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'LaVM 31/2002 vp' taking place January 1st 2004
18 set 2003
Short analyses on 'HE 52/2002 vp' accepted as a new Police and Enforcement act 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' starting from January 1st 2004. Citations from implicit explanatory memorandum assigned to Parliament's Constitutional committee appended with further explanations and grounds. All but one references can be found from internet for information validation. Raise of the second Holocaust?
Draft Copy of a Work Memo

'LaVM 31/2002 vp' taking place January 1st 2004 and its planned becoming alleviations

This article is a draft script based on a memo sent to Parliament Constitutional Committee on the 21st of August in 2003 on the becoming Police and Enforcement Act taking place on January 1st 2004 in Finland.

Parliament's free copy of 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' can be downloaded from Parliament's site at, in case anyone calls this memorandum into a question. See the detailed instructions how to do this from the bottom of this page in case You are interested in, or have any doubts of this presentation, its expertise or content. All references incl. the reference material is mentioned at bottom of this page (excl. ISBN 951-98052-2-2), and you are able to verify all references.

Citations from implicit explanatory memorandum assigned to Parliament's Constitutional committee can be found from this text to make it more clear. Further explanations and grounds are situated below each citation. The actual memo to committee is shorter due to the implicit explanatory implemented into this article. If You did not quite got it at your first read attempt, them to make in a common language 'I rewrote the memo to foreigners so, that it is easy to read and follow'.


August 21, 2003

Why Finland is not a democracy, and why ruling is not done in a democratic way?

Those having presented the new Police and Enforcement Act on the behalf of Ministry of Justice have not heard a single Finnish citizen while this new Act were prepared. It is very like to be the case again, that the same members on government post previously trying to usurp more power to themselves, are behind this effort in collecting too higher authorization and access privileges into citizen's private life and property.

When taking a closer look of this Act's presentation and validation process, there is no doubt, that those found guilty for this act would be no one else than Finnish Government Lawyers, who have made an remarkable effort in gaining even more authorization to themselves. And based on what kind of an educational level? (1) Even some institutes make more qualified student's, when compared to some Finnish Universities."

The presenting officer of 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' is Mr. Jan Törnqvist (tel. +358.9.1825.7700), who works as a Legislation Manager for the Ministry of Justice.

Ministry of Justice released a bulletin titled [Better qualification for the Police in solving out serious crimes] "Poliisille paremmat edellytykset selvittää törkeitä rikoksia" on June 26th in 2003.

When analysing the bulletin content and its construct, a professional can easily pin-point few thinks to make a remark;
a) The whole document is written one sided. No possibility of misinterpretation is being handled. No anti-theory is given.
b) Abuse-cases are ignored, still police authorization is increased.
c) The bulletin is using very dangerous expressions and misleading language, which are revealing the true motive for making this Act and twisting people's need for this law. Expressions used in this bulletin are next to propaganda. For example the bulletin is using an expression [... by which means the new Enforcement authority have promoted individual's and society's security...] "... millä tavoin uudet pakkokeinovaltuuden ovat edistäneet yksilön ja yhteiskunnan turvallisuutta ...". For those knowing how Police and Lawyers interpret the present Police and Enforcement law, the previously told sentence might sound next to "... how well we have managed to ruin Human Rights...". Ministry of Justice talks about 'toning town' the Enforcement Act in the context of making easing the punishment to a citizen. Personally I think this kind of writing style and attitude reveals hidden sadism, and possibly even personality disorder. Bulletin really gets carried away, when it says 'Making this change is for securing the defendant's presence at court', which means arresting people based on doubts. I suppose the final joke in this Ministry's bulletin is saying 'toning down the prerequisites for committing a house search to a person under a crime suspect, and preconditions to order restraint on alienation or confiscating property'. Practically these changes means there are no longer justice or law - Finland has turned into a true Police State were people have no legal rights.

