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The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse within Human Society
24 set 2003
Child abuse is a societally sponsored and promoted activity designed to allow for the dissipation and toxic reflectivity of personal rage and hate that exists within every generation of adults, victims of genocidal abuse during their childhoods.
© Copyright 2003-2053 The Seer of Forbidden Truth, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of this essay in any form without the Written Consent of The Seer of Forbidden Truth is Prohibited.

Thank you for finding the courage to decide to expose yourself to the world of Forbidden Truth. I consider this essay to be the most important within my entire Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Virtually all of the other Forbidden Truths, outlined at the other pages of this Manifesto, stem from and are based upon the core, fundamental Forbidden Truths of societally sponsored genocidal child abuse, torture, and destruction, that are chronicled within this essay. This essay will reveal profound, brilliantly insightful, and for most of you humans, completely unbearable Truth concerning all aspects of how you and your societies view, judge, and treat children who are born into or otherwise find themselves trapped within, your diseased and perverse and completely malevolent cultures. The Truth will be exposed and outlined in remarkable detail and scope, revealing your societies as being, in the truest sense, both limitlessly evil and utterly deranged. You will find brilliantly simple reformation proposals, also outlined at great length later in this essay.

The proof of how limitlessly evil you and your societies are, lies in the fact that despite how remarkably simple, obvious, and sensible my proposed reformations are, no society on planet earth even allows these proposals, such as Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, to be publicly discussed within the media, or within the popular culture. This will be an extremely lengthy page, in terms of text, so please be prepared to do some scrolling. We will begin with basic definitions of words and terms as relates to children and families, from a Forbidden Truth perspective.

Accurate and Truth-based definitions and explanations of societally decreed Child and Family themed doctrine and ideology:

What is a child? A child is a human being, of a young age. All adult human beings were once child human beings. If they do not die during their childhood, every child grows up to become an adult. That is a fair and accurate dictionary-based definition. But it does not in any way, shape, or form explain or reveal the Truth, the Forbidden Truth, of what every society on planet earth officially decrees all of it's children to be.

The Forbidden Truth definition of how society judges and defines all children is as follows: A subhuman, officially decreed worthless piece of owned property, that has no legal, civil, moral, or human rights, and that exists solely to serve as a slave and Poison Container to his/her creators, Sacred Family Unit, and to adult society in general.

What is the definition of the term Poison Container? The actual original creator of this phrase is, to the best of my knowledge, a psychohistorian named Lloyd deMause. He defines this term, as relates to child abuse, thusly: The Child As Poison Container: The main psychological mechanism that operates in all child abuse involves using children as what I have termed poison containers--receptacles into which adults project disowned parts of their psyches, so they can control these feelings in another body without danger to themselves. Rather than the child being able to use the parent to detoxify its fears and anger, the parent instead injects his or her bad feelings into the child and uses it to cleanse his or herself of depression and anger. End quote. In general, I absolutely agree with this insightful observation and definition of Lloyd's as being accurate. However, I also expand the definition in a broader way, to include all of society, with complete malice aforethought, choosing to genocidally sanction and legitimize the mass torture of children, to allow all citizen-slaves, parents primarily but not exclusively, to "detoxify" themselves by torturing the human beings who remind them, consciously or subconsciously, of their own past torment, that society inflicted upon them when they were children. Remember, every adult was once a child, and society has been officially sponsoring and legitimizing the mass torture of all children, throughout the Modern Era of human existence.

What is child abuse? This term might seem self-explanatory, but in reality it is one of the most perversely misunderstood and misinterpreted societal labels that exists. The common sense definition of the term "child abuse" would be: "Acts that cause children harm, pain, suffering, or distress". But because all of your evil and diseased societies sponser, support, and legitimize the mass, genocidal abuse of children, while at the same they seek to maintain an invalid pretense of moral decency, the cultural definitions of what constitutes "child abuse", have no basis in fact, Truth, or sanity.

Whichever acts of child brutality society seeks to legitimize, it refuses to label as constituting "child abuse", even though these acts are in reality very often even more torturous and permanently crippling to children than the acts society chooses to label as child abuse are. Every human society throughout the history of the Modern Era has established it's own perverse and invalid cultural rules on how children should be treated, and every society has pretended that it supports "proper" treatment of children, and condemns "child abuse", even though the reality is that every society is based upon the legitimization of mass child torture, as a core public policy.

The only aspect of societally sponsored genocidal child torture that differs or changes from society to society and from generation to generation, is the exact nature, the specific, minute details, of exactly which types of mass child brutalization are labeled as "child abuse", and which are not. In this manner, each generation of humans can pretend, and let their society delude them into believing, that they are moral creatures instead of genocidal child torturers. As an example, the official, state-sponsored ritual murder of children was commonplace 200-1000 years ago, practiced by most societies. The most common societal explanation/rationalization for this ritual child murder was that the "gods" had to be appeased and would reward the citizen-slaves for the child sacrifices. As the centuries wore on, some citizens began to question the moral legitimacy of child sacrifice. Leaders of many of these societies then decided to slightly change and alter the forms of ritualized, genocidal child torture and murder that they officially sponsored. The most blatantly obvious forms of ritualized child murder, such as tying a child to a stake out in public and letting the child die of starvation/dehydration, were phased out by societies pretending to have become more "civilized", and this was hailed as a wonderful demonstration of societal advancement, morality, and decency. At the very same time of course, dozens of other, less glaringly obvious forms of genocidal child murder, continued to be practiced and new forms were and are constantly being introduced. And yet countless billions of you pathetic, truth-hating citizen-slaves gladly embraced and continue to embrace today, the insane societal lie that you should be proud of themselves and grateful to your societal leaders, that ridiculous, invalid and untrue "moral advancement" in the treatment of children have occurred and continue to occur.

It is the year 2001 as I type these words, and today, the genocidal evil with which all societies sponsor and legitimize mass child torture, is just as great and all-encompassing, as it has ever been throughout human history. The more "advanced and civilized" a society claims to be on the surface, the more brutal and perverse, two-faced and hypocritical, it's actual policies towards it's child-slaves are. In year 2001 America, every biological creator/legal owner of a child, is officially empowered to commit repeated, violent legal assaults upon all the child-slaves they legally own, by engaging in an act labeled as "spanking" or "corporal punishment". Amazingly, any total stranger who might commit the exact same act upon the exact same child, would be arrested and imprisoned for assault, but the legal owner, the person that the child-slave is totally dependent upon, completely at the mercy of, is given official authorization from society, to violently assault their slave.

