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19 set 2003
An irregular update on what's new at, the popular activist and alternative news website. is now available in Swedish. Check out our newest interactive website:


September 19, 2003 | number 03-01 | Post-Hurricane edition

"A society is a healthy society only to the degree that it exhibits anarchistic traits." -- Jens Bjørneboe

Welcome to the next issue of our irregular updates on the project. We hope that this update can help you find new features and understand what is going on with this popular website. has been causing trouble on the web since it went online in January 1995 as the Mid-Atlantic Infoshop. We are a collectively-run project with volunteers participating from around the world. The website currently averages over 4 million hits per month. is considered by many to be a valuable resource to the anarchist and anti-capitalist movements, as well as for thousands of people who are simply looking for alternatives to the current capitalist system. The website is graciously hosted by the server, which is run by a collective of anarchist and anti-authoritarian digital activists. The Alternative Media Project, a nonprofit based in Arlington, Virginia, runs More info about AMP can be found at:

Contact us at:
Alternative Media Project
PO Box 3123
Arlington, VA 22203



Cancun IMC
Indymedia website set up for the recent anti-WTO protests in Cancun, Mexico.

Guerrilla Latina CrimethInc
Crimethinc en español.

Borders Books Union
Union for employees of Borders bookstore chain.



Anarchy and the Age of Dinosaurs
By the Curious George Brigade

YellowJack Distro
PO Box 244
Mosinee, WI. 54455

An exciting, thought-provoking and inspirational new book about contemporary anarchism and what anarchists could be doing now that the dinosaurs of the Left are dying out.



The News email list disseminates a range of anarchist, activist and alternative news, both from alternative and corporate sources. Subscribe today!



Have a recipe to exchange? Want to trade radical child-raising techniques? Need advice about hopping freights? Fixing your car? Want to share a graphic? Tips on making flyers? Organizing your workplace? DIY will provide an information exchange for people interested in trading do-it-yourself ideas and techniques.



Support Sherman Austin

Right Wing Nuts
Criticism of the American right wing, with links.

New fiction by Kevin Keating: “The Poor, the Bad and the Angry?

Infoshop News Extra
Links to news that doesn’t fit on the Infoshop News newswire

2004 G8 Protests SmartMob Project

Focus on… Iraqgate

Latuff Archive

Focus on ... Queer

Focus on ... Iran

Focus on ... File sharing

Games, Puzzles and Fun

## New Interactive Services ##

Infoshop Svenska
The new Swedish version of Infoshop. Portal

The homepage is really awesome, but it can't be all things to all people. The Infoshop Portal page will be an interactive feature that will provide access to Infoshop content and news, as well as provide a gateway to the best in anarchist, alternative, radical and mainstream news and resources. It will put links to activist search engines and news sites together on the same page. This alternative portal will also provide access to syndicated content from other websites. The goal of this project will be to create a user customizable portal so we don't have to have to guiltily visit Yahoo and Google all the time.

Harass the Brass Forums



Dear Emma has answered another question.

Sports Kiosk has lots of new links

Anarchist Matchmaker has new listings

Many of our other pages have been recently updated!



Infoshop Matchmaker

Infoshop's radical dating service has been gathering dust, but we are close to bringing it back, better than ever! We have been working on a project to move this service towards being a database-driven interactive website. This has taken longer than expected, but the new version should be available soon.

Infoshop News

Infoshop News is our most popular feature, attracting thousands of visitors every day. But the price of popularity is that Infoshop News has been overwhelmed with traffic recently, which has prevented people from accessing it on busy days. Our goal is to migrate Infoshop News to new software, which will provide additional features and allow our equipment to better manage the traffic. If you are a programmer who is interested in helping with this project, please get in touch with us. If you have ideas about changes to Infoshop News, or additional features that you'd like to see, please contact us.



First, some important, helpful pages:

Infoshop FAQ:

Volunteer: runs on the love of a growing cast of volunteers. There are many areas of Infoshop where one can become a volunteer right away. We are still looking for people to help with the Anarchist Youth ( and websites. You can become a volunteer in these projects by registering at these sites and then sending us a message about yourself, your interests and how you'd like to help.

If you speak Italian, Spanish, German or Swedish, you can also register at one of our corresponding language sites and become a volunteer.


The following lists are for Infoshop volunteers:

infoshop-ca :: spanish
infoshop-de :: auf Deutch
Infoshop-fr :: in French
infoshop-it :: in italiano
infoshop-pt :: portuguese Virtual Reference Desk
If you'd like to join a list to help answer Infoshop queries, please send an email to chuck [at]


We appreciate the grassroots efforts by folks to publicize the existence of this website, including whoever spraypainted "" on that billboard outside of Sacramento. You folks make it possible for the Graffiti Abatement Squad workers to keep drawing paychecks. We also appreciate those of you who are leaving our URL on the walls of restrooms of fine vegetarian restaurants around the continent.

First of all, we'd like to ask people to help us publicize the existence of the American Gulag news site ( That service has so much potential.

Secondly, we need help getting word out about this website to average working people. We have a page with ideas and materials that can help with this at:

DONATE TO INFOSHOP and the Alternative Media Project really appreciate donations from our supporters. Right now we are raising money to publish the new issue of Practical Anarchy magazine, print Infoshop t-shirts, create a nest egg for Breaking Glass Press, and start covering staff costs. While our financial needs are modest, anything you can contribute will help this project thrive.

Please visit our donations page if you’d like to contribute:

Donate via snail mail:

Alternative Media Project
PO Box 3123
Arlington, VA 22203

Checks can be made out to “AMP? or the “Alternative Media Project.? Sorry, but AMP is not a tax-deductible project at this time.

MANY THANKS go out to those of you who have generously supported this project with your donations and words of support. If you’ve donated to us in the past year, you are welcome to join the Infoshop sustainers email list.


Contact the webmaster at: chuck [at]


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