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Anunci :: globalització neoliberal
How we can oust Bush
20 nov 2003
The biggest protest in the history of the world is coming: November 8th, 2004, when more than 50 million protesters will descend on polling stations and vote Bush and all Repubicans out of power. Even those who cannot vote can still be part of the protest:
1. Learn about American politics, and the strategies and tactics involved in changing the minds of Americans. has lots of info, see especially the strategy section.

2. Do you meet with an organization that hates Bush? If not, join one, if so, try to get them involved in the election. Here are things to do:

4. Donate to American organizations that will fight Bush in the election. While it's illegal to donate to candidates, and can still donate to NGOs that buy ads and register voters, alternative media, and so on. Raise money by selling your old junk, cutting spending, or getting a second job. Some organizations:

5. Plan a volunteering vacation in an American swing state. Find democrats there you can stay with, and organizations to volunteer for.

6. Use the internet to invade American message boards, forums, and chats, especially ones in swing states. Disrupt the pro-bush propagandists, and provide links to alternative media.

7. Write to companies that donate to the republicans, such as Shell Oil, and tell them you've boycotted their products. Write to companies that donate to Democrats to praise them and tell them that you've started buying their products now. See who donates what at:

8. Write to the American media, and tell them that you're boycotting their advertisers because of their pro-Bush bias. Just look at what ads are on their website, and tell them you're boycotting those. Here are the top 100 US newspapers, start at the top and work your way down:

Here is some more media contact info:

8. Make an anti-Bush blog or website. It doesn't need to be origional. Just copy and paste things stuff, and link to every other anti-Bush site. Learn how search engine placement works, so that when people look for pro-bush websites, they'll find yours instead.

9. Get more ideas by joining democratic mailing lists, reading election activist forums, and candidate blogs, (especially the activists' comments) like and

Here are some "armchair action alerts" that you can do in a few minutes:

10. See if you can get a dual citizenship in the US. Double your voting power!

(Please forward this everywhere. If you have good election activism links, add them. Thanks.)


Re: How we can oust Bush
21 nov 2003
11. Mireu la pel·lícula Bowling for Columbine i llegiu el llibre de Michael Moore "Estúpids homes blancs". Capítol especial dedicat a George Bush junior.
21 nov 2003
hay muchos.

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