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08 nov 2003
Cola Cao
en su boca tan dulce como la miel pero en su vientre amargo. Estan construiendo un edificio. peró el foró es abajo de la plaza de S Jaume.

Estan actualizando la web de Nutrexpa.
entonces no puedo leer algo de como hacer me una tasa tan dulce como la miel. En california la misma empressa con otra nombre me da este:


Re: the proper placing of the forum
08 nov 2003
A Forum is properly a meeting place for the citizens of empire to meet and do business.

This of course is an "architectural" and etymological detail which much predates the conceits of the Eixample and indeed the geomantric notion of Latitude, diagonals or even Barcelona's masonic tradition.

The word "forum" has been used to describe varying types of open and closed discussions since the start of the Enlightenment in English there are no references to such meetings being called "forum" in either french or spanish. Since the 1980s for varying reasons a generation of centre left politicians in Europe of whom Maragall and Clos are pretty typical examples began to seek concensus with various identified streams of social thought in their local areas.

IN simple terms the European left connected vanity architecture and urban planning with attempts to centre plan social development and culture.

A big new building is really only a big new building. Barcelona has many big buildings and has proved itself capable of hosting what might erronously be termed "fora" in the past. There is no particular tactical or infrastructural benefit to be gained from the big new building between the Olympic village where they put the nice new beach and Badalona where the romans thoughtfully also provided their citizens (and their citizens alone of their empire) with a Forum.

the forum of Barcino may best be approached from Placa Angel though do note there is an occulted CCTV on the corner with Via Laietana.
Re: dulce
08 nov 2003
x el forum.
do not dare to trade my culture.
espais gratuïtos cada dia
09 nov 2003
first article in the english tongue that language of international culture and exploitation to appear in the Barcelona free press advertising hand out pap:
Re: the world fair Paris 1900
09 nov 2003
Amongst the fun exhibits were a moving pavement, really big greenhouses the first recorded telephone call by magnetic tape means, a really big tower, an information desk on the Trans-Siberian railway where you could also buy return tickets but the all important Lake Baikal was still unfinished, tippy toppy experts of diplomatic and aesthetic careers, philanthropic millionaires and the crowned heads of Europe.

Indeed there was a "royal wedding" the year the Eifel Tower was built as a temporary symbol of hope and progress. Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria who indeed may we reflect inherited not only the madness but poor skin of his forebear Ludwig patron of Wagner's ring cycle (which everone was talking about) married Duchess Marie Gabriele.

Both the anarchists and bolsheviks were notable in their non attendance of either World Fair or Royal Wedding.

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