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Translation about squats, please
01 oct 2003
I can't understand Catalan or Spanish.
Can someone translate this days about what it is going on in Barcelona. Thanks and see you the 4th on the protest.


Re: Translation about squats, please
02 oct 2003
translations of the communications from the squats are available for foreigners to read on Indymedia UK the foreigners' internet news service.

these are:
pictures of "Kasa de la Muntanya" support protest in Edinburgh, foreigners in a foreign country being supporting.

news from the okupe phylum.
this is updated news from the okupe phylum which includes all higher life forms who squat and some friendly foreigners.

The list of activities, workshops, demo dates, and stuff for locals, foreigners, visitors, aliens, diplomat...etc
and that article gives you links to other bits and pieces about the free spaces.

Finally it is worth pointing out, that not understanding Catalan or Spanish is not really a good thing. You must try harder Foreign person, for in future, everyone will speak Catalan and use Spanish slang expressions.
{The Future grows with Catalonia!}

Though whether or not they will be able to write it is another thing.
clar com aigua.
Re: Translation about squats, please
02 oct 2003
Yeah, you must try hard and find yourself an academy to study a quick catalan course. C'mon, you only have 2 days! ;)
Re: Translation about squats, please
02 oct 2003
Indymedia-Uk feature in English
02 oct 2003
There's also a feature about this subject in IMC-UK World Page ... obviously in english language :))
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