you are married to. You are further robbed of your ability to move away, to relocate to another area, since you are decreed to have an obligation to remain together with your spouse, to live wherever your spouse chooses to live. But the theft of physical freedom goes much, much deeper, once a child is created. The married couple then become "parents", with an utterly fascist decree imposed, that the parents assume an obligation to raise and care for "their" child, for the next 18-21 years. Each and every day, instead of being free to do as she pleases, the mother, and usually only to a slightly lesser degree the father, has a terroristic obligation placed upon her, to reject all of her own desired life activities and pursuits, and instead spend 6+ hours, each and every day, serving the needs of the child, even if she hates the child! Only one out of 500,000 married couples, at most, will refuse to assume custody of a child they create. This is because they feel and they are, terrorized. They have each been convinced by society that they must not tell their mate that they hate their child. They must never even suggest that their mate consider refusing to accept custody of, or affirmatively rejecting custody of, the child. They believe that it is their obligation to sacrifice their own freedom, happiness, autonomy, not only to each other, but to their biological creations as well, even if they hate their biological creations! Absolutely amazing! The wife hates the child, doesn't want it, but she can't tell her hubby that, it would be scandalous! It would violate a lifetime of toxic societal Sacred Family Unit brainwashing. Or the hubby hates the child, same thing, can never tell his wife that, can never even consider requesting that they consider refusing to serve as parents. In many cases both the hubby and wife hate the child, or at the very least have no genuinely affirmative desire to raise the child. But they can never even consider telling each other the Truth, about how they feel, because each is in mortal terror of being judged as "abnormal, immoral", etc..., by their mate and by the society that they are slaves to.

Do we have a freedom that is even more precious than these?? Yes! Financial freedom. Most especially in capitalistic societies, but in reality true within all societies, every human being literally has their own fate, in their own financial hands. Run out of money, and you will be forced to live a physically and emotionally difficult, stressful, existence, with no home, no privacy, no proper medical care, and inferior, unhealthy food, at best. Having money is the very root of physical freedom. And yet again we have the toxic ritual of marriage, literally able to be used as a tool of financial torture, within which people who have gotten married have literally hundreds of thousands of their own, legally earned/possessed assets, forcibly taken away from them by the legal system, for being guilty of the "crime" of having consensual sexual contact with someone other than their spouse, or trying to leave their marriage, a toxic, unnatural ritual that they only entered into due to overtly evil societal coercion, brainwashing, and terrorization. Lets consider a rather conservative scenario: A married man is robbed of $200,000, over the course of 18 years, in supporting a child that he has created, that he never even felt the tiniest bit of true affection for. If this man had invested this amount of money in stocks, regularly, each month putting in the same amount of money that he ended up giving away to the child, he would likely have well over one million dollars in cash, in his stock portfolio, after the 18 years are up. Most men father children by age 25. So, by age 43, after 18 years, this man would be a millionaire, he would be 43 years old, have a million dollars in cash, be able to quit his job and retire, if only he had not been terroristically compelled by society to give away his own, legally earned and possessed $200,000 to a child that he never even liked, just because he either created the child, or even if he merely married someone who already had a child that she created by having sex with some other man. All forms of societally mandated "child support", including providing financial support for children while still married to and living with the spouse, as well as all forms of "alimony", constitute absolutely nothing less than legal robbery. They involve a person, usually a man, having his own money taken away from him against his will, for doing nothing wrong. Money that is being legally earned and is legally possessed. The only thing that the person did "wrong", was that he allowed his evil society to either terroristically coerce him to get married, or to convince him to create a child, or to cause him to have an inferior, but still perfectly legal and natural form of sexual contact that resulted in a child being created, despite the fact that he had no desire to create a child. It is beyond belief, to any sane thinker, that you creatures would allow yourselves and your fellow human beings to literally be robbed of a million dollars, by society, for doing any of these three "wrong" things. Much less applaud and sanctify such insane laws. The fact that society is directly responsible for causing all three of these things to occur, via it's judicial/legal system, only adds to the unbelievable nature of this injustice.

Now, I want to make a couple of things clear. First of all, I will be discussing personal freedom at a separate essay, and none of my above comments regarding specific freedoms that marriage severely compromises, are meant to imply that these freedoms are truly enjoyed, to a profound and genuine degree, by non-married people, or by any people who live as members of a human society. The fact is, societies do not provide genuine personal freedoms to any of their citizen-slaves. At the same time however, the lack of genuine freedom that is experienced by all, that is unjustly imposed by society upon all citizens, is still significantly greater and more brutal, if you are married. Secondly, and more to the point here, none of the Truths that I am revealing here with regard to the toxic ritual of marriage, necessarily extend to voluntary sexual coupling as a lifestyle choice. In other words, a private, non-legal, non-coerced, personal decision that is made by two individuals, to only have sexual contact with each other, nobody else, while absolutely an extreme and in most cases unnatural lifestyle choice, does not carry with it most of the horrific consequences that engaging in the specific activity of becoming legally married, carries. It is the legally binding nature of the toxic ritual of marriage, that carries immense and extremely negative consequences, very specific legal and culturally terroristic consequences that society is eager to impose upon as many of it's citizen-slaves as it possibly can. This is why societies overtly criticize "live-in lover" relationships, and use all the legal and cultural coercion and bribery at their disposal, to try and convince "lovers" of all types, including live-in lovers, to agree to legally enslave themselves to each other, and to society itself, by legally getting married. This point cannot be emphasized enough: When a person gets married they enslave themselves to society, they forfeit their personal freedoms and human rights to society, just as strongly and horrifically, as they enslave themselves to each other. This is why marriage has so much value to society, why it is possibly the single most desperately promoted cultural ritual within society. It is because the person getting married forfeits their freedom, not merely to the specific person they are marrying, but to an even greater degree, to the society within which they live as citizens.