Any Law is not worth of making until people using it do not twist its true meaning or authorization. Unfortunately Jan Törngvist is either not aware of the field facts, or alternatively has been making this presentation to support some dark political ideology aiming either to a Complete Police State or some State ideologically next to Nazism. I may say so based on the authorization given to some officials in 'LaVM 31/2002 vp', when compared their capability to use such an enormous authorization. Based on happened field facts I am entitled to say these things. People having read only statistics on high government post are not aware of the real field facts.

Old Police and Enforcement Act authorization have been interpret to benefit the aims of Police Force Commissioners, and the Law is being widely misinterpret. When the new Police and Enforcement Act will take place on January 1st 2004, then this State may easily turn or can be turned into a other kind of a Nazi-Germany. New 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' and present '450/1987 Pakkokeinolaki' are like walking on a knife's edge - once You have slipped, there is no return. And we already have slipped...

I would like to make clear to foreign Lawyers and member of Police Force reading this article, that I am not questioning the need of having Police Force in taking care of some basic issues in society. This article is to point out your place and clarify your task in society. This applies directly to The Finnish Police and Lawyers, and some part of this text may or may not be applied to your way of taking care Police matters. Basically we are talking about Finland as a sample case.

Here are some new 'toning downs' of 'LaVM 31/2002 vp':
<- Expanding technical tapping; tapping such a room or place, were a person suspected from a crime is like to live or stay becomes possible.
<- Tapping you personal house becomes possible.
<- Tapping a telephone device (previously. only telephone connection) becomes possible.
<- Tapping a tele address; e-mail addresses, internet addresses and user accounts.
<- Tele tapping to get a device location. Already used in a twisting, were police places an illegal warrant from 'a lost person'.
<- With a like reason of having committed a crime, a person can be arrested or captured immediately, if there is a doubt (or suspect), that he/she would try to escape, difficult solving out the matter or would continue his/her criminal activity. ESCAPING OR OTHER SUSPECTS DO NO LONGER HAVE TO BE RELATED TO 'LIKE REASONS'. It still must be like, that a person is guilty for the examined crime. 'Making this change is for securing the defendant's presence at court' says the Ministry of Justice's bulletin.
<- 'Toning down the prerequisites for committing a house search to a person under a crime suspect, and preconditions to order restraint on alienation or confiscating property'.
<- Committing a physical and mental examination (id est a temporary arrest) -'henkilökatsastus' in Finnish- also to a person suspected from a crime, that can not be suspected on a like reasons of having committed a crime. Conditions are, that one may expect with very competent grounds to get more information of a crime.
<- Police is allowed to register DNA, if the punishment provided (but not given) in the Law is at least six months.
<- Interrogation of a party or witnesses may be envolve on criminal participant's financial circumstance.
<- Hearings can be continued after 10 p.m., if the the suspect wishes do do so.
<- Taping child's story on a crime, which may be the only good and decent part of this new Act.

Since the Law is written into a form 'when there is a reason to suspect', when there is a valid reason to suspect', or 'when there are valid grounds to suspect', it means Police will carry on 'suspecting you to have a pink elephant in you living room'. I am sure you understood the point I am saying; when all Police and Enforcement Law toning downs are combined to their misinterpretation, then I say this already and for sure, that illegal house searches, unnecessary tapping and arresting innocent civilians will take place. This State is turning into a Nazi-Germany, and in charge of this act are few policemen and lawyers, not people or Parliament as I will soon prove to You.

"Parliament Constitutional Committee have mainly been listening members of Police Force and Legal Bureau. NOT A SINGLE FINNISH CITIZEN HAS BEEN HEARD in the given matter or during the presentation of '52/2002 vp'. This is how lawyers and police dictate their own authorization, not the people who should decide what to do, like democracy is designed to work. A proper presentation would had required hearing a citizen or people. Among those people having made the presentation '52/2002 vp' should had been normal citizens and criminals too. Since reference group involved in making '52/2002 vp' did not had anyone else besides members of police force and faculty of law, then this act can not be taken seriously. Law and its usage is unbalanced, since those having made the presentation are not balanced. New Police and Enforcement Act 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' is being dictated to us, and blessed by our loved 'rubber stamps' in Parliament.

