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Comentari :: globalització neoliberal
11 nov 2003

This wolf pack is extremely hungry and we all are prey if we sit still and do nothing.


Let me start by saying that I love America and the Americans. I love their wit, their can do mentality and their colourfulness. What I do not like so much is that they can be pacified and blinded (by their media) relatively easy. But what I detest is that they have a serious âcancerâ in their, otherwise great, community and we should all know about it.
If it matters at all, I am not a left winger, I am just a very concerned human being.

The world is in a serious crisis and although we personally donât see or even feel it right now, it is slowly closing in. Nine-eleven (may G-d rest the souls of all innocent victims) sadly opened the door for all kinds of totalitarian measurements that will have their effects all over the globe. The bloody wars on terrorism were executed (Afganistan, Irak and who is next), Israelâs stance vis-à-vis the helpless Palestinians is getting more brutal by the day, tougher control mechanisms were put in place (Patriot Act II following I), even the internet became under scrutiny and the US government started to impose harsh conditions on many countries, demolishing many international treaties (WTO, etc), frustrating UN and other international consensus vehemently (Kyoto, International Criminal Court of the Hague, Israel and war resolutions, ballistic weapons accords, etc.) and covering up for the 7 Oil-Sisters, notwithstanding the melting ice on the North-Pole. All this under the pretext of might, high alert and security. Now donât ask me if this all was fabricated, because nobody knows. What everybody knows however is that the US suddenly became the uncooperative powerhouse that it is today and that certain villainous people wanted it to become just that.

These people reside in Washington and they occupy themselves with concocting a vicious global scheme of disastrous proportion. These people are grouped and organised in various official institutions and one of the most influential ones is the PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, an ultra-nationalistic band of intellectuals who have only one thing in mind. To take full and relentless control of everything that moves on earth, no matter what the consequences, no matter what the misery. Lies and deceit is their middle name and sooner or later you will also be affected personally. They are a deadly mixture of out of bounce orthodox Christians and fanatic revisionist diehard Zionists (take or take no offence) and some of their members have meanwhile grabbed important seats in the Bush Administration. Have a quick look at their website, read between the lines, notice the names and you know what I am talking about.

This wolf pack is extremely hungry and we all are prey if we sit still and do nothing. Now, this all sounds pretty scary and dramatic and thatâs exactly what it is. The PNAC and some of its members or associates are already well known to many of us and let me tell you that the dominant male leader is Paul Wolfowitz who, fortunately for him, recently escaped an RPG attack on the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad. It must have been the most striking wake-up call he ever received.
Many publishers, after clean and thorough analysis work, are already talking of the âWolfowitz Cabalâ? and that surely fits into the picture and confirms my point.
Some other pack members are Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith and many more.
Again, have a look at the names openly and without any embarrassment published on their site (even Jeb is there). By the way, the internet can provide you with many PNAC observations, here are just a random two:

Like I said, there is no stopping these guys if we, inhabitants of planet earth, donât do nothing. Therefore I am suggesting an E-mail bombardment campaign addressed to the PNAC with copies to various other institutions including the White House and the mainstream Media (see list below).

For the E-mail (Fax or even Postcard) you can use the standard format below or your own creative statement of disapproval. If you want, but this is for the hardliners only, you can even consider a telephone call or a personal visit to their address.

Cut/Paste Standard Format:

Dear members / associates of the PNAC,

I am sending you this message with millions of other concerned fellow citizens of this world to let you know that we care for stability, peace and wellbeing for all of us. No nationality or race excluded. We know that your organisation plays a major role in setting the rules today by advising the American Government on foreign and national affairs.

Your impact on global welfare is tremendous as you and we darn well know.

We all think however that your impact is not beneficial to most inhabitants and we are sure that your policies are harmful to almost all of us, now and in the long run.

Therefore we urge you to follow another path, less nationalistic, less egoistic, less violent and a lot more humane. We admire your brainpower and planning skills, they are refined and intelligent. But you are using these capabilities for the wrong reasons and purposes. You clearly work for the dark side. We, the vast majority, say so, so it is so.
Now, please reconsider you strategies and utilize you qualities for the good of all mankind. We all, including yourselves, have a lot to loose.

So, for your own good and ours, we really hope you will take this popular cry out deadly serious. Because, the greater the power, the greater the sudden fall in damned oblivion. You just cannot and you should not want to have it all.

To put this warning in more common terms:

âWe are mad as hell and we wonât take it anymoreâ?

This âRequest for Helpâ? will be placed on as many Indymedia sites as possible, all over the world. Feel free to take initiative and copy it to other platforms and forums as well. It will probably take only a few minutes of your time, but if it will work the return on investment will be million fold. Now it is time to be blunt and straightforward. Do not be afraid of anything, because if you are, you probably have lost your freedom already. And most of all, do not forget that your influence does make a difference.

If we all join, âTheyâ? and the whole wide world can not ignore that there is a massive movement going on. A movement that is determined to put a stop to all this and is demanding total and uncompromising fairness.


TO: The PNAC - project ARROBA

Adress (for regular mail):
1150 17th St. NW
Suite 510
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 293-4983
Fax: (202) 293-4572

CC: The White House: president ARROBA, vice.president ARROBA
CC: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News:
CC: The Major Newspapers
CC: The Radio Stations
CC: Any other local and / or national media
CC: Your Senator elect and /or Congressman (VS) or any other political body
CC: Your mother or other love ones (make them proud)

(Sorry, but I cannot help you with all mail-addresses, I hope you can find them easily)

If you want, do not hesitate to inform all of your family members, friends and colleagues about this and try to convince them to join this rally for Peace & Justice. Any other means to let this thing snowball is off course more than welcome. Repeat messages could be mailed whenever you are ready to do so. Just pick a scheme that fits you best.

Finally, letâs show the leaders of this world that the people can assemble in cyberspace and are very capable to voice their worries and wishes loudly and clearly. We all live here on this planet which we hold dearly and we and only we will decide what is decent and acceptable and nobody else. From now on we will be a force to be reckoned with and thatâs final.

Gratefully Yours,

The Netherlands,11-11-2003

âYou donât have to be a realist to save the worldâ?

PS.: please stop sending the E-mails after 11-1-2004, as we donât want to jam our highway forever. Unless, by that date, you have not heard about this campaign via the regular media or networks yet. In that case the campaign goes on for another month, and so on. We donât want to be cyber-terrorists, now do we and please donât mind my poorly written English, cause I donât speak it every day.

posted by dhoud

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