There are literally 1000 different methods with which this toxic ritual is terroristically imposed upon you citizen-slaves. I do not have space to list all 1000, so you'll have to settle for just one: Picture the scenario: A man grows to like a woman. She has created a child with another man, who is no longer in her life. The man starts having sex with the woman, and moves into the household. He grows to feel affection towards the child as well. Both of these adults are told by society that unless they get married, the man will have no legal authority to protect or care for the child, should the child's mother die or become incapacitated. In addition, should his sexual partner, the mother of the child, decide that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, the only avenue by which the man can try to preserve his ability to retain access to the child that he has grown to care about, is to be married to the woman, and thus carry the societal title of "stepfather". Here you have a simple, clear, undeniable example of how terroristic societal coercion works. The man is emotionally terrorized, under threat to a child's welfare, into agreeing to get married. And this is just one of thousands of different types of terroristic coercion, emotional, legal, financial, cultural, familial, etc..., that are all brought to bear by society upon all individuals, as part of a systematic campaign designed to get as many citizen-slaves as possible into embracing this toxic ritual.

The absolute root of Sacred Family Unit mythology, is woven around the toxic ritual of marriage. Little girls aged four, are already obsessed with getting married. They play "bride and groom" with dolls, they imagine being married, even though they have no intellectual awareness of what marriage even is, what the word means, much less the consequences of marriage. This is because the daily brainwashing that societies engage in, promoting and idolizing this ritual, is immense. No child can escape it. Marriage is promoted to girls as being the only genuinely safe life path to take. Once you have snared a man, you are safe. You can fulfill your societal obligations to breed, raise children, serve a man, while gaining the monetary benefits of having a "supporter". Understand this: Nothing that has occurred within the so-called "feminist" movements that some societies have experienced in recent decades/centuries, has touched these Truths. Nor do feminists have any desire to challenge this Sacred societal doctrine, since they understand that only a tiny handful of women, perhaps one in 50,000, has the intellectual/emotional autonomy, ability or the desire to reject the societally decreed legitimacy and validity of these brainwashings. This is true even for women who choose not to get married. Have feminists called for an end to alimony laws, or an end to child support laws? No, of course not! This is because they understand that women, even women who choose not to get married, want to retain the legal right, for themselves and for other women, to pounce upon this societally provided "safe" life path, if and when they choose to do so, and obtain a "male slave" for themselves. Marriage is designed so that it has multiple, layered enticements, so as to lure in a maximum number of citizen-slaves. What do I mean by multiple, tiered enticements? Consider the enticements provided to women: First of all, your husband will "love" you, and is obligated to always love you, under insane marriage doctrine. What an incredible enticement this is, most especially since most women hate themselves and are desperately trying to make themselves feel loved by other human beings. But wait, what if your husband starts to hate you after awhile?? That's bad, isn't it?? That's a good reason not to get married, you don't want to be enslaved to a person who has grown to hate you, do you?? Guess what, society has deliberately structured marriage so that this situation is made to not appear at all bad! Because multiple enticements are provided, within the legal framework of the toxic ritual. If your husband starts to hate you, you simply get rid of him, while at the same time hurting him and getting vengeance against him for daring to have stopped loving you, by legally robbing him of his financial assets/earnings, via alimony/child support! You see, marriage is marketed as a "win-win" situation, using multiple, tiered layers of societal brainwashing, lies, and bribes, which are literally sewn into the legal framework of this toxic ritual. Even women who hate sex, who hate men, are given "good" reasons to get married, such as one of the easiest ways to obtain a genuine financial windfall, by society!