There are literally hundreds of other examples of legal child abuse, officially sponsored by society, that I can give you, and that any sane, rational thinker must recognize as constituting Truth. But I will go slowly, outlining these societal perversions all throughout this page, and obviously neither the time nor the space is available, for me to outline all of the many hundreds of different types of societally sponsored child torture/victimization, in detail. The all-encompassing scope of societally sponsored mass child torture, is truly breathtaking, when viewed in it's entirety. Physical, mental, emotional, sexual, psychological torture and crippling of all children, is the official policy and goal of every society. The methodologies ranges from legal assault, "spanking", to legal murder, "abortion", to legal destruction of sanity, via infecting the minds of children with the Insane God Myth, to stripping all children of the self-love and sense of gloriously narcissistic personal self-value that they are born with. Yes indeed, from the instant a human life is conceived, every society, with utter malice, deliberately chooses to undertake a breathtakingly complex and multi-tiered assault upon the new life form, determined to mold and shape each child into the perverse and diseased image and reflection of itself, the image and reflection of the "average, typical, mainstream" adult member of the society.

What is the Sacred Family Unit? The Sacred Family Unit is an artificial societal construct, designed and used by society for the specific purpose of terrorizing, coercing, and brainwashing citizen-slaves into agreeing to emotionally and legally enslave themselves to each other, and in most cases, to cathartically cope with the horrors of life by creating and assuming joint ownership of their own slaves, via procreation. In a nutshell: For the societal purpose of more easily controlling the life paths of all citizen-slaves, they are terrorized and brainwashed into agreeing to pair up into couples, under force of law, and as a reward for agreeing to enslave themselves to each other, society awards them to possess, as complete slaves, all of their biological creations, known as "children".

What are citizen-slaves and child-slaves? Throughout these Texts you will often find me using these two terms. They are fairly self-explanatory: All societies are slave-based. Society brutalizes all children, in literally thousands of different ways, as a matter of chosen policy, in order to create mentally broken, truth-hating, adults. Those adults are referred to by me as citizen-slaves of society. Despite being slaves themselves, adults are encouraged and coerced by society into creating and assuming ownership of slaves of their own, their children. Society encourages this for several reasons, the most significant reason being that adult citizen-slaves are better able to cope with their horrific lives if they have slaves of their own to use as Poison Containers. The term child-slaves, as used within these Texts, refers to children living within society, and they have a double-tier of slavery chained upon their necks, since they are firstly slaves of society, and secondly, society chooses to brutally enslave them to specific adults, usually biological parents, via Sacred Family Unit doctrine.

The basic methodologies under which societies sponsor genocidal child torture:
Now we come to one of the meatiest portions of the entire Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. What is remarkable to me is how simple and obvious the Truths outlined below are, and yet because your societies are utterly diseased and evil, these crystal clear, logical and undeniable Truths are decreed to be so Forbidden, so terrifying, that throughout the history of the Modern Era, worldwide, I am unaware of a single society that has ever even allowed these Truths to be publicly discussed or considered in a rational manner, within the media or within so-called political "debate", which is in fact a totally farcical pretense used by evil and diseased societies that label themselves as being "democratic", but that is a whole other essay that you will find elsewhere at this website. Let us go back to the profoundly important topic at hand.

Two human beings of opposite gender agree to have sexual intercourse with each other. This act carries with it the possibility of creating a third, totally separate, distinct, and autonomous life form, as a result of the male sperm and the female egg commingling. Under the deranged doctrine of every society to have ever existed in the Modern Era, those two adults, simply by engaging in a sex act, are officially decreed to be the unquestioned Legal Owners of any and all biological creations that come about as a result of the sex act. Even though they are human beings living in a supposedly civilized, intellect-based society, no attempt is made by either the societal leadership or by societally empowered experts in child welfare, to determine whether or not either one or both of the biological creators desires, deserves, is competent, or has any sort of qualification to be declared the legal owner of a totally helpless child. This core societal reality is one of the most profound, amazing, remarkable, incredible demonstrations of genocidal evil, as practiced by every society on planet earth.

Have you diseased creatures ever watched the cable/satellite channel "Animal Planet"? If you have, or perhaps on other nature shows on other TV networks, you may well have seen programs in which caged animals at zoos and/or wildlife refuges get pregnant. The pregnant animal-slaves are carefully observed by zoo/refuge staff, and immediately after birth, the observation becomes even more intense. Will the biological creator accept or reject it's offspring?? The staff stands by, watching carefully, ready to rush in and seize the newborn baby animal, if the mother or anyone else in the cage shows any sign of rejecting or hurting the newborn. The fact that your societies would mock and consider ridiculous the notion of mandatory observation and monitoring of human "parents" in this manner, is just one of the hundreds of proofs, concrete, undeniable proofs that exist, that you humans and your societies, with utter malice and contempt, deliberately choose to sponsor and cause the genocidal torture and murder of children born into your societies.

Every society on planet earth has the ability to easily stop 98% of all children who are significantly abused, from being abused, if it abandoned it's Sacred Family Unit mythology. Therefore, every society on planet earth, in clinging to and legitimizing Sacred Family Unit mythology, in fact deliberately chooses to commit genocide upon it's own children. Physical, mental, emotional, sexual genocide and murder.

The red text above is a Forbidden Truth. One of the most profoundly Forbidden Truths in all of human society, in fact. There is absolutely no rational, moral, ethical, or other legitimate reason or explanation for why any human biological creator of a child should have the unquestioned, unchallenged title of slaveowner bestowed upon them. The only explanation that exists, and it is the true explanation, is this: Societal leaders know that their deranged, evil, broken, insane adult citizen-slaves, who are victim-creations of genocidal child torture societal doctrine themselves, would explode into mass homicidal rage and turn upon the societal leadership itself, overthrowing the government/societal leadership that is in place, if they faced the threat of being "robbed" of their "parental rights", which in Truth consist of the societally sponsored and legitimized right to own children as subhuman slaves, to use them as Poison Containers, and to torture and torment them to their heart's content.

