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Feel like walking for peace in Oz?
21 des 2003
An eight-month-long peace walk has begun across much of Australia by Aboriginal and white Australians and a prominent Japanese activist to protest against the nuclear industry. It will finish in Hiroshima. They want your legs or your letter!
Have a look at the route map at and schedule. Perhaps youâll be in those areas at those times while youâre Down Under. How about being more than an âAustralia consumerâ? and showing you care, too? The walkers are asking for people to join them and for letters of support. Their walk began at Roxby Downs, the largest uranium mine in the southern hemisphere. It follows the South Australian state government losing a court bid to prevent the establishment of the national government's low-level nuclear waste dump near Woomera in the state's north. Itâs in the area where the British government, aided by Australia, exploded 12 atom bombs 50 years ago without telling the Aborigines living there about them. Aborigines living there now are fighting the dump plans ( but are worried about not getting enough support from the densely populated east coast because people there take an âout of sight, out of mindâ? attitude. See also, and
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