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Comentari :: antifeixisme
Fun on slaughtering
11 des 2003
U.S. troops distort to Nazi myrmidons
The U.S. creatures make no prisoners, they slaughter in situ and they really enjoy it. U.S. Nazi troops execute an

Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines. This is not an individual case, it is a common practice. The operating

expense is too high to arrest, to torture them without results and kill them later in U.S. KZ's all-around the Iraq

and to cover the criminal tracks. It's an illusion to think Iraqi will survive a U.S. concentration camp in Iraq,

they disappear forever and if the applied mass graves will located later the U.S. tantalizer will lay the blame on

Hussein quite simply. This is the real face of straight U.S. Nazi troops and it's the other reason why the

criminals Wolfowitz and Bush ostracize opponents of war for reconstruction. They maunder about the U.S. safety

interests and mean that non vassals and western civilians could see the whole extent of bestial felonies commited

by his Nazi troops. (see the CNN video: Vietnam part II - The funny slaughtering of humans)
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