Sacred Family Unit mythology forms a cornerstone, core building block of how societies operate, of how they manage to control, domesticate, and dictate the life paths of virtually all citizen-slaves. The depth and multi-layered complexity of Sacred Family Unit mythology is truly astonishing in scope. Human beings are told that they are "free", by so-called democratic societies, and yet the layers of cultural and legal fascism that enchain them as slaves to both society and to each other, the latter via Sacred Family Unit mythology, are literally unbreakable, save for a tiny handful of brilliant, courageous seekers of Truth, perhaps one out of every million human beings, such as myself.

Motherhood and maternal instinct. Fatherhood and paternal instinct. Parental rights. Parental obligations. Parenthood. Marriage. Divorce. Child support. Alimony. Blood relation familial connectivity. Abortion. All of the above cultural and legal dictates of societal ideology and functionality, as defined and utilized by modern, so-called civilized societies, have no legitimate basis in Truth, rationality, or sanity. In fact, each of the above societal dictates specifically, directly and overtly causes the mass, genocidal abuse, torture, and genocidal destruction of children, as sponsored by society. I will now reveal the Forbidden Truths on each of these perverse societal dictates.

Motherhood and Maternal Instinct: The most common and universal definition within human society of the term "motherhood", involves the physical/biological results and consequences of a female human being engaging in sexual intercourse with a male human being, resulting in the creation of a third human being, which is first labeled a "fetus", and then labeled a child. Both of these labels, fetus and child, are specifically designed to dehumanize the new life form, to overtly place these young human beings far beneath the societally decreed value and status of "adult" humans, and deny them all of the basic civil, legal, and human rights, that their biological creators and all adult humans in general, are told by society that they enjoy.

The label of "motherhood" is used by society to place totally perverse burdens, hardships, and obligations upon female humans. Society actively seeks to coerce as many female humans as it possibly can, into creating new human life forms, by engaging in sexual intercourse. The instant any female human does create such a new life form, the label of "mother" is terroristically imposed upon the female, and it carries with it horrifically fascist obligations and societally decreed "responsibilities", all of which are rationalized by the invalid use of and definition of the term "motherhood".

No legitimate cultural, moral, or legal opportunity is provided by society to such female humans, to properly decline to serve in the enslaving role of "mother". All women whose bodies create a new human life form, are terroristically coerced, under threat of immense moral condemnation, contempt, and ridicule, along with legal peril, into accepting the new role of child owner that society is determined to impose upon them. It must be made clear that society gives not a single iota of weight or concern as to the suitability of any female to serve as a "mother", or to consider whether any child will be safe with, or receive a non-torturous upbringing from, any specific "mother". Rather, with utter, immense, malicious contempt for the welfare of all children, society chooses to universally and arbitrarily impose the exact same perverse mandates of fascist maternal obligation, along with the correspondingly brutal mass child enslavement that is the inevitable result, upon all such female humans.

There is indeed a psychological mindset known as "Maternal Instinct". Some female humans possess a Maternal Instinct, under which they feel a significant amount of personal connectivity towards specific children, most often children that they have biologically created. Society falsely tells it's citizen-slaves that all women possess a Maternal Instinct, and bestows a quality of mysticism to this lie. The perverse message is given to the citizen-slaves that all women, simply by virtue of becoming pregnant, somehow mystically develop a Maternal Instinct of "pure love" that must be treated as being Sacred, in terms of honoring the mother-child bond of unquestioned familial enmeshment within Sacred Family Unit doctrine, which in fact constitutes a slaveowner-slave ownership reality.

Some women, those who are emotionally healthy, are able to form positive, nurturing relationships with children. Some of these women do indeed feel genuine affection and protectiveness towards their own children, to a powerful degree. However, the percentage of adult women who possess this type of a genuine Maternal Instinct, in 21st century industrialized, so-called "modern" societies, is certainly far less than 50%. Therefore, there is absolutely no Truth to the cultural doctrine and decree of Maternal Instinct, as promoted/taught by society. Just as importantly, even if a woman possesses a powerful and genuine Maternal Instinct, that in no way even indicates, much less proves, that she is competent or qualified to be entrusted with the care or raising of any child.

If you look at other species of life, demeaningly labeled with the prejudicial term of "animals" by the morally inferior human race, you find that some species of animals generally show a desire to rear their young, while other species do not. Even among species that usually do show a desire to nurture their young, there are always mothers who will refuse to do so, they will totally reject their offspring, and even try to kill and eat their offspring. Even among the purest of living things, wild animals who live within nature and rely almost totally upon Natural Instinct in terms of their behavioral patterns, mothers who are "supposed" to nurse and care for their offspring, based upon how a majority of the female members of their species treat their offspring, will in fact totally reject and even outright kill, their offspring.

The human animal is not pure. No, the human animal is in fact the most diseased, tainted, instinctually corrupt life form that exists on planet earth. The intellectualized human mind is completely and utterly perverse, having been stripped of virtually all Natural Instinct from the moment of birth, by being subjected to the deranged rituals and doctrine of so-called "modern and civilized" human society. It is clear that the species capacity for a Maternal Instinct has existed within some female human beings in the past, since prehistoric times, and continues to exist in some female humans today. However, due to the diseased evolutionary process and falsely intellectualized, societally ritualized destruction/rejection of Natural Instinct that humans have been subjected to over the past 100,000+ years, a majority of all adult female humans in 21st century modern societies, over 50% in fact, no longer possess a genuine Maternal Instinct. All of the above facts, along with many others that will be detailed below, prove beyond all rational doubt that no female human being living in 21st century civilized society, deserves to have any intrinsic custodial or ownership right to any child that she might create.