Somewhat different enticements are used to coerce men into agreeing to get married, but even though the specific enticements that are employed are different in their detail, they are designed to achieve the exact same societally malevolent goal, and they are just as irrational, just as coercive, just as manipulatively invalid. The sexual slave angle is played up more by society, for men. "If you agree to get married, you will have a woman as your sexual slave, every single day and night, for as long as she lives, she will be obligated to serve your sexual desires/needs" That is a prime enticement given to males. And it works beautifully, since as I have already outlined in my Sex essay, men are terroristically coerced by society into believing that they need to have intimate sexual contact with a fellow human being, in order to be "normal", and not to satisfy their own sexual needs on their own, via masturbation. Men are also brainwashed into believing that it is important to have "heirs", important to be able to have blood descendants to leave their money too, the money that they have wasted their entire lives working as slaves, to earn. The notion that there is any value, benefit, or importance in leaving money to a spouse or child(ren) when you die, is of course ludicrous. But you have to be sane to recognize this, and none of you creatures possess the ability to think sanely, so again, this ridiculous, manipulative lie works very well. Men are convinced that getting married is the right thing to do, because you can acquire a "valuable asset", a family, and then spend your life trying to acquire another valuable asset, money, to give to your other valuable asset, your family. Ha! What a joke, it's hard for me to believe that you creatures can be this dumb, this insane. It's not bad enough that you are terroristically coerced by society into agreeing to work as a slave to financially support yourself. You happily go much further, accepting the deranged societal doctrine that it is a good, worthwhile thing for you to assume the financial obligation/burden to work as a slave for the purpose of supporting others, a spouse and children, along with yourself! You actually choose to assume this incredible burden, believing that there are genuine, legitimate benefits in having the "valuable assets" of a wife and child, even though the advantages that these assets bring are completely illegitimate, an artificial construct of an insane societal ideology.

Of course we have many other types of enticements that appeal quite equally, to both men and women. Society decrees that "normal" people get married, brainwashed citizen-slaves of both genders desperately want to be labeled as being "normal" by their society. There are financial enticements as well, which appeal to men just as much as to women. Many societies have created a taxation system that very specifically rewards married couples with lower tax rates and the like. Creating children, especially within a married couple, is a way to acquire financial aid/benefits from the government. The economies of most societies are specifically designed in such a way that a single person will likely have financial hardship in purchasing a nice house in a nice neighborhood. The cost of housing is specifically manipulated by societal leaders in such a way as to require income from at least two different people, as a way of coercing people into living together, and getting married. Even the postal and package delivery system is structured so that a single person living alone will suffer significant inconvenience in getting items delivered to his home, unless he is living with someone else, unless he has a "family" living with him, because most people work outside of the home, during daytime hours, when regular deliveries of packages are made. Again, I could list a thousand or more different, deliberate enticements that societies use, to get you pathetic life forms to agree to get married to each other.

Getting married is an intellectually deranged lifestyle choice. This is the only term that accurately fits, intellectual derangement. And it applies in all cases, in all situations. Marriage is never, and can never be, a sane, rational, lifestyle choice, for anyone. This is because the ritual itself is based upon insane, artificial, untrue, invalid and nonsensical foundational premises. This is not to say that some people do not derive "personal benefits and happiness" from being married. Some do! But only because they have embraced and choose to wallow in, the toxic, invalid, illegitimate doctrines that accompany this toxic ritual. Marriage itself is an unnatural ritual, based upon invalid doctrine. Whatever perceived benefits it may provide to some individuals, arise from the embrace of the toxic, invalid ideologies that accompany the ritual, and that are offered as enticements by society to those agreeing to embrace this ritual, rather than from the legitimacy of the ritual itself. Of course many people hate possessing personal freedom and autonomy. The only way they can feel safe and comfortable, is to have their life toxically enmeshed within the life of another person. Marriage will appeal to such Inferiors, of course. Many other human torture victims of society like to suffer, they feel they deserve to suffer, to feel deprived, so being forced by society to spend their lives enslaved to one specific fellow human, their spouse, is just fine and dandy with them. Societies and religions encourage self-hatred and an embrace of suffering, so make no mistake, many of you creatures "enjoy" being married, this toxic ritual meets your perverse, societally induced life goals, such as to suffer. The sane, Superior human recognizes marriage for what it is, and shuns it like the bubonic plague should be shunned. It is a giant sinkhole upon the societal landscape, and society is desperately trying to push all of you into the sinkhole.

Once you are in, there is really only one escape. Guess what that escape is?? Come on, guess! The traditional "marriage vows" tell you what your only escape is. Come on, five letter word, starts with the letter D. No, not divorce, you idiots. The word we are looking for is Death. Yes, death. Death is the only way to escape from the horrific sinkhole of marriage. "Till death do us part", says the marriage vow. Only way to escape, as officially decreed by society, is to die yourself, or to have your spouse die. So is it any wonder that next to legal owners murdering their child/slaves, spouses killing their mates is the second most popular and common form of murder? It's the only way out! Society officially decrees it, within it's insanely designed traditional marriage vows! The only way to interpret the traditional marriage vow, is: You gotta stay enslaved to this other human being that you got married to, until either this specific human dies, or until you die. The only acceptable escape from the marriage, from your slavery, is via death!

