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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal
Crack the WEF!
08 des 2003
Crack the WEF - Craquer la WEF - knackt das WEF - schiacciare il WEF!
The AGB (autonomous summits blockade) was inspired this summer by Mafalda to the life. Our protest is directed against the WEF as the cause and the mechanism, at which annually (several times) representatives from the economics and political sector join together and take the piss. Behind the window blinds, before locked gates, under exclusion of the public and behind the protective wall rope that the members of this association of the private business political elite also this year meet policemen, soldiers and various special units again. The WEF is a private consortium, which does not entail formal resolutions, which by a state or an international institution for valid are explained. It is an arena of capitalism, in which exchanged information, desires, ideas of the liberalisation and the better profitability of everything that surrounds us, is develloped. The WEF combines business leaders, heads of state, economical decision makers, scientists and many journalists:
altogether over 2000 global Leaders. It meets since 1971 in Davos. It was initial no more, than people interested together with others at lucrative business spent week in honourable society. It developed thereafter to what it is today: a forum with many discussions and meetings in the courses, where state and economics meet to strive and around the conditions for plans of action create in order to exchange their desires concerning the guidance and exploitation of the world, in order for the most profitable markets, which late by the institutions of Bretton Woods (World Trade Organization, IWF, World Bank) and the governments is taken over.
But the WEF is also permanently in Geneva at home. It is a platform of neoliberalen capitalism. Without interruption is it the whole year an interface between governments and the restaurant market, liberalisiert or still better to liberalisieren. The WEF meets an enormous structural power, which guarantees the interests to that global Leaders on all levels in itself: the appropriation of means of production for the richest ones, which appropriation of the work of the women, with which patriarchat and capitalism are linked with one another on the closest? what would make our economics without the work of the women? or the interest of the WEFs and capitalism to upright-to-receive dominance over exploitations. Thus bspw. the women earn on the average 30 % less for the same work: it is well understandable, why they are so badly represented at the WEF!
Our resistance is to be carried by the comprehensive term Cracking into all world and for humans from all layers already now to actions, in whatever form always, animate. Crack the WEF, can primarily as longing after splitting up, which refraction and the dissolution of the WEF/Platzen of the forum are finally regarded. Also acoustically we want to be noticeable loudly and to make our protest for all audible. Crack is called for us not only the forum apart auseinanderzusplitten, no we wants also a problem to crack and a solution find or at least first beginnings in addition to supply. We want to free ourselves from the load of these "big wigs". Too better lastly the WEF also a solidarizing with David is to be pointed out by the term crack, which already showed before 3 years that the WEF is vulnerable, where it is expected to few. Cracking is an expression of force-free actions against the WEF. In the knowledge that the media and politician will not omit it such forms of expression of a refusal consciously to kriminalisieren and so political as well as social contents to suppress, have we this term as a collective for many variants of the protest selected. The WEF has its credit playful and must the field vacate!
Crack the WEF - Craquer la WEF - knackt das WEF - schiacciare IL Wef

Global Action Days 17-24 Januar Davos/Zürich Switzerland

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*Smash Capitalism*

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