Fatherhood and Paternal Instinct: The most common and universal definition of the term "Fatherhood", refers to the physical and biological results/consequences of a male human being engaging in sexual intercourse with a fertile female human being, with a specific end result of the male sperm fertilizing the female reproductive "egg", resulting in the creation of a new, autonomous life form. In some cases the male human being has a specific desire to impregnate his female sexual partner via the act of sexual intercourse. But in a majority of cases the male human being does not have any such desire, and in fact engages in sexual intercourse simply because it makes him feel "good", allows him to achieve a sexual climax, or serves/satisfies other psychological cravings that he has. Insanely, and this is true for those labeled by society as "mothers" as well, absolutely no consideration is given by societal law or cultural doctrine, as to whether the male human wanted to be a "father", had any desire to impregnate his sexual partner, or has any interest in or ability to assume the responsibility and job of raising a child.

In an utterly fascist decree of terroristic derangement, society orders all male humans who have impregnated females, to serve in the artificial, unnatural role that has been given the title of "father". Male humans, as a result of their brutal upbringings as well as their natural/instinctual desire to retain personal and sexual freedom, are far more likely to refuse to accept the artificial role of "fatherhood", than female humans are likely to refuse to accept the artificial, fascist role of "motherhood". Because of this fact, the legal system is used much more heavily and punitively, to terrorize all male creators of human life, into serving as fathers, than is the case with female biological creators.

Sexual intercourse between consenting adults is declared to be perfectly legal by society. In fact, it is encouraged and promoted at every turn, since society always seeks to increase it's population of citizen-slaves. And yet if a male human engages in this legal act, and happens to commingle his sperm with his female partner's egg in such a way that a new life form is created, even if he had no desire to impregnate her and has no desire to even see, much less live with or serve as a "father" to the resulting new life form, he is ordered by the criminal justice system of society, to serve in the unnatural societal role of "father" to the child he created, or face the consequences of being locked up in a small cage for a long time as punitive punishment for refusing to serve, as a societal slave, in this role. Or else he is legally robbed for 18+ years of hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own financial earnings/possessions, via the completely insane "child support" laws.

Some male biological creators, mostly as a result of societal brainwashing and cultural coercion, very much want serve as "fathers", to play a primary role in helping to rear their offspring. However, there is no legitimacy to the notion that men possess any type of a natural, inborn or instinctual, "paternal instinct". The notion that a human male should be obligated or can be expected to care about the welfare of his biological creation, from a Paternal Instinct perspective, to the degree that he would feel personally obliged to spend 18+ years, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in raising the child, is simply ridiculous and nonsensical. When a male human engages in sexual intercourse, 99% of the time the male has absolutely no desire to create a child, and this makes the perverse societal lie that some sort of "mystical" paternal instinct kicks in if and when a child is created, all the more glaringly hollow and invalid.

In both the Sacred Mommy and Sacred Daddy societal perversions, we see a complete and utter disregard for the safety, welfare, and very lives of all children, by society. Every societal leader, as well as any rational thinking person, obviously realizes and knows that countless millions of children, generation after generation, will be brutally tortured if not killed outright, in an unending pattern, by their biological creators. And yet with utter malice aforethought, every society chooses to not only blindly hand over every helpless child to his/her biological creators, but to literally terrorize all biological creators who do not want to have anything to do with their offspring, into accepting the role of slaveowner. This overt choice that society makes, constitutes nothing less than child genocide, of the most blatant and undeniable denomination.

Parental Rights: The first and foremost factually accurate definition of "parental rights", rights given by societies to all "parents" and imposed by society upon all children, is quite simply: Parent=slaveowner, child=slave. There is nothing hyperbolical or exaggerated in my usage of the term "slave" within these Texts. Slave is simply the most honest and accurate term that exists within the English language, to describe the Forbidden Truth reality of "Parental Rights".

Let us look at just a few of the brutal, genocidally enslaving aspects of parental rights: We have each and every biological child blindly and arbitrarily declared to be a custodial possession of his/her biological creators. We have each and every child officially decreed to have no civil, legal, or human rights, as an individual. No child is allowed to reject their biological creators or separate him/herself from their societally decreed "legal" parents/guardians. The child is custodially imprisoned. In exactly the same way that a prison inmate is locked up in a cage, every child is locked up in whatever hellish familial household he/she had the random bad luck to be born into. The bars of this prison are every bit as real, and every bit as brutal, unjust, and enslaving, as the bars that you will find at any maximum security prison.

But this is only the very tip of the diseased Parental Rights iceberg of societal evil. Not only is the child officially decreed to be a slave, belonging to his/her parents, i.e: slaveowners, but society goes much further. The child-slave is not merely an "owned human being", but rather an officially designated subhuman, worthless piece of property, whose purpose and reason for existing is to meet any and all of the emotional and personally cathartic needs, desires, obsessions, and derangements, of his/her parents-slaveowners.

Most adult human beings were physically assaulted during their childhoods. They therefore have an emotional need to cathartically relieve the suppressed trauma of their own childhood physical assaults, by physically assaulting children. Society chooses to legitimize this torturous cycle of familial child brutalization, by concocting an insane distinction between the physical assault of children by total strangers, versus the physical assault of children by their legal slaveowners. The former is decreed to constitute a "criminal act of assault", while the latter is given the ridiculous verbal label of "spanking" or "corporal punishment", in order to officially give all biological creators not merely the moral/legal permission to commit violent physical assaults upon their child-slaves, but to overtly encourage all parents to brutalize their children to their heart's content.

Defying all rational logic, the insane societal decree holds that it is somehow totally harmless and in fact often desirable for a child to be violently, physically assaulted by his/her primary caretakers, the people who claim to "love" the child that they choose to assault, and yet that exact same assault, if committed by a total stranger that the child has never seen before, is a harmful, unacceptable act that must be criminally prosecuted. This is insane!! How any of you diseased creatures can be brainwashed enough to find logic or sanity within such glaringly blatant and obvious insane hypocrisy, boggles my mind. But then again, after I analyze the situation from a Forbidden Truth perspective, i do easily understand how you profoundly enraged torture victim-creations of society, are able to rationalize this type of insane hypocrisy. Your suppressed and denied rage must be expressed, and you will not let anything, certainly not something as emotionally abstract as Rational Truth, stop you. Obviously the reverse of the insane societal doctrine described above is true, in that when a parent or other family member that a child personally knows, physically assaults the child, the trauma and lifelong scarring is of course far greater than would be the case if a complete stranger committed a similar assault upon the child.

