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10 oct 2003

while ( love & passion ) {
 for( ; rights < freedom ; rights++ )
  standup( fight );
 willpower = malloc( rights );
 free( babylon );

:: free & open source softwares

I wrote the following free softwares distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License RASTASOFT

  • HasciiCam - (h)ascii for the masses!
  • MuSE - Multiple Streaming Engine
  • FreeJ - set the veejay free!
  • dyne:bolic - GNU/Linux bootable CD
  • Tamburine - remote streaming source
  • You'll find short descriptions here and full documentation on each of their pages.
    The softwares are also included in Debian GNU/Linux and FreeBSD distributions, among the others.

    :: being (h)ac(k)tive

  • FARAH - a journey thru the beauty Palestine
  • DROP bcast anti-WEF - audio archive
  • radio.indymedia DROP - indyradio initiative
  • No New Round Radio - radio archive
  • genoa, 21-22 july 2001 - dossier
  • the hackmeeting - techno T.A.Z
  • :: (hyper)texts

    I wrote the following texts distributed freely under the terms of the
    GNU Free Documentation License

  • Moltiplicare sorgenti (ita, 2002)
    [html] [pdf] [txt] [rtf] [ps] [tex]
  • I LOVE YOU :(){ :|:& }:; (2002)
    [english] [italian] [deutch]
  • Neruda's seabirds (eng, 2001)
    [html] [pdf] [ps] [sgml] [tex] [txt]
  • digital_is_not_analog01 (ita, 2001)
    [html] [pdf] [ps] [sgml] [tex] [txt]
  • della prossimita' / about proximity (1999)
  • and some italian novels i wrote back in 1997,
    which i'm now publishing in june 2003
  • Il Cecchino [html] [pdf]
  • Milano - Napoli [html] [pdf]
  • Il Piantachiodi [html] [pdf]
  • Il Cercastorie [html] [pdf]
  • :: bits of music

    FWIW all this music is distributed freely under the terms of the
    EFF Open Audio License
    full scores are available.

  • "BEAT"
    composed in 1998 as a XM module using FT2
    download the score: BEAT.xm.gz 564Kb
    listen to the mp3: BEAT.mp3 3.4Mb
  • "korova nicest dreams"
    composed in 1999 as a midi file; in case is not obvious enough, i like Jaco Pastorius
    download the score: korova.mid 23Kb
    listen to the mp3: korova.mp3 3.6Mb
  • :: old school: the good old telnet

  • Freaknet Medialab - telnet
    sysops: the freaknet staff
  • Freaknet in Canterbury - telnet
    sysop: martin guy
  • Metro Olografix BBS - telnet
    sysops: NeURo, rubik, pivy, smilzo ..
  • Anatolia MUD - telnet 6001
    sysop: kaos
  • :: various small sources

  • come to meet Mufhd0
    simple intro for the hackmeeting 2001
    download the sourcecode (C / libSDL)
  • parallax C code to control the parallel port
  • giubbocs perl cgi queuing mp3 on request
    (jukebox running @ Flex in Vienna)
  • :: my personal unix

  • my favourite shell is zsh, here is my .zshrc
  • my beloved editor is GNU Emacs, here is my .emacs
  • for emails i use mutt, here is my configuration:
  • my muttrc
  • my email.vim and justify.vim macros
  • my very simple mailcap

  • Raptores orbis, postquam cuncta vastantibus defuere terrae, mare scrutantur: si locupes hostis est, avari, si pauper, ambitiosi, quos non oriens, non occidens satiaverit; soli omnium opes atque inopiam pari adfectu concupiscunt. Auferre trucidare rapere falsis nominibus imperium, atque ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.

    "de Vita Agricolae", Tacito (98 d.C.)
    Mira també:
    Sindicat Terrassa