This seems like a good place to say a few words on divorce. Only in recent centuries, have some societies decided to offer an alternative to death, for escaping the toxic plague of marriage. This alternative has been designated as "divorce", and society claims that divorce "allows/causes a marriage to end." Is this true?? No! Not at all. Once again, as usual, we have an utter lie, a deliberate deception and definitional misapplication, malevolently applied by your diseased societies. All that divorce does, is alter the parameters of the existing marriage, in terms of loosening and changing some of the toxic enmeshment that exists between the married couple. Yes, they are allowed to refuse to have sex with each other, once divorced. And yes, in some cases they can even terminate all regular contact with each other. But, only in very rare cases, is the toxic enmeshment truly broken. In many cases the two people have created children, and both decide that they want to maintain contact with their children, and even to "share custody" of their children, thus the toxic enmeshment that existed within the marriage, absolutely remains. So how can you say that the divorce "ends" the marriage?? It does nothing of the kind! All it does is alter the degree of enmeshment that was created by the initial marriage. Then we have alimony, child support, etc... How can anything be ended, when the spouse is ordered by a court to give away his legal assets/earnings to one or two or three specific people that he is enmeshed with as a direct and sole result of having gotten married? In 99% of all divorces, the two people who used to be married remain obligated and compelled, under the terms of the divorce, to continue to have direct contact with each other, even if this only means giving away money to the other person. In most cases the contact is much more intense, the two people see each other at times, talk to each other, discuss their children, their lives, with each other. And even beyond this 99%, probably .8% of the remaining 1% voluntarily choose to maintain some type of contact with each other. So, 99.8 percent of all "divorced" people, continue to have both contact with and an impact upon the life of their former spouse, to one degree or another. Understand, in most cases this contact specifically occurs only because the two people "used" to be married to each other. Based upon these True facts, it is clear to any sane thinker that divorce cannot be properly defined as "the end of a marriage". Divorce does not end the contact, the enmeshment, that the two people were terroristically coerced by society into agreeing to embrace, when they got married. All that divorce does is alter the parameters of the marriage, loosens the chains of slavery between the two people, and allows the two people to go out and enslave themselves to other people via marriage. Amazingly, many people choose to get divorced only because they have decided that they want to be married to somebody else, not because they want to be free of this toxic, unnatural, brutally enslaving ritual that they have already been victimized by! Your blindness as creatures truly has no limitations! You actually blame your former marriage partner for the problems in the marriage, or you blame yourself, concluding that there was something wrong within the relationship, because you are so totally broken, brainwashed, and beholden to your society, that it never even occurs to you that the actual ritual of marriage itself, might be totally unnatural, illegitimate, deranged and toxic. So, even as you become more and more unhappy within your marriage, and start considering divorce, many of you are already looking to try and not only establish an intimate relationship with someone else, since you have been totally stripped of the ability to meet your own needs, but you are also looking forward to your next marrying event, to enslaving yourself to another human being and to society, in the exact same manner as you have already done, even as you are trying to escape and break away from your current or recent marriage. Amazing!

The option of getting divorced has been created and popularized in recent decades, in highly industrialized societies, as a way to encourage marriage. Societal leaders recognized that more and more citizens were at least vaguely beginning to realize that getting married offered no naturally valuable advantages to them, legitimate advantages, while at the same time carrying significant risks/drawbacks. The traditional marriage vows, "till death do you part", were scaring away some people from this precious and supremely valuable form of mass societal enslavement. So, the decision was made to allow people to slightly alter the exact text of their marriage vows, and to provide and legitimize the illusion of an "escape route" from marriage, and call it divorce. Inform the citizen-slaves that it is now possible to escape from the horrors of marriage, without you or your spouse having to die. And it worked! You creatures were so happy, so grateful, you felt so free, so "modern". "Now we can get married, as we are terroristically ordered to do by society, but it is great! Our society is glorious! We don't have to die any longer, neither do we have to kill or wait for our spouse to die, in order to escape from our marriages. We can instead get divorced! Oh thank you, dear society, for this marvelous new freedom. Now gimme that marriage license!" You know, when I think about how stupid, how utterly devoid of sanity you creatures are, I feel like vomiting. Truly, the bile rises up from my innards. To conclude, divorce is not an antidote to marriage, divorce does not undo the negative, sometimes horrific consequences and dangers that getting married usually brings. Divorce in no way "reverses" a marriage. The primary function that divorce serves, is to legitimize and increase the popularity of marriage within highly industrialized, extra-diseased societies. Divorce makes marriage seem less dangerous and terrible, not because it offers a genuine path of escape from a horrific marriage, but simply because it offers the illusion and the invalid perception that it can provide an escape. This is how your evil societies operate. When a tiny bit of Truth starts to leak out concerning an insane doctrine, ideology, or cultural movement that society is seeking to preserve and popularize, all that societal leaders have to do is "tweak" the insane doctrine, modify it a tiny bit, provide some sort of an illusion that a new, modern, "cutting edge" type of "reform" is being implemented, and you creatures, like lemmings, gleefully grab and embrace the wonderful new "freedom" and reform, totally unable to even begin to recognize that you have been played for the fools that you are.

