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FTAA Report Back: Video, Audio, Photos, News Articles
22 des 2003
One month ago thousands were in Miami, Florida to continue the fight against the FTAA.

We entered a militarized police state. Every group of protesters in Miami, from trade unionists to anarchists, was targeted for official violence and abuse.
On November 20 and 21 we fought, marched, danced, ran and drummed in the streets. Local and federal law enforcement threw away our civil rights, attacked our bodies and attempted to break our spirit - But we fought into the night and again the next day . . . we are still fighting.

We found refuge in the convergence center, with the hundreds of people in Miami who opened their homes and their backyards to us, and especially with the people of Overtown who raised their fists as we marched past, who welcomed us into their stores and homes, and who have to deal with massive police oppression on a daily basis.

Is a compilation of FTAA-related video, audio, photos, written accounts and news articles. Let us know if you have something to add.

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