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Dear Hell's Angels,
07 des 2003
a call to order
Dear Hell's Angels,

There is no evil. There is no 'Hell'. You are a bunch of kids doing only what you know (so all things forgiven, of course). In a sense, I am calling you out. Love owns honour. Honour owns sanity.

Would you like a king with that?

in brotherhood,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada
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Re: Dear Hell's Angels,
07 des 2003
Dear David Arthur Johnson,

would you mind to spare us posts totally off-topic like the one above?


mtz (bcn)
Re: Dear Hell's Angels,
08 des 2003
The Hell's Angels are a bunch of sinister ,old and nazi-lovers .Get out of this web !!!
Re: Dear Hell's Angels,
28 mai 2004
what is this place anyways
Sindicat Terrassa