Democracy functions in a way, were Act is being presented by those, who are its object, in other words people, and Policemen together with Lawyers are participating in Law making process. In Finland these people have made quite opposite; law was prepared by Government Officials and it was approved by Parliament without caring what people like to say or have. Parliament's authority is not the same thing, that power to speak up for the whole nation, when the Act is involving each citizen equally and its authorization is violating for instance home privacy. Parliament may maybe decide approving a law, but it can not by pass hearing its people it this matter. These rights are basic rights for the State and people living in it, and this act should be voted on a public election. Hearing its people apart from Parliamentary decision making in this respect, and Parliament can not represent people or its opinion in the given matter.

It would be very difficult to imagine, how college level Policemen already misinterpreting deliberately Police and Enforcement Act, could make any correct interpretation to the new 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' giving them even more authority.

University Education for Lawyer degree in Finland is so one-sided, that this new act is a excellent and remarkable example of crossbreeding a police academy level cops' and university level lawyers' thoughts into a new Law.

(*) Law presentation 'HE 52/2002 vp' is absurd and it is a lapses, which purpose in front of world is to bring us one step closer to East-Germany, Soviet Union and China. In practice law gives the same rights to Finnish Police Force, than Nazi-Germany SS had towards Jewish people, when SS entered homes and violated home privacy, because 'they suspected to see a Jewish person or Jewish people living in this flat'. Finnish Police Force will start doing similar thing starting from the 1st of January 2004 based on the law construct and systematic abuse cases already existing. And the victims are not like to be the Jewish people this time, but normal Finnish people and those living in Finland. All this because of the law construct 'when there is a reason to suspect' or 'when there is a valid reason to suspect'. Are You [referring to Parliament Constitutional Committee] really this ill, simple, ignorant or silly, that you are not able to understand your act's consequences? Maybe you have been mislead or misinformed of the way how police and lawyers work? Statistics differ from real life.

Enforcement Act is miswritten, because its construct is based on such doubts as "When there is a suspected ground to assume". This attitude is incorrect and suitable only to a paranoid or malicious people - (*) or should I mention, that it is the same thing we have seen taken place in East-Germany, Soviet Union or China. Same technique were used in Nazi-Germany, were law were to control Jewish people incorrectly; soldiers came into homes during the night time, people were examined and tortured. Finland no longer apart from Nazi-Germany, and it is only matter of time, when the misinterpretation will be done in an extent that it may start a civil war.

Some foreign nations have paid attention towards Finland's problems during the last few years; mainly we are talking about Finnish racist emigration policy and trade on human beings. We are no longer talking about an individual case, but a mess caused by Finnish scribes."

From the below you may find those listed persons, who were heard by the Parliament Constitutional Committee when preparing this new Law:
=> Legislation Manager Jan Törnqvist, Ministry of Justice
=> Assistant Parliamentary Ombudsman Ilkka Rautio, Parliamentary Ombudsman's Office
=> Chief Inspector Risto Karhunen, MINISTRY OF INTERIOR [note: Police again representing Ministry of Interior]
=> Assistant Chief Director of Police Jouni Välkki, MINISTRY OF INTERIOR [note: Police again representing Ministry of Interior]
=> Assistant Counselor of Justice Jaakko Jonkka, Office of The Counselor of Justice
=> Justice of The Supreme Court Pasi Aarnio, Supreme Court
=> Court of Appeal's Lagman Heikki Impivaara, Turku Court of Appeal
=> District Court Judge Timo Heikkinen, Vantaa District Court
=> State Prosecutor Jorma Äijälä, State Prosecutor's Office
=> Researcher Heini Kainulainen, National Research Institute of Legal Policy
=> Assistant Manager Robin Lardot, Central Criminal Police
=> Manager Kimmo Himberg, Central Criminal Police's Technical Laboratory
=> Criminal Chief Inspector Petri Rainiala, Helsinki District Police
=> Leading teacher Petri Martikainen, The Police College of Finland
=> Director Petra Kjällman, 24 h crime victim duty
=> Solicitor Markku Fredman, Finnish Solicitor's Association
=> Leading District Prosecutor Kari Ranta, Finnish Lawyer's Association
=> District Court Judge Pekka Louhelainen, Käräjäoikeustuomarit ry
=> Public Legal Adviser Juha Niemi-Pynttäri, Yleiset Oikeusavustajat ry
=> Professor Pekka Koskinen
=> Professor Ari-Matti Nuutila.
In case You found a member of public from above, please do let me also know.
Does not sound very democratic way of making a new law, does it? To me it this sounds as if few people like to explain to the committee, what they would like the law to be, instead of finding out the true needs. A bit same situation here, as one were to listen all experts on something a member of public would know better.

