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Indymedia Norway raided
09 nov 2003
en imc-noruega hay una noticia sobre el tema en columna central pero no esta traducida al inglés. esta estaba en imc-dc
Indymedia Norways server was at 10.30 local time seized by Norwegian police as part of raid on animal rights.
At 10.30 local time, police conducted a razzia against the firm hosting Indymedia.nos server, and seized this for copying. Also on the same machine was the server of among others autonome house Blitz and Norways only estrablished radical party, Rød Valgallianse (Red Election-alliance). As of now, 15.00, all these pages are down.

The razzia seems linked to another raid against two private houses and a collective in Oslo, wich allegedly houses Animal rights-activists. As of now we can not confirm any arrests, but according to leading newspaper Aftenposten the police were looking for three named persons. We urge you all to contact local police at info (at) or even better, give 'em a ring at (047)22 66 90 50 and express your firm opinions regarding this situation.
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