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Comical Powell Supository Serching
27 set 2003
Since six months
Since six months US mercenaries, the declared figurehead of the great do-gooder nation, are searching for a tiny argument their murderous raid. Maybe they are mentally less gifted symptomatical for this whole nation or they are only searching on the wrong places. Searching on US ammunition depots and in bombed Iraqi towns will land a direct hit. This do gooder WMD they could find there killing any life-form for over 4 Billion years but in this case the pathological patriots, inflated with pride, act the fool, the blind and the deaf.

The Pest has a Name
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Re: Comical Powell Supository Serching
27 set 2003
El novio de Ana del Palacio,a medida que traiciona más sus raíces y su etnia vuelve más blanco.Sigue buscando desesperadamente las inexistentes armas,siguiendo la voz de su Amo y haciendo el ridículo.Ojalá se ponga así mismo un buen supositorio de Dignidad y Vergüenza.
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