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Una pregunta sobre Proudhon
29 des 2003
¿Could you please tell us what do you mean by Proudhonâs âabsolute conviction of listening to nothing except for Science and Right responsible for itâ?? [See âPROUDHON: FOR A BALANCEâ? in this site].

It seems to me that an answer to the question should be imperative if we assume to understand the aims of science. Otherwise, I would think that Proudhon wasnât aware that EVEN âscienceâ? is not a safe haven. As far as I can see, science, in the western world, has created the most powerful tools for construction and destruction â and this fact tells me that science cannot be devoid of relations to ethics and morals. What do you think?

--Wilfredo Gutiérrez, sociólogo, radicado en Estados Unidos.
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