Virtually every single adult human being alive today, born into & raised up within a "civilized" society, was intellectually raped during their childhood. And more often than not, the intellectual/mental tortures they were subjected to, have had an even greater, more profound impact upon their lives than the physical/sexual torture that most of them also endured. Insane lies and mythology, very often based upon perverse hypocrisy, such as the god myth, are mandated by society itself as "required teaching" for children. All lies and myths warp the minds of children, destroy the natural, instinctual sanity and rational thinking ability that all children are born with. In adulthood, these tortured, mentally ill, brainwashed victim-creations of society are determined to infect the minds of their own helpless child-slaves, just as brutally as their own minds were infected during their childhoods.

This endless cycle of generational child genocide, is enabled, facilitated, and caused directly and solely by society itself. It is not an "unbreakable" cycle. In fact, it can be broken fairly easily, in a single generation, if the entire Sacred Family Unit mythology were to be declared null and void, on all legal and cultural levels, by the leaders of a society. The one huge stumbling block that does exist in breaking the diseased cycle, is the fact that you diseased and deranged humans, so addicted and beholden to your insane mythology, would overthrow and totally destroy any society that dared to try and protect and save your biological creations from the denied & suppressed torment that each and every one of you was subjected to during your childhoods.

What other Parental Rights do you slaveowners enjoy? The list of brutalities is literally endless. You are given the right, in a majority of societies, to murder your children as they sit helpless, trapped within your wombs. You are given the right to kill your children by telling doctors that you want life-support systems for your sick child, shut off. You are given the right to deny your children medical care, by claiming to be fervent believer in certain Insane God Myth doctrines. You are given the right to keep your children as slaves even if they hate you and want nothing to do with you. You are given the right to impose the thousands of insane beliefs, myths, false rationalizations that you base your lives upon, onto the helpless, vulnerable, undeveloped minds of your children. You are given the right to lie to your children, to deceive them, to bribe them, to intimidate them. You are given the right to destroy the instinctual self-love and self-value that every child is born possessing. You are given the right to infect your child's minds with your own insane, diseased, untrue, and invalid personal beliefs and ideologies. You are given the right to rob your child of all Natural Instinct, and infect your child with all unnatural, artificial, irrational and insane societal doctrine. You are given the right to deprive your children of a proper education, by "home-schooling" them. You are given the right to subject your children to psychiatric treatment and to psychiatric imprisonment, if they dare to try and protect themselves and their Instinctual Truth, from your malevolent acts of parental brutalization, by rejecting or challenging the derangements that you impose upon them. The list is endless, but I think the profound Forbidden Truth is already perfectly clear, so I won't continue listing each and every specific perverse entitlement of Parental Rights. Here is the Forbidden Truth: In giving biological creators of children the enslavement power known as "parental rights", society overtly grants virtually limitless power, unquestioned and unchallenged, to parents, to inflict the most brutal, all-encompassing, heart, mind, and soul destroying abuse upon their legally owned child-slaves.

Yes, the fact that you creatures cannot find the rationality or courage to recognize these types of Forbidden Truths, is the primary reason why you choose to so fiercely torment your own children, generation after generation. But there is a specific psychological term that describes this situation perfectly, and that term is: Catharsis. The definition of catharsis that is applicable in this situation is: The relieving of a neurotic or other unpleasant state by reenacting an earlier emotional experience. This is the exact personal motivation and reason behind, both the general societal advocacy of genocidal child brutalization, and the individual choice that each and every one of you makes, to brutalize your own children, as a reflection, usually not consciously realized, of the immense, suppressed rage and terror that you continue to feel within your Core Reality, as a result of your own brutal childhood torments, that society caused you to endure.

So, when your societies talk about "parental rights", and when you creatures so eagerly and gratefully embrace your parental rights, what is being given to you by society, is the official, legal right and instruction, to use your children as Poison Containers to cathartically relieve and transfer your own immense rage, hate, and terror, onto your children. You are given the official right to abuse, torment, torture, cripple mentally, sexually, emotionally, physically, your children. Just as you yourselves were abused, tormented, tortured, crippled in all sorts of different ways, when you were children. Here is the philosophical essence and truth of why genocidal child torture is a root, core policy initiative of all "civilized" societies: The acceptance and embrace of adult citizen-slaves of the societally advocated use of all child slaves as Poison Containers by their parents, for the cathartic release and transfer of rage, hate, and emotional disease carried by virtually all adult members of society, from each generation of adults to each generation of children, as a result of the ongoing, societally sponsored mass child torture that every adult generation experienced, during their childhoods.

Parental Obligations: What is the Forbidden Truth definition of the term "parental obligations"? Unlike parental rights, which are immense and truly limitless in scope, society chooses to impose relatively few specific obligations upon parents. But the few that are imposed, are absolutely set in concrete, and society will stop at nothing to make sure that each and every biological creator accepts and these unnatural parental obligations. Every biological creator is obligated to serve as a slaveowner to their biological creations, to accept legal possession and assume financial responsibility for their creations, or else face both moral/cultural condemnation and legal threats of persecution. They are also obligated to keep a few of the most brutal forms of abuse that they inflict upon their slaves, out of the "public eye". Society says, not verbally of course, but as cultural policy: "Yes, go right ahead and torture your children in the most brutal ways, but please do it in private, in your own homes, with the door closed. This helps us keep up the pretense that we are a moral and decent society that loves it's children."

The primary parental obligation that society seeks to impose upon all slaveowners is really quite simple, and it goes like this: Mold your children into your own images. At first glance, if you look at this societal decree from a "mainstream" way of thinking, as taught by society, it seems fairly harmless and benign. But if you look at it from the Forbidden Truth perspective, you instantly should realize how profoundly evil and genocidally child abusive, this parental obligation is. You see, parents are tortured children, grown up. Mainstream adult members of so-called "civilized" societies, are torture victims, filled with homicidal rage, terror, addicted to insane myths and lies and hypocrisies, their entire lives are built upon perverse, invalid, deranged ideology. They are brainwashed victims of a genocidally evil society. How did they get to be this way? Society chose to enslave them to their enraged, brainwashed biological creators, and give those biological creators the moral and legal authority and encouragement to use them as Poison Containers. In this way, each and every generation of children is doomed to be subjected to the exact same, hopelessly repetitive cycle of utter brutalization, and this cycle is overtly sponsored by societal leaders themselves.

