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Impostors, filchers & murderer
24 oct 2003
To be a Donor means to be a financier of the american robber & murderer gang
US overseers and interim administration were struggling to convince donors in Madrid to come up with 36 billions of dollars needed to subsidize the scruffy US large scale industry, in other words, to rebuild the US war-torn country Iraq. Any Nation who trust this american scalawags will annihilate tax from their own citizens because only 3% of this money will be accorded to Iraqi economy. Large orders are going to Bush buddies and peanuts for iraqi companies. The Bush buddies companies like Bechtel & Halliburton predestinated for troop supply and after raid reconstruction will cash on the bulk and the Iraqi people will earn a warm fart, staying jobless further on. Any government who will now offer as a great donor is only a featherbrained financier of american robber & murderer whose criminal arm in Iraq 'Mister Bremer' cannot declare the whereabout of 4 billion dollar, badly needed for Iraqi people. A staggering US$4 billion in oil revenues and other Iraqi funds earmarked for the reconstruction of the country has disappeared into opaque bank accounts administered by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) which chief Bremer is.
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