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Comentari :: guerra
The staircase wit of this century
18 des 2003
The U.S. remote-controlled fake president claims fair legal proceedings and death penalty for a U.S. hellhound.
He has decided for a colossal bloodbath among European and U.S. politicans, his backers and himself
Since the Iraq was formed on a drawing table by British Empire in 1918 it was clear for all politicans that this state will be an artificial, explosive and instable nation of multitudinous different races. The installed Haschemit King Faisal I said in the twenties that only with brute force this hordes can be ruled. All western policy maker agreed this fact that this state must be ruled with iron hands otherwise the Iraq will break down. By strategic considerations the western nations accepted the military coup 1963 under leadership of colonel Aref, a Baathist and also the military coup by General Ahmed Hassan Al-Bakr 1968 who resigned in aid of Saddam Hussein 1979.

Once more, all these brutish dictatorships were supported by european and american politicans over decades for strategical reasons.

Don't forget that Hussein was supplied with weapons amounting to billions of Dollars, plant and machineries for any kind of weapons.

Don't forget he was delivered with basic equipments for biological warfare.

Don't foreget that he was backed by U.S. as avicarious agent for a war against the main enemy of USA, the Iran, delivered with weapons by several developed nations.

Don't foreget that he was supplied with weapons of mass destruction by Europeans and Americans.

Don't forget that the U.S. Administration declined the killing of 4000 Kurds as Iranian propaganda.

Don't forget that Bush father set the Kuwait snare for Hussein to initialize a war 1991 but not to overthrow this business partner but only to weaken his power. Thereby over 250.000 Iraqi humans lost their lives.

Remember, short before the fall of Baghdad Bush father stopped his war by incomprehensible reasons so General H. Norman Schwarzkopf was really disappointed and agitated.

Don't forget that Bush father permited Saddam at once the deployment of armed helicopters to beat down the Shiite revolts.

Don't forget that the CIA was not allowed to realize it's completed plan for killing this Iraqi slaughterer because for fear of loosing control over this artificial nation.

Don't forget that Bush father initialized deadly sanctions against a whole nation to keep their hellhound on a short leash, well known that Hussein was become to a deadly enemy of USA after setting this dirty trick. Deadly sactions against the Iraqi folk contrarious to international law on which over a million of people died.

Don't forget that the democrat bitch and Secretary of state Madeleine Albright said in a viciously way 'The affair worth its price' after she was asked about hundreds of thousands dead by sanctions.

Don't forget that Bush junior initialized a final war because Hussein has changed the agreement currency in the year 2000 and with it dircetly threatened the U.S. currency wich is only held covered by oil trade since 1970.

Don't forget that Bush junior is the initiator of and illegal war based on disproved lies, a murderer of 55.000 Iraqi civilians and over 60.000 Iraqi draftees and the killing is still ongoing.

Don't forget that the actual situation in Iraq boil down to a simple regime change and the democratization of Iraq only consists of shooting dead demonstrators, daily crackdown on civilians and defamation of any resistance as criminals and terrorists and building up an U.S.led brutish police state again.

So you see that a fair legal proceeding against the U.S. hellhound Hussein is absolute impossible!

Hundreds of the western policy maker would have take a seat as defendants and they all would be treaten by death penalty. Absurd, isn't it?

Swines will slaughter one of their own to save face, the ape nation number one will bray in presumptuous satisfaction with the phantasmic conviction to be an glorious human nation, manipulated by a handful of heavily dependent media giants and the european embarrassed politicans will remain silent about. For calling the death penalty on Saddam Hussein it would be advisable to count in the american president as second candidate, Rumsfeld as third and Wolfowitz as fourth. Otherwise it will be only a absurd propaganda trial in German Nazi manner.

A dirty western society, jam-packed, bogus, corrupt, riddled with cretinism, manipulated as required by a giant media machine and prepared to commit any crime backed with an profane armaments industry and murderous armed forces to hold their economic wealth. This is the real Horror the majority of this word must bear.

All humans who are fighting against this permanent manipulation, repression and exploitation are in the right and they have to fight by every means even if they are marked as terrorists, it's only a standard procedure made perfect by german Nazis.

By now the american ape nation is sitting in an golden cage caught in a trap of the patriot act but it will be changed radically to a prison hole and even than the weak minded american crowd will anathematize that this U.S. despot and his backers was not killed in time, not only for stop his shit patter.

The story is not over, the worst is yet to come
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