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Comentari :: guerra
Fake letters, fake numbers and other facts
19 oct 2003
Again and again lucky soldiers write home about their nice experiences in Iraq
Five hundred great fake letters for local papers and their patriot readers

Each letter was signed by a different soldier, but the words were identical:
"Kirkuk is a hot and dusty city of just over a million people. The majority of the city has welcomed our presence with open arms. After nearly five months here, the people still come running from their homes, into the 110degree heat, waving to us as our troops drive by on daily patrols of the city. Children smile and run up to shake hands and in their broken English shouting, "Thank you, Mister"

And we give you the nice pictures for that purpose

You can see lucky Iraqi throwing candies to the lovely soldiers

You can see how Iraqis practice in barbecue and arrange a great dinner party for occupation friends practice

And you can see Iraqis jumping and dancing overjoyed when they see a US convoy

On october 19, 2003 the deaths brought to 103 the number of officially U.S. soldiers killed in hostile fire in Iraq since the fake president Bush declared major combat over on May 1 and it's a really risible fake number published by Pentagon and spread by pressurized press.

It is a laughably and farcical number completely uncoupled from the daily facts.

The truth is horrible

Casualties of from 8 to 10%

For sending japanese troops a top-secret meeting was held at the Defense Agency Headquarters in Ichigaya, Tokyo.
An advance survey team of SDF officers who visited Iraq and who had unlimited access to the brutal truth of US death rate presented three possible scenarios to career bureaucrats in the Defense Agency," says a source identified only as A.

"Scenario A called for dispatching a heavily armed contingent that would move via helicopter armored vehicles and with artillery," he said. "In this case, casualties would be minimal.

"In Scenario B," he continued, "staff would move by jeeps and armaments would include light firearms and machine guns. This projected casualties of from 8 to 10%.

"In Scenario C, which corresponds to a force engaged solely in peace-keeping tasks, the troops would only carry handguns inside their own compound and not be equipped when moving. In this case, the units would risk being wiped out to a man."

For obvious reasons, the bureaucrats rejected Scenario C, but A was also impossible due to legal restraints put on any dispatch of Japanese troops to Iraq.

After two hours the meeting was concluded. Scenario B was left as the only option.

If we presume that the japanese Defense Agency Headquarters will found their decisions on real facts, if we presume that the well-trained japanese troops are not teenager softies who will die on any abrasion, if we presume that the Scenario B is appropriate in ninety percent of US military movements and if we presume that the US casualty reported by iraqi resistance fighters have a validity of only fifty percent then over 6000 U.S. mercenaries died in resistance attacks since May 1 and this is a U.S.friendly conservative estimate.

This means that 36 US mercenaries get killed on average every day and the Pentagon is able to hide it with several camouflage measures.

1.) embedding journalist to control the output

2.) firing permission on independent photo reporters at site of resistance attack

3.) permanent obstruction and short-term capture of reporters

4.) confiscation of photo equipment and confiscation of data carriers

5.) pressurise and synchronisation of media

6.) closedown of offices from arab broadcast stations in Iraq

7.) a strictly censorship of Iraqi news paper by proconsul Bremer

8.) distribution of soldiers fake letters and tall tales

9.) at least a ghost troop of 40000 mercenaries consisting of aspirants for US Greencard most recruited from Third World Countries. A Ghost troop because this mercenaries were removed from the officially statistics of the US force level. Casualties don't appear and their relatives are far-flung in the world unable to find out the truth and make it public in a private association of all victims. This mercenaries are mostly on the move in Iraq with convoys and if a convoy get blast only the losses of genuine US citizens get counted, if necessary. Even though the attacks grow up exponential it makes reading continual and uniformly any second day like this:

"One soldier killed two wounded"

"Two soldier killed one wounded"

"U.S. military cannot confirm the incident"

The Pentagon and Rumsfeld have learned their propaganda lessions in Vietnam to lull the media and the American simple-minded crowd does not catch anything

The Pest has a Name
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Re: Fake letters, fake numbers and other facts
20 oct 2003
Para los que no entiendan inglés :Han aparecido cartas de soldados norteamericanos en Iraq,en distintos periódicos de EEUU,contando lo bien que esán de moral,lo que les apoya y agradece la población iraquí su liberación,etc...y se ha demostrado que son falsas (enviadas por el Departamento de Propaganda del Pentágono).La realidad es :el número creciente de suicidios entre la tropa (reconocen 16...serán diez veces más).
El aumento de soldados repatriados por trastornos mentales graves(reconocen cientos,seran miles)
Hasta en los seres humanos más robotizados...queda algo de conciencia,si no que se lo digan a Blair a quien le acaba de dar un semi-infarto(Ay !todo se paga en esta vida!)

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