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The deal is perfect
08 oct 2003
Again a lethal betrayal on the Kurds by US Tantalizer
The turkish bitch is willing. A $ 8,5 billion credit, arbitrary access on oil resources and helping hands from U.S. troops to raze the Kurdish resistance movement PKK in Iraq.
A new genozide was negotiated. 10000 turkish slaughterer called freedom forces and hitec US bombing will destroy the 5000 ugly Kurdish soldiers. Easy thinking even US made.
For propaganda and in mindset of Bush and his unpolluted patriot appendix it's a clear decision. Terrorists and Kommunists are enemies and enemies will defined by this junta.
But an invasion of turkish troops in northern Iraq mattered a total loss of Kurdish livelihood. Since fifty years the turkey military subdue the turkish Kurds in a bestial covered war and for turkish forces any Kurd is a terrorist regardless of which political opinion.
So the Kurd folk has the choice: The total final repression, the loss of their living-space and economic dependency for ever or a war to fight to the last man.

The Kurd leader decided the second way on 7 October 2003 with 150.000 Kurds under arms.
The next war is resolved by Bush and the U.S. mercenaries will be only supernumeraries with ass wide open.

The pest has a name
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