The marriage ritual offers not a single legitimate, Truth-based benefit or improvement, to the life of any human being. All of the perceived benefits and advantages of marriage, are artificial constructs that society has deliberately and malevolently attached to this toxic ritual, in order to make it enticing. Your evil societies gain benefits and advantages from getting you creatures to agree to get married, and they achieve this goal by convincing you that marriage will provide benefits and advantages to you. But there is no rational legitimacy to these claims. The emotional, financial, and other types of "securities" that the marriage ritual offers, to both women and men, are not only terroristically compelled and imposed upon people as a malevolent enticement to get people to agree to get married, they are also completely unnatural, fascist, and they defy the most basic personal human freedoms and instincts. The freedom to not be legally enslaved to a fellow human. The freedom to be responsible for your own financial welfare, nobody else's. The freedom to evolve and to mature as a human being, throughout your lifetime, to be able to freely form whatever types of relationships you wish and possess the emotional capability of forming, at all times, throughout your lifetime, with no horrific, suffocating, lifelong chains being literally wrapped around your throat each day of your life, which is the literal, definitional reality of what being married constitutes. It doesn't matter whether you personally might have a "happy" marriage. It doesn't matter that you personally might not feel the suffocating chains around your neck. Make no mistake, if you are or ever were married, they are there. The fact that you may have no conscious awareness of how brutally enslaved you, as every married person, is, and the possibility that you might not feel victimized because you are in a "happy" marriage, has absolutely no bearing upon the Truths of what marriage is, and the horrific injustice that society perpetrates upon each and every individual, who is brainwashed and coerced into agreeing to engage in this toxic ritual.

This is a good place for me to offer a few comments on the importance of truly dissecting all societal issues and policies, when on a quest to uncover Truth. There are plenty of people who claim to be "social critics", who believe that they have the ability to recognize and "see through" some of the manipulations, lies, and brainwashings that their society imposes upon them, and subjects them to. But the reality is that almost none of these social critics even begin to scratch the surface, insofar as uncovering genuine, profound Truth, of the type that I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, am revealing throughout this Manifesto. This is because most seekers of Truth are shallow thinkers. They manage to root out a single, minor, marginally hidden Truth, and ridiculously jump to the conclusion that they have uncovered the main or entire Truth of a societal ritual/issue, when in reality all that they have done is uncovered a single fact, a clue if you will, that does not even constitute an important Truth, but merely offers a gateway that can be used to tear down and unveil much deeper, more profound and important Forbidden Truths. The issue of marriage provides a perfect illustration of this pathetic state of affairs. Most people of course, have no Truth-based insight of any kind into the toxic, invalid, malevolent ritual of marriage. But there are a small number of so-called "philosophers" and "social critics", who manage to reach the factually valid insight that "marriage is designed by society to cause two people to have sexual contact only with each other, and to cause them to refrain from having sex with other human beings." Is this insight a true and valid insight? Yes. Would society prefer that it's citizen-slaves not be aware of this suppressed Truth? Yes. But at the same time, this insight does not constitute a top-level Forbidden Truth. All it provides is a basic starting point from which other, more genuinely important and profound Truths, can be derived, recognized, and embraced. The problem lies in the fact that the vast majority of the small group of philosophers and social critics, simply stop their analysis after they reach this initial, basic insight of Truth, believing that they have uncovered the "hidden secret" that society has refused to reveal to them, and having no ability or inclination to recognize the fact that all they have done is touched the very tip of a giant iceberg of profound Truth. This is why I am so proud of this Manifesto, and why I believe, sincerely, that this Manifesto is the single most important and valuable document to have ever been written by any human being, throughout the history of humanity.

The fact that society wants people to get married so that they will only have sex with a single person for the rest of their lives, is a very important, truthful realization. But it is only a surface scratch of Truth, regarding the Forbidden Truths of marriage. It is nothing more than the initial starting point, on an incredibly long and complex journey, for any human who truly wishes to understand and realize the much deeper, completely different, far more valuable Truths that are buried beneath this surface, superficial Truth. For example, the issue of why society desperately wants people to only have sex only with a single other person, is thousands of times more important, than simply arriving at the realization that society wants people to get married so that they only have sex with their spouse. The nature of how marriage is a form of brutal slavery, that actually enslaves participants more to society itself, than to each other, is incredibly profound. This is what constitutes Truth that carries extreme value, genuinely Forbidden Truths. The outline of how an individual inflicts brutal harm upon himself, lifelong harm, in literally a hundred or more different ways, by getting married, is precious and invaluable. Being able to understand the design structure and the actual, root motivations that society has, in imposing societal brainwashings that cause people to falsely perceive the toxic, genocidally harmful ritual of marriage as being a benevolent, desirable, necessary life path for them to embrace, this is Forbidden Truth. Truth that has value, Truth that is not shallow or superficial, but rather deep and profound. These are the Truths that your societies are truly desperate to keep hidden from you, and this is what makes them Forbidden Truths. Understand, if you merely recognize that your society wants you to get married so that you only have sexual contact with one person, you have not really uncovered anything of value. Unless you can take this Truth much further, analyzing, understanding, and accepting the reasons why society wants this, the lengths to which society will go to force you to get married, all of the horrific dangers and negative consequences that go along with being married, and all of the many other, more profound reasons for why society wants you to get married, above and beyond simply robbing you of your sexual freedom, you have not even come close to embracing a genuine Forbidden Truth.