"Western Law starts solving out a crime after it has happened, unlike in Finland were Police 'suspects' crime having taken place. Finland is only a playground for some fool and greedy lawyers and policemen, were police is able to access people's personal life and property based on lies or suspects. Based on the research material on Law and Government bureau construct, I think Finnish Lawyers should be lynched, because they are knowingly violating Human Rights, home privacy, they act like criminals and do not stop. There are clear evidences against Finnish Police and Lawyers, but because of the the Government structure they can not be access without using a physical violence to bring them in justice.

After January 1st 2004 police will arrest Finnish people and will commit illegal house seraches based on faked evidence; it is enough to make a faked inform - police works exactly as they do now, but in practice police will have more authorization to harm innocent civilians."

This means people like myself have been abused by the police and lawyer network, and starting from January 1st it becomes even easier to abuse people like me. People, who have become Police Commisioners' personal toys will have to suffer from these Nazis.

"There is no point of placing a complaint to any national or international bureau, since Police Force have mined all national and multinational legal bureau. The only and eldest way to gain justice remains - getting justice through one's own hands? Part of the Finnish population is obviously either blind or mice, who have decided to hide and silent on protecting every citizens' rights."

Publication ISBN 951-98052-2-2 takes a short look, how for example our Ministry of Interior is planned to function, and how international and national bureau are mined.

"Catching and punishing criminals from some criminal activity differ and apart from paranoid chasing cases, that Police Commissioner and leading Lawyers have pulled towards innocent people in Finland. Finnish Police and Enforcement Act favors police crimes and crimes committed by lawyers. Finnish Police work favors crimes committed by our civil officials.

Based on educational level given to the Police in Police College and Police School, we may say, that this education as such, do not favor or support any scientific work (ISBN 951-98052-2-2). When observing statistics on solved crimes, we are entitled to say, that these people's work need improvement (reference: statistics on solved crimes).

Finland is facing the same problem with lawyers; influential people suffering from a narrow and college level education. By far, it would be a pity, if those having lost part of their life and property would not do some justice to these people to qualify their existence.

Our law is built in a way, that one do not get any justice unless braking and violating law after Police Force and Lawyers have committed all crimes. In these cases, the government machinery usually tries to find out, why the machinery did not function in a proper way in the first place. You see, government can not prosecute for something they did not do when they should had done it. One should not commit actions in this order, but in practice it goes like this."

Well, at least you and I now know, that the criminal party is the same guarding and making the Police and Enforcement Act. It also explains, why Finnish system do not work, or why we do not have the freedom of a word. Having a freedom of word means, that you read this article from computer sites outside Finland.

"Criminals are to be caught, but a rotten or government machinery having fools on leading position, is not able to commit any research - on what ever authorization you grant to these people.

Finnish Police and Lawyers are making money by abusing the system, and like any other greedy human being, they do not stop or bargain from their achieved benefits' - at least not before a sudden death starts to collect them away.

William Shakespeare once said "The first thing we do, Let's kill all the Lawyers" after he fed up to these people. He was very like to be right in his point, and later on might only regret the ticket he received from his act. By far, I think this sentence reflected lawyers intellectual capacity on William Shakespeare's mind.

Naturally there are wise men among Policemen and Lawyers, but usually they have several degrees or they work on several professions. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate a single such person from Finland, yet. Closest next to something I might call 'wise men' I have managed to find from United Kingdom."

And maybe from The United States of America too. - At least based on the tolerance these people have put in this matter.

