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Dr. Strangelove salutes you
30 set 2003
Never seen perish their own children
absolute pest.jpg
The sick US nation has never seen before perish their own children in a war. So the brain washed crowd cannot realize how bestial their heroic troops cover all over other nations with wars to safeguard economic interests during the american folk becomes poorer and poorer struggling with three shit part-time jobs to hold a minimum standard of living.
They only parrot the stereotype propaganda messages from their TV jerk-boxes and as crowning of their naivety they will vote again a war criminal, a republican general with a pseudo democratic cape, not realizing that with it the door for a US military dictatorship is wide open. They will not realize that democratic values are not compatible with the basic character of efficient military forces. They will not realize that Wesley Clark has learned slaughtering in Vietnam that he was leader of US Southern Command 96/97 accountable for 2400 killed people in Columbia that he was accountable for deployment of clusterbombs and DU-warheads in Yugoslavia, that he enforced to destroy the electricity supply of Yugoslavia, a direct attack on millions of civilians (The New Yorker, 2.8.2000), that he claimed 50.000 ground troops instead of 28.000 because of heavy mine laying and that he ordered to attack a russian unit in Pristina. This order was denied by KFOR-General Jackson who said he will not cause a third worldwar. He was not against all these wars he is posing now and he clearly said that it would better to get UN and NATO as ally against Al-Quaida first to get a closed group of allies for war against Iraq, Iran and North Korea if time is right (Time Magazine 14.10.2002). Clark also tried to become a member of Bush administration in the national security team and after nobody need him he converted to a so called democrat. Nobody will realize these facts, neither US democrats nor US pacifists and so they will be caught in this trap switching from a boozy and sectarian criminal to a psychopathic and dangerous member of armed forces.

You cannot pray away the pest and you cannot protest away the pest with peace. You can only fight against it.

And if US democrats and Pacifists want to do something good for this world they should vote for Bush again because only this administration is able to ruin and to collapse the USA in best time so this unjustness nation has lasting no more money to cover the world with wars.

The Pest has a Name

PS: The Iraqi child with the destroyed body has a name 'Huthaifa Ghanim' Destroyed by depleted uranium used by US & UK heroic troops to free the world. The pain is boundless
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