It is not accurate to conclude that the primary reason that society wants you to get married, is to force you to limit your sexual activity to only one other person, your spouse. This is simply one reason, among hundreds of different reasons, and it is not the primary reason for why societies are so desperately eager to get you creatures to marry. Robbing individuals of their sexual freedom is an important goal of your malevolent societies, but it is simply one type of freedom, one type among dozens of different freedoms, that the marriage ritual has been specifically designed to rob all citizen-slaves of. The primary purpose that the marriage ritual is designed to serve, is to create a lifelong, unnatural, toxic enmeshment between two human beings, that creates a dependent, familial handcuff, in this case a mindcuff as well, which robs individuals of all of their most basic freedoms and autonomies. Emotional freedom, financial freedom, physical freedom, intellectual freedom, the freedom to love yourself, to recognize the Truth that your life is your life, that it belongs to you, nobody else. Marriage uses governmental force as well as ideological/cultural brainwashing, to terroristically compel genocidally harmful, fascist behaviors and lifestyles, among all citizen-slaves. The power of the government, via the legal and judicial system, is overtly, systematically, and universally employed within the marriage ritual, and this is what truly makes the ritual genocidally evil. If there was only cultural terrorization, such as a doctrine that god wants people to only have sex with one other person of the opposite gender, and that all "normal" people get married, without any legal authority being involved in or manifested from the ritual itself, it could be rationally argued that the degree of societal evil involved in the imposition of this ritual upon citizen-slaves, is under some degree of control and limitation. But the factual reality, of how every possible legal and judicial force of law is deliberately and specifically employed within the ritual of marriage, via the divorce ritual, alimony, child support, the taxation system, the signing of legally binding documents, the overt threat of imprisonment that both male and female spouses face, if they dare to try and defy the "laws" of marriage, etc.., proves that limitless evil on the part of society, is involved here. Societal leaders recognize that this ritual is toxic, it is unnatural, it defies human instinct, it is fascist, and the only way it can be made to remain popular within the general public, is via the utilization of both extreme and punitive cultural brainwashing/mythology, and extremely punitive legal/judicial threat and punishment.

Here is another example of the profound importance of digging through all Truths until you reach the very core, most important and deeply suppressed/hidden Forbidden Truths: Let us consider the fact that the insane marriage ritual decrees that the female who marries the male, must agree to abandon and renounce her own surname, and assume her husband's surname as her own. Until just a few decades ago, this was a universally imposed mandate of the marriage ritual. And even today, all women are strongly encouraged by society to either adopt the surname of the man they are marrying outright, or at the very least, begin to include his surname, in hyphenated form, together with her own surname. The Superior seeker of Forbidden Truth, in trying to figure out the purpose behind this perverse societal decree, may fairly easily and quickly arrive at the realization that this is a form of societal subjugation of the female, instructing her that she is higher-ranking than any of the child-slaves she is expected to create within the Sacred Family Unit, but lower-ranking than her husband, obligated to serve and obey her husband's orders, demands, and desires. She is beneath her husband, inferior to her husband. Her identity and value as an individual human being is stripped away from her by virtue of her choosing to get married, and this is made perfectly clear to both her and her husband, by the nature of this perverse surname decree. She loses her own surname, just as she loses her freedom, her autonomy, her independence, her personal identity and individual value as a human being. The insane marriage ritual brutally strips all of it's female participants of these sacred and precious human rights/freedoms, while at the same time the males are brutally stripped of their own precious human freedoms and rights, in slightly different ways.

Now, what I have just revealed above regarding how and why society strips it's females who agree to get married of their surnames, is an absolutely valid and extremely important Forbidden Truth. And yet if the seeker of Forbidden Truth arrives at this insight and then simply stops, assuming they have figured out the most important Truth that this surname decree reveals, they will have failed to recognize the ultimate of Truths. Which is this: The marriage ritual is unworkable and unsustainable if it is based upon equality, benevolence, morality, or Truth. It is fundamentally deranged, doomed to failure in all circumstances, unless it is artificially and invalidly propped up by society. Declaring the female to be subjugated to the male, within the marriage ritual, is a way to invalidly prop up the marriage ritual, because more men seek to subjugate women, than women seek to subjugate men, and more women than men are submissive masochists who want to be treated as being inferior on a daily basis, within their day to day lives. So, even if you understand the fact that this surname insanity is intended to subjugate the female, and have embraced this very valid and important Truth, you still have not reached the absolute core Forbidden Truth of the situation, the primary reason for why your societies choose to decree women to be inferior and enslaved to men within the marriage ritual. And the reason is, because doing so helps to entice and encourage both men and women into agreeing to participate in this insane ritual. It provides a perverse and malevolent prop, based upon slaveowner-slave and dominant-submissive doctrine, which instructs all citizens who want to be slaveowners, as well as all citizens who want to be slaves, as well as all citizens who want to dominate a fellow human being, as well as all citizens who want to be dominated by another human being, that if they agree to participate in the marriage ritual, their emotional and psychological needs with regard to all four of these cravings, can and will be met. This is the "core" Forbidden Truth, the most important and deeply hidden Truth, although of course there is always value and importance in recognizing and embracing all Forbidden Truth. All I'm saying is that as a Superior seeker of Truth, you must learn to dig deep, and understand that just because you might manage to figure out some profound Truth regarding a specific issue/situation, does not necessarily mean that you have uncovered or realized the most important, profound, or core-level Truth that the issue/situation actually does reveal.

