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Anunci :: fòrum 2004
2004 National Conference on Organized Resistance
11 oct 2003

A Call for Workshop Proposals!

The National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) collective is currently accepting workshop proposals for the 7th annual NCOR, which will take place January 23-25, 2004 at American University in Washington, DC.

NCOR is an annual event that brings together activists from a variety of issues, struggles, ideologies and backgrounds for a weekend of learning and reflecting on the state of progressive movements occurring locally, nationally and worldwide. Through workshops, panel discussions, skillshares, tabling, and the creation of an open and safe space, the conference aims at promoting organized action amongst participants against the injustices and inequalities that are present in our daily lives.

Last year NCOR created a space for a weekend of radical discourse and collective empowerment by featuring nearly 70 workshops, panel discussions and skillshares on a wide variety of topics (please see for previous conference schedules).


NCOR provides an open forum for discussion among activists in progressive movements.
Generally, workshops are facilitated by one person or a panel, and may be held in lecture or discussion format. The time allocated for each workshop is approximately 1 1/2 hours, but we are allowing space for a few three-hour workshops this year. We encourage presenters to leave time/space during their presentations for discussion and questions and answers.

In the past, workshops have been broken down into three tracks: strategy/theory, case study, and skillshares. While we include these parameters in order to provide some sort of a starting point/framework, while developing a workshop idea, please feel free to use your creativity and experience to expand upon these tracks.

Strategy/theory workshops are intended to address broad, philosophical questions in our movements and allow a constructive critique of our actions. Some examples of workshops that were included in the strategy track last year include Anti-Oppression Organizing Within Activist Movements, Fighting Corporate Psychiatry, Living Holistically: Living Your Values Beyond the Protest, Radical Pedagogy and Community Education and Techniques of Peace and Conflict Resolution.

The case study track is intended to explore the inner workings of movements for social change. Some examples of case study workshops from last year are Chiapas: 9 Years of Resistance, Free DC: Racism, Statehood and Democracy in our Nation's Capitol, Issues for Women Prisoners, Punk and Hip-Hop Activism, and Why Go Vegan?

The third track of skills is geared toward sharing specific skills for better organizing and better living. Last year, workshops such as Fundraising for Radicals, Magical Activism, and Build Those Collectives were offered.


To propose a workshop for NCOR, a one to two page description of your workshop is needed by October 17th. You may want to refer to the attached list of workshop ideas we are hoping to solicit proposals on, but do not feel limited to this list. In addition, please submit your name, the organization you are representing (if applicable), full contact information, one reference, and a short biography of yourself and/or your organization.

Please send in your proposals via email to ncor ARROBA making sure to include the word âproposalâ? in the subject line.

If this is not possible, please use the mailing address listed below. You will be notified of the status of your workshop by the second week in November. Should your proposal be accepted, a confirmation of your availability is needed immediately thereafter, whereupon travel and housing accommodations will be made for you.

Check out the NCOR Website:

If you want more information about NCOR but do not plan on presenting, please visit our website.

Also, if you're interested in renting a table at the conference, please email us with ârent a tableâ? in the subject line.

You may e-mail proposals to: ncor ARROBA

You may mail proposals to:

4410 Massachusetts Avenue NW
PMB 282
Washington, DC 20016-5572


Below are three groups of sample workshops we hope to include in this years conference. This will give you an idea of the kinds of workshops we are looking for.

Submit your proposal now and be part of this growing event!

We hope to see workshops on:

1) Theory and Strategy of:

Basics in Economics: parts 1 and 2 for activists
International Feminism and/or Challenging Western conceptions of feminism
Living holistically
Alternatives to Capitalism
Community Service and Challenging the System
Radical Queer Theory/Sexual Politics
Spiritual Roots of Political Resistance
Self-determination from anti-cap/anti-imperialist perspective
Resisting the continued occupation of Iraq
Direct action panel

2) Case-Studies such as:

Update on the Middle East
The Political ramifications of AIDS
Hip-Hop, Punk, Folk, and More: Music and Culture of Resistance
Gentrification in DC
The Development and Maintenance of Intentional communities
Incorporating peace into the education system
Local campaigns in Africa
Euro-centrism in social justice movement
IMF role in the Asian financial crisis
Effects of Sprawl
Nonviolent case studies
Israel/Palestine with a focus on peace activism on the part of Palestinians AND Israelis
Homeless/hunger issues
Update on the situation in Iran
Immigrant detentions; background and resistance
Patriot Act
FTAA: Miami and beyond; the basics and next steps
3) Specific Skills such as:
Ethical Shopping (addressing animal rights, consumerism)
Toward a Car free culture
How to start a co-op/collective/organization
Learning how to speak/listen with an emphasis on gender
How to combine the arts and activism
Crash course on facilitation
How to sort through media sources
Basics in Bike repair
How to start your own Food Not Bombs

See you in January!
In peace and solidarity,
The 2004 NCOR collective


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