When society tells it's parents to "mold your children into your own images", what it is really telling them, in a subconscious, non-verbal way of course, what it is authorizing them to do to their child-slaves, is this: Break your children as you were broken when you were a child. Strip them of what you now find terrifying and unbearable, the hopes, idealism, intellectual courage and open-mindedness, instinctual interest in Truth and rationality that you once had yourself, when you were a child. You must destroy your child, as you yourself were destroyed, when you were a child.

I do want to just briefly touch upon one other aspect of the issue of Parental Obligations. The issue of crime, from a parental obligation/responsibility perspective. Most of my brilliant and fascinating insights and Forbidden Truths on the issue of societal torture victims who turn to crime, will be contained on this website's next page, but one very fundamental, key point can and I feel must, be made here. The degree of perverse hypocrisy that exists within the reality of how society chooses to sponsor the genocidal torture of all it's children, viciously enslaving them to their biological creators and then advocating their brutalization in ways such as physical assault, i.e. spanking, that are not only undeniably abusive, but outright criminal if committed by a stranger as opposed to a "parent", while at the same time declaring the tortured child to be "responsible" for any illegal/criminal acts they may commit, is truly mind-boggling to me.

Society refuses to accept the notion that it has any obligation of any kind to even try to protect children from being tortured, it in fact sponsors and supports child genocide. It imposes absolutely no obligation upon slaveowners to refrain from torturing their children, and in fact overtly encourages them to brutalize their children. And yet, insanely, society totally refuses to accept the blame and responsibility it bears for choosing to create it's enraged seekers of personal vengeance, and it refuses to blame the parents who inflict the torment upon their children, as well.

It is of course true that society, not the parents, is 100% to blame for all acts of violence or other criminality that occur within a society. Society is the guilty party, with two sets of victim-creations, the parents, formerly tortured themselves as children, and the children, more recently tortured. And yet society absolutely refuses to accept blame, it also refuses to place blame upon the parents, since it authorized them to brutalize their child-slaves, and of course the parents themselves could never imagine accepting any blame, instead choosing to insanely demonize inanimate objects like guns and fictionalized entities such as music with "bad lyrics".

The point I am making here is that the most innocent party of all, the child-victim, is always the #1 target for societal rage, brutalization, and demonization. The greatest victim of all, the child, if he or she dares to try and stand up and express the truth of the torment that society chose to inflict upon him, is the one who gets blamed. Society accepts no obligation to even try to refrain from genocidally torturing it's children. It imposes no such obligation upon slaveowners. Slaveowners accept no such obligation. And yet, insanely, the tortured child-victim does have an obligation put upon him/her, by society, to accept the legalized torment that society chooses to inflict upon him/her, and not seek/claim any personal vengeance against society, it's empowered institutions, their parents/Sacred Family Unit elders, or any adult members of society. The irrationality of such societal hypocrisy, simply amazes me in it's scope.

Parenthood: Let us briefly consider how the societal decree of "parenthood" is used and manipulated by societies. In labeling a citizen-slave a "parent", society overtly imposes numerous unnatural obligations upon the citizen, while at the same time "rewarding" them with the gift of a human child-slave. When most people think of parents, they envision biological creators of children. This is because specific Sacred Family Unit brainwashing ideology is centered upon a Sacred Blood Bond of familial creation. Adopted and foster children will always feel that their society as a whole labels them and considers them to be "defective", by virtue of not being possessed by their biological creators. And this perverse, irrationally negative judgment is indeed thrust upon every child who is adopted, fostered, or lives in an orphanage/group home.

Biological parents, foster parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. Note that each and every one of these societal labels is designed to identify and apply to two individuals, of opposite genders, one female, the other male. This is part of the perverse Sacred Family Unit propaganda message of society, which holds that every child is supposed to become the owned property of just the two individuals who biologically create the child. This very basic notion, is in fact a perversion of truth, logic, and rationality, and by itself is responsible for causing genocidal child torture, since every child is imprisoned within a tiny circle of no more than two, sometimes only one, caretaker, who is given literally total and limitless societal authority to control every aspect of the life of the helpless child-slave that they created and own.

The Truth of course, is that every child deserves and needs to have competent, caring, nurturing, consistent contact with adult human beings, throughout the course of their childhoods. The more adults that fit this criteria a child has regular contact with, the more likely it is that the child's soul will survive the harrowing ordeal of childhood, and will grow up receiving enough positive contact to be able to cope with life as an adult, in a somewhat sane, rational, self-loving manner. But no, your evil societies overtly and deliberately choose to entrap and enslave each and every child to just two slaveowners, sometimes just one slaveowner, giving the "parent" supreme control, authority, and domination over every aspect of their slave's life.

Foster parents, adoptive parents, and step-parents are given the same immense level of brutal power and limitless control over their child-slaves, as biological parents are. They are not discriminated against in this regard. But they are compelled by society to maintain the same ridiculous "two parent, opposite gender" rule, as a way of sanctifying the legitimacy of the biological Sacred Family Unit doctrine of Mommy and Daddy. It is the adopted children, the foster children, the orphanage dwelling children, who are brutally discriminated against by the popular culture, for not being a part of the societally decreed "ideal" Sacred Family Unit, which consists of two biological creators, both possessing their biological creations as a slave.

When it comes to grandparents and great-grandparents, the doctrine is slightly different. These labels have been created by society to assure and reassure all biological creators that they can and should retain the omnipotence and power that comes with human slave ownership, throughout their entire lives. When the slaves reach adulthood, they will have been convinced/coerced/brainwashed by society into agreeing to create slaves of their own, and when they do so, society awards the aging parents with the perverse reward of "partial ownership" of the biological creations of their now adult children, by bestowing the label of "grandparent" and/or great-grandparent, upon them. Make no mistake, this, like all societal doctrine, has been carefully planned out for very specific reasons of social control and domination. Societal leaders understand that the omnipotent power of slave ownership is immensely pleasurable to most slaveowners, and the thought/fear of losing one's slaves can be terrifying and unbearable. And so, as a reward for having agreed to become and serve as a slaveowner in the first place, society gives these citizen-slaves additional, somewhat less omnipotent but still powerful places within the slave ownership system, via the labels of grandparent, great-grandparent, etc...

Marriage, Divorce, and Alimony: The entire issue of marriage, a totally unnatural, perverse, brutally malevolent societal ritual of adult enslavement, along with resulting consequences such as divorce and alimony, will be discussed at great length in a future essay, elsewhere at this web site. Right now, I only want to reveal a few Truths on this issue, as specifically regards the issue of child abuse/child welfare. The insane institution of marriage is in fact a direct cause of genocidal child torment, because it enslaves two human beings to each other, under moral, cultural, and legal coercion/terrorization. The child-slave is supposed to be used as a Poison Container by his/her owners, who are in turn enslaved to each other in numerous ways, with marriage being the most common and overt form of adult-on-adult enslavement. Since the act of marriage itself is totally unnatural and brutally punitive, as are the fascist "rules and ramifications" of marriage as decreed/imposed upon a married couple by society, the marriage ritual itself causes extreme frustration, trauma and rage/hatred to build up within the married couple, and the obvious, natural, and logical target for enraged married folks to take out their suppressed rage and hate upon, is of course their child-slaves, whom society has officially decreed to be Poison Containers.

Society teaches that there are precious few things in life as valuable to an adult human, as owning a child-slave is. Mind you, it is not the child itself that has any value placed upon him/her as an individual, autonomous life form. The societally decreed "value" of the child lies only in terms of how the child serves as a slave, to his/her creator/owners. Therefore, when faced with losing possession of a child-slave due to divorce or separation, many slaveowners, both male and female, will choose to kill their biologically created/legally owned child/children, rather than to accept the "loss" of possession. In some of these cases of slave murder the killer is motivated to a degree by hatred towards their spouse. But in the vast majority of cases they simply feel, at their core understanding of how society has structured their lives, that the only reason and purpose of their child's life is to serve as their slave. This is in fact one of the core, perversely evil principals of Sacred Family Unit doctrine. If society decrees that the slave be taken away from the slaveowner, then the slave's life simply has no further value of any sort to the former slaveowner, who decides, be it subconsciously or consciously, that "I own this slave, I created this slave, and if this slave can no longer serve as my Poison Container, then I must destroy it. It has absolutely no value as an autonomous life form. It is my property to dispose of as I see fit". These conclusions make perfect sense, given the insane Sacred Family Unit mythologies that society brutally brainwashes all citizen-slaves into embracing.

Countless thousands of societally labeled "parents" murder their child-slaves each and every year in the USA alone, and the perverse institution of marriage, along with the fascist Sacred Family Unit legal and cultural doctrine, is indeed the #1 cause of this genocide occurring. But this homicidal genocide is merely the tiniest of tips, branching out to a literally universal theme of married couples or male-female lovers living together in which one or both parties is a biological creator of the child(ren) they possess, using their helpless offspring as Poison Containers, brutalizing them on a regular basis, taking out their rage, hate, frustrations, upon the child-slaves, just as their society instructs them to do.

The complete unnaturalness and illegitimacy of the artificial societal construct of marriage, along with the fascist legal coercions that compel married folks, and/or biological creators to remain enslaved to each other against their own personal, emotional, instinctual, and biological wills, is the #1 specific cause of chronic, ongoing child brutalization, as well as the #1 specific cause of child murder.

Child Support: I am listing the Truths of Child Support separately from marriage-divorce, because they provide such a uniquely profound illustration of how deranged, immoral, malevolent societies are structured, specifically in terms of having overt policies in place that serve to cause, not merely to allow or to enable in an abstract way, but to completely and literally cause, the genocidal torture-murder of child-slaves.

What is "Child Support"? It is a societal construct under which brutal financial punishment is imposed by the criminal justice system, upon citizen-slaves who have engaged in the perfectly legal activity of consensual sexual intercourse, if and when a new life form is created as a result of the sexual intercourse, with no regard given as to whether the biological creator had any desire to create a life form, or desires to have any sort of ongoing contact with the life form they have created.

A child as young as six is generally intelligent enough to know that if you take a living thing and needlessly impose unwelcome, undesired trauma upon that living thing, tragic consequences are likely to result. And yet your preeminent leaders, your presidents, kings, heads of state, choose to subject each and every citizen-slave to the terroristically punitive punishment of "child support", for engaging in an activity that it overtly decrees as perfectly legal. Are your preeminent leaders stupider than a six year old child? No. They are simply tortured former children, reflecting back at society the insanity, malevolence, and doctrine of evil that was imposed upon them, when they were children. On an intellectual level, they know all Child Support laws are illogical, unjustifiable, insane, and will directly result in the genocidal abuse/murder of children. Knowing this, knowing of all the inevitable consequences in advance, they have chosen and continue to choose today, to implement and declare legitimate the deranged notion that society has a legal and moral entitlement to brutally coerce all biological creators into submitting to the theft of their legally earned or possessed assets, if they dare to refuse to honor the invalid and fascist Marriage, Parenthood and Sacred Family Unit societal decrees.

As I have already stated above, society finds it harder to brainwash male humans into agreeing to accept Sacred Family Unit mythology, than is the case with female humans. Societies which label themselves as "democratic", generally try to avoid using overt, outspoken threats of physical torture/murder, to impose their will upon citizen-slaves. They instead use lies, myths, brainwashings, and invalid "moral coercion". This makes it easier for such societies to delude their citizen-slaves into accepting the insane notion that they live in a morally superior society and should be grateful for how "lucky" they are, and thus accept unquestioningly all of the malevolent, invalid, fascist brainwashings that such societies impose upon them. The Truth of course, is that such societies, because they employ a multi-tiered system of oppression, are morally inferior to so-called "communist" and undemocratic societies.

The legal and judicial strength of the Child Support laws, proves my above paragraph to be profoundly true. Yes indeed, all societies try to brainwash their biological creators into agreeing to live as slaves within Sacred Family Unit mythological doctrine. But what of the few biological creators who somehow find the intellectual courage and free will to reject the insane notion that they have some sort of a Sacred Obligation to care for and raise their children? Are they allowed to live their lives in freedom, are they allowed to embrace their human, civil, and legal right to not be punitively punished for having engaged in a perfectly legal, consensual act that has hurt no living thing?? No! In fact, the more "democratic, civilized, and morally advanced" a society claims to be, the more brutally determined it will be to terrorize via threats of imprisonment and monetary theft, all biological creators, especially males, into agreeing to enslave themselves to a female, and to agree to serve as a parent to their biological creation(s).

Child support, just like "income taxation", is a form of societally sponsored legal robbery. There are many forms of societally sponsored legal robbery, but none have as immense and profound a negative impact upon the safety and welfare of children, as the child support laws do. On one level, the terroristic societal threat of having hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from them, prevents millions of biological creators who do not want to have anything to do with their biological creations or their former sexual partner(s), from simply breaking off all ties to their children and former "lovers". This brutal form of fascist enslavement results not only in an increase in the rage, hate, and sense of frustration of these biological creators, but it also overtly steers them towards abusing/torturing or murdering their children, since the only reason, the primary cause of their being subjected to this form of punitive enslavement to a Sacred Family Unit, is the fact that they have biologically created a child. If the child did not exist, they would be free, if not from the terroristic threat of "alimony", then at least from the even more punishing threat of Child Support.

Recognizing the above facts to be true, it is literally impossible to imagine a more overt and blatant emotional and psychological incentive to biological creators to brutalize their offspring, than the child support laws. Society is literally telling every biological creator who desires to be free of Sacred Family Unit mythology that: "The reason why you are being subjected to this unmerciful theft of your freedom, assets, and personal autonomy, is the fact that you created a child, and the fact that your child is currently alive." The accurate and Truth-based message that the biological creator receives of course, is that: "This child is a direct cause and is directly responsible for my ongoing suffering, therefore this child is my enemy and deserves to suffer at least as much as I am suffering, and in fact the best thing that could happen to me, in terms of regaining my personal autonomy and financial freedom, would be for this child to die."

On a secondary level, even in cases where a biological creator finds the personal insight and courage to try to abandon their Sacred Family Units, in many cases due to a desire to avoid hurting their biological creations and the moral realization that if they stay they will be unable to refrain from using their child-slaves as Poison Containers, your malevolent societies will employ the criminal justice system to track down, capture, and literally imprison the biological creator, if he, or in some cases she, continues to try to reject the insane Sacred Family Unit "obligation" to serve as a father or mother, that society imposes. Society is literally telling these biological creators: "The only way you can save yourself from 18+ years of emotional, psychological, and financial torture, is to kill your children." Here you see the malevolence and derangement of society in full bloom, undeniable, overt, deliberate sponsorship of genocidal child abuse/murder.

Blood Relation and Familial Connectivity: Most of you have probably heard the expression of "family tree". You may even have seen family tree drawings, in which all members of a societally decreed Sacred Family Unit, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc..., are depicted as branches on a tree, all connected to both each other and to the trunk of the tree, which is meant to illustrate how each person is expected and supposed to always remain connected to all the other human beings within the "family tree", based upon either biological blood relation, or the perverse institution of marriage. It is the biological ties that are decreed by society to be even stronger and more sacred than the matrimonial ties, but they both are designed to serve the same purpose, to keep individuals irrationally tied down to and enmeshed with other people, for no valid or legitimate reason. The insane societal decree is that solely due to the random good luck or misfortune of you sharing a blood or other familial bond with a group of people, you are obligated to consider those people to be your "relatives", and to interact with them in social settings, in a "friendly" manner, on a regular basis.

There are numerous perverse and invalid reasons for why society chooses to employ the "family tree" form of coerced familial enmeshment. But I want to focus on the child-slave Poison Container aspect here. Among every group of adults, there will be a small percentage who, for one reason or another, refuse to become biological parents, despite all of society's brutally coercive and brainwashing efforts. Their reasons vary greatly. Some adults are not sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. A few adults recognize how horrific the world is and decide not to be personally responsible for subjecting any life form to the horrors that come with living in this evil world. A few adults have the personal insight to realize that if they had children, they would abuse/torture them, as they were themselves tortured, and make the moral choice to try to break their own small cycle of child torture, by not creating any children. Regardless of the reasons why, the fact is that some adult human beings will not become biological creators, and will not become the direct owners of children, therefore they will not have the ability to use a few specific children as their Poison Containers, from a parental ownership position.

This reality is not acceptable to societal leaders. They know that the usage of children as cathartic Poison Containers by enraged, tormented, traumatized adults, is the most effective way for adults to "cope" with the horror of their own lives. To at least be able to cathartically transfer their own childhood torment onto other children, within a familial setting, is an opportunity that society is determined to provide to as many of it's adult citizen-slaves as it possibly can. And this is where the family tree/blood bond connectivity doctrine comes into play. Within this perverse doctrine, Uncle Joe might be a bachelor loner who has anal sex with men, Aunt Josephine might be a spinster who throws up at the very thought of having sex with a man, and yet because they are connected to a large "family tree", with many adult members who do own child-slaves, the odds are that they will be able to gain easy access to children within the large Sacred Family Unit, and use those children as cathartic Poison Containers for the expression/release of their suppressed rage and hate, if they so desire.

It is true that the depth and scope of familial child torment that society officially sanctions is greatest for biological creators and other direct "parents". Grandparents are very close behind in terms of officially legitimized child abuse entitlement. Uncles, aunts, cousins, and other more "distant" relatives, have a tiny bit less leeway in terms of torturing children within their family units, but this is only true if the primary slave-owning parents choose to place restrictions on what sorts of abuse they find acceptable, upon the more distant relatives. The Parental Right to control and dictate the treatment that their child-slaves are subjected to, is decreed to be Supreme, as always.

The bottom line is that most parents choose to brutally abuse their children, most parents refuse to acknowledge that the treatment they inflict upon their children is torturous, and therefore most parents have no objection to allowing, and often encourage, other adult members of their Sacred Family Units, to inflict the same types of abuse upon their child-slaves, as they choose to inflict. So, the vast majority of adults do not need to become biological parents, step-parents, or adoptive parents, in order to be able to use specific child-slaves as cathartic Poison Containers. Society, via it's perverse
Sindicato Sindicat