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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal : educació i societat
Occupation of Athens University Rector´s Institute-Thessaloniki 7 solidarity
20 nov 2003
Occupation of Athens University Rector´s Institute-Thessaloniki 7 solidarity

Today, November the 20th, we occupy the Rector´s Institute of the University of Athens, after decision taken by the assembly of anarchists and anti-authoritarians, in solidarity with the 7 prisoners who are persecuted for resisting the summit of the European Union in Thessaloniki, June 21 2003.

We demand the immediate liberation of the seven fighters. Five of them are in hunger strike: Suleiman Dakdouk ´Kastro´ for 61 days, Carlos Martin Martinez and Simon Chapman for 47 days and Spyros Tsitsas for 44 days, all held in Koridallos Prison Hospital. Fernando Perez who is also on the 47th day of hunger strike is in Nikaia public hospita. Dimitris Fliouras and Michalis Traikapis are in Avlona Prison for Minors.

The greek state, by keeping them hostages, is making an effort to physically and politically exterminate them, and to send a message of intimidation to whoever is resisting its plans.

Against state repression and the imposition of a graveyard´s silence to society:



Anarchists and Antiauthoritarians, In Solidarity with the 7 imprisoned social fighters

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