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Notícies :: criminalització i repressió
Sobre los traslado de los detenidos de Salonika a Atenas
13 nov 2003
LOs 5 detenidod de Salonika fuen trasladados a Atenas en el carcel/hospital -acciónes directas de solidaridad
Thessaloniki 5 hunger-strikers transferred to Athens prison hospital. Direct solidarity actions.

Suleiman Dakduk "Kastro" is today (november 12) on the 53nd day of hunger strike, Simon Chapman, Carlos Martin Martinez and Fernando on the 39th and Spiros Tsitsas on the 36th. Their health situation is getting crucial.

News from the past week:
- On November 4, spanish anarchist Carlos was first transferred from Diavata prison to "Ag.Pavlos" Thessaloniki hospital. During the night he spent there he suffered psychological and physical tortures by the police armed escorts. They let him handcuffed and naked in a chair all night, in a room with open windows and were hitting him every time he would fall asleep. A doctor has certified a number of bruises on his body. A day after, 40 comrades "visited" the hospital and occupied the manager's office.

- Saturday (nov. 8) the five of them were transferred to Thessaloniki hospital "Papanikolaou. Fernando and Carlos were spitting blood, "Kastro" has lost more than 25 kg and Tsitsas is less than 50kg. They were in the same room, under heavy police surveillance, hooded "anti"-terrorist police commandos in full gear and guns at hand among them, and they were not let have any contact with their lawyers or make phone-calls. Resisting this form of terrorism and isolation they started a "water-strike" (they refuse to drink any water) which lasted a day (nov.9), risking more of their lives for freedom.

- Monday (nov.10) authorities decided to transfer them to Athens prison, claiming "security reasons", without informing their lawyers. The operation started after midnight, with a large police mobilization in all the Thessaloniki-Athens national highway. Two of the hunger-strikers were put in ambulances and the rest in police van, where they were intimidated by the cops. They arrived in Athens Koridallos prison in the dawn of Tuesday (nov. 11). Police arrested two indymedia activists for filming their arrival and the police cars. Doctors from Thessaloniki expressed fears that their transport to a prison hospital may facilitate the torture of "feeding them with force". Later that day, spanish anarchist Fernando was taken to a hospital in Nikaia (suberb of Athens) where he is kept in a room-cell.

In Avlona prison for minors, the two other prisoners arrested in the demonstration against the E.U. summit last June in Thessaloniki, Dimitris and Michalis have also started a hunger strike from Nov. 10 to Nov. 17, in solidarity with their five comrades.

After these developments there were immediate solidarity actions:
- Occupation of the rector's office in Panteios university (athens)
- Occupation in the University of Crete in Rethymno
- Occupation of the Technological University in the city of Kavala
The same night, 80 anarchists-antiauthoritarians gathered for a few minutes outside Nikaia hospital where Fernando is, and shouted solidarity slogans in greek and spanish. The hospital is guarded by riot police squads who tried to push away the demonstrators the time they were leaving.

Today, (nov. 12) anarchists organize a demonstration with motorbikes and cars from the center of Athens to Koridallos prison and Nikaia hospital.



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