To expand upon a point I made earlier, there is nothing intrinsically unnatural or perverse about a human being, male or female, deciding to have sexual contact with only a single other human being, for a length of time. Even if the person states that he intends to never have sex with any other human being for as long as he lives, this is perfectly fine. Even this does not necessarily indicate that the person is mentally ill, although it does strongly suggest that the person is thinking irrationally. The horror and the incredible perversion lies in the fact of society having the audacity to create an artificial, invalid ritual, naming it "marriage", and instructing all citizens that there are exterior forces at work, the god creature, definitions of normalcy, desires of relatives, financial benefits, etc..., which require them to legally enslave themselves to each other once they decide to only have sex with each other, and for this myth to then be turned into a legal contract that is used as a brutally terroristic tool of fascism, to literally torture the married individuals into being and remaining enslaved and toxically enmeshed to and beholden to, each other and even more so, to society. Marriage has been designed as a toxic, enslaving ritual, precisely because it is completely unnatural for the vast majority of human beings to have sexual contact with only one other human being, for any extended length of time. If marriage did not exist as a legal ritual, some people would still tell other people that they only want to have sex with them, and some people would still restrict their sexual contact to only one other person, for short periods of time. In some cases a few weeks, in some cases a few months, in some cases a few years. But almost never for a "lifetime", because it is completely unnatural for all but a handful of people, to restrict their sexual activity/contact to only a single fellow human being. Therefore, all that marriage does is terroristically attempt to compel individuals to deny their natural instincts, to agree to rob themselves of their own freedom/autonomy, and to accept the brutal theft of their own personal freedoms and autonomy by the judicial, legal, and cultural demands and laws that accompany the marriage ritual. Not only sexual freedom, but many other freedoms as well, since the legal and judicial consequences of being married extend far beyond the issue of having sex, onto even more important and profound freedoms, such as financial and emotional freedom. If the marriage ritual had absolutely no legal force behind it, people who agree to have sex only with each other, would also retain the personal freedom to change their minds, to sever their "agreement" at any point in time, with no legal punishments resulting. So, people would have sex on a mutually exclusive basis for a few weeks, months, years, before one of them would finally decide to exercise his natural, instinctual right and desire to either stop having sex with this particular person, or to find some other person to have sex with. Even if the insane god myth was used as a tool of terroristic cultural coercion by society, to try and force the two people to keep having sex only with each other, which would be outrageously unjust, at least there would be no horribly punitive legal punishments involved, in the natural, instinctual choice by one or both people, to end their sexual relationship, and/or to find someone else to be sexually intimate with. It is simply mind-boggling, how any society can have the audacity to pretend to offer "freedom" to it's citizen-slaves, when the reality is that it's citizen-slaves are not even free to choose whom to have sexual contact with, without the threat of severe, utterly fascist legal and emotional punishments being imposed upon the citizen-slave for daring to try and exercise this most basic, fundamental, and instinctually natural of freedoms, if he has fallen prey to the terroristic brainwashing that this very same society has undertaken against him, in coercing him into agreeing to have gotten married and thus "assuming" and accepting the utterly enslaving legal and judicial doctrine which accompanies this insane and toxic ritual! If you are a Superior thinker, and you analyze the specific nature of this "self-victimization" marriage ritual, a process in which society convinces individuals to willingly sabotage and forfeit their own personal freedom and autonomy, then mercilessly exploits the so-called "free and willing" forfeiture after it has been made, you will soon realize that this exact same malevolent process is applied by societies within many other rituals and doctrines, totally separate and different from marriage, some of which have already been outlined by me within these Texts, others will be detailed in essays at this website that are yet to be written.

Okay, lets explore a few more angles of this utterly toxic ritual. How about Polygamy? Polygamy is a very specific offshoot of "regular" marriage, in which a man is allowed to have more than one wife, at the same time. Although not extremely popular in many current societies, polygamy remains legal in many societies, and even in america, I do believe it is perfectly legal in some areas, using the perverse decree that local religious "law" can be allowed to override national or judicial law, in terms of allowing polygamy to be treated as a legitimate form of marriage. Is this form of marriage more evil and perverse than regular marriage? That's a tough question to answer, and more importantly, it is not really a significant question or issue, because of the fact that all types of marriages, the very ritual of marriage itself, is completely and utterly malevolent in both design and consequence.

It's far more interesting and worthwhile, to look at how and why polygamy has come to be practiced and accepted by societies. The very first issue we have is this: Polygamy specifically empowers men to have multiple wives at the same time, but it does not allow women to have multiple husbands at the same time. In fact the very definition of Polygamy overtly states: The system of having more than one wife at a time. Why this gender bias? Because all human societies of the 20th and 21st centuries have been patriarchal, not matriarchal, and this is true even in the very rare cases where the president, prime minister, or other "supreme leader" of a society did or does happen to be female. The primary appeal that marriage carries for men, is the slave ownership aspect, the ability to own, possess, control, oppress, and dictate the life experiences of a female spouse, from a position of power and dominance. As is the case with all forms of slavery, having more than one slave is almost always considered better than merely having a single slave. This is the primary appeal of polygamy, and it is why this form of marriage overtly specifies that men can have multiple wives, but women may not have multiple husbands. Throughout the history of your diseased species, societal leaders have often been power-crazed, determined to have as many slaves as they possibly can, themselves. In legitimizing polygamy, both for themselves and in some cases for some of their male citizens, these societal leaders feed their own power-crazed need to own multiple slaves, as well as satisfy the desire of their male citizens to own multiple slaves.

Just as importantly, we must realize that the goal of society is to terroristically convince as many citizen-slaves as possible, to agree to get married and then to actually get married. Male humans have always possessed a slightly, emphasis on slightly, better ability to recognize the dangers, drawbacks, and pitfalls of the insane ritual of marriage, than female humans. This makes males slightly more resistant to societal promotion of marriage, and so societal leaders recognize that they must work harder on brainwashing/coercing their male population, with false information on the many benefits of marriage, in order to maximize the number of males who will fall victim to the marriage ritual. Women are so desperately eager to enslave themselves to men, that offering them multiple slaves is completely unnecessary. But for some men, the opportunity to own multiple females, as wives, via polygamous marriage, is indeed just enough to push them over the edge and get them to agree to get married, when they might still have been able to resist this toxic ritual if it mandated that they could only have one female slave at a time, as is the case with "regular" marriage. In addition, it is a proven fact that in most societies, the female population slightly outnumbers the male population. Not by a tremendous degree, but by a very real population imbalance. The ultimate goal of society is to get every single male and every single female, to get married at a young age. Obviously it is not possible for any society to achieve a 100% success rate in this regard, but that is the ultimate, genuine goal. Therefore, if there are slightly more females than males in a society, and the societal goal is to get every single citizen married to a person of the opposite gender, we are left with an imbalance. Not enough males, to match up one on one, with the females. In addition, as outlined above, males are slightly more resistant to marriage mythology/societal indoctrination, which means that the imbalance is further increased, in that in addition to there being slightly more females in the population, a greater percentage of the females will be eager and determined to get married, than males. Polygamy successfully addresses both of these issues, encouraging reluctant males to get married by offering them not just one, but potentially more than one, wife-slaves, and allowing a single man to satisfy the desires of 2, 3, 4, or more women to be married, without requiring each woman to find a separate male spouse of her own. The imbalance is equalized, to a degree, and the societal goal of providing an extra incentive to males, to get married, is met. We are left with a situation in which most societies which claim to be "enlightened" do not have a vested interest in making polygamy extremely popular, but still derive toxic benefits from allowing polygamist marriage to occur within their society, to a limited degree. Such is the case in america, as only in certain areas and within a few specific religious doctrines, I believe Mormonism would be the primary religious doctrine, are polygamous marriages allowed to occur and granted legal status. In some societies, those that are somewhat more honest in terms of revealing their bigotry and misogynistic structures than america is, polygamy is more common and popular. The bottom line is that all modern societies as of today, the early 21st century, are patriarchal and operate upon misogynistic, as well as other overtly fascist and unjust principals that serve to brutally victimize both male and female citizen-slaves. As to the issue of whether polygamy is a more brutal, unjust, or oppressive version of "regular" marriage, there is no reason to embrace this notion. Marriage itself is a brutal, unjust, oppressive, and toxic ritual. Whether or not a specific version of the marriage ritual, which differs only slightly in design structure from the normal, regular marriage ritual, is any more toxic than the regular version, is a moot point, not worthy of serious inquiry. It's like asking whether a lethal dose of cyanide swallowed in pill form, is worse than a lethal dose of cyanide swallowed in powder form. The toxicity of the marriage ritual itself, is so severe that whatever minor design variations may exist between different types of marriage structures, should be recognized as being essentially irrelevant.

Here's an interesting angle, which provides a crystal clear demonstration of how incredibly powerful this toxic ritual is. As we know, societies specifically decree that all marriages must involve people of differing genders. Men are to marry women, women are to marry men. This is because marriage is a part of Sacred Family Unit societal mythology, and it is specifically designed to cause children to be created. Society goes to extreme lengths to try and coerce all citizen-slaves of childbearing age, into creating and assuming possession of children, as I have already outlined in previous essays. Marriage is simply one tool, among thousands, that societies use to achieve this goal, and because of this, the marriage ritual specifically decrees that a man and a woman must be participants in every marriage ritual. In addition, while no concrete law exists to limit or control the age of people who get married to each other, extreme societal coercion is applied, in an effort to try a

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