Finland do not have any intelligence service or security service bureau. Police and Security Police is in charge of everything and they work above Finnish Army authorization. This is why the new 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' is a dangerous thing to have. You have to bear in mind that our Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Justice are nothing but Police Force task forces. Also important international bureau have ex- Police personnel working for the same government. There are actually none or very little changes or justice under such circumstance.

It is clear, obvious and without possibility of denial, that the only instance in charge of terrorism practiced towards a citizen are prima the Ministry of Justice and secundo the Police Force. It is also obvious, that Finland is suitable only to a labor platform serving the Government people's needs, unless Police Commissioners and Lawyers change their Law interpretation. I do not think they will.

Personally I have lost 1 million EUR last year due to Finnish Police Commissioners' and Lawyers screw ups. Previously I lost 13 year income and my post due to same people while suffering from a decease. I really can not say I trust this nation, its Police Force or to its Lawyers.

Maybe I should not tell you about these things, as someone from M.I.T. (?) publicly advised on BBC's 'Click on Line', but which one you would honestly prefer - a possible threath of war if these people's act spread, or making the world together a better place to live.

Ake Tyvi
Adult Engineering Student

References from the Article:

(1) Reference ISBN 951-98052-2-2; University Education; Faculty of Law; Lawyer degree qualifications

(*) When referencing to China, we do have to remember, that controlling a large population need a certain kind of discipline. During a short analyses based on 1500 news article on police crimes, there crimes also have occurred in China, where as all over the globe. This reference is referring to Communist ideology, and laws conflicting capitalism.

Article's reference material:

LaVM 31/2002 vp - Finding The New Police and Enforcement Act:
1. Log into Parliament's www-site at
2. Select
    -> 'valiokuntien mietinnöt ja lausunnot (VM, VL)'
    -> Select radio button to 'Mietintö' and
    -> add 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' into the 'Asiakirjan tunniste:' field]

HE 52/2002 vp - The Presentation of the New Police and Enforcement Act:
1. Log into Parliament's www-site at
2. Select
    -> 'valiokuntien mietinnöt ja lausunnot (VM, VL)'
    -> Select radio button to 'Mietintö' and
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Ministry of Justice's memorandum on the HE 52/2002 vp:
1. Log into Ministry of Justice's www-site
2. Roll down page into a title "TIEDOTTEET" and select "Lisää aiheesta"
3. Select article'Poliisille paremmat edellytykset selvittää törkeitä rikoksia' under title 'Kesäkuu'.

Publication ISBN 951-98052-2-2:
1.200 pages lecture material on
-> Finnish Police's, Police Commissioner's and Lawyer's education
-> The present Police (493/1995 Poliisilaki) and Enforcement Act (450/1987 Pakkokeinolaki), which can be retrieved cost freely from location
-> Tactics, techniques, and Police and Enforcement Law interpretation among policemen and lawyers.

- - -
National Security Protection Sheme against State violation...


Last seven years I have been gathering material on how The State of Finland functions.

During this time I have studied how national and international legal system works, how our Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Finnish Army, Police, Central Criminal Police and Security Police works and what kind of people are working in these bureau. I have also studied how these people have been educated in their Colleges or in Universities mainly graduated from. And to make sure, this is not an other heuristic and statistic lapses, I made a closer look how our two main ministries are selecting their people, and who work in these ministries. How people are selected into these places, and what do they have in common?
By using several sample cases driven through government bureau the result was shocking; everything ended into the Ministry of Interior, and persons in this Ministry are all policemen. Finnish legal issues are dealt with police interference. And links from various bureau are pointing to this ministry and police in general - not to mention Government hiring policemen on civil official's post. I also had a look how the Parliament of Finland works, and the answer was astonishing; top members of Police Force and high government lawyers make proceedings forcing Parliament to accept these one-sided Law acts.

Since all links in these affairs are simply pointing to Finnish Police and Lawyers, there is no point to the Security and Intelligence Agencies trying to locate the problem source any further. Under any threat case driven by Finland, is the cause simply Finnish Police Force and its members together with Finnish lawyers.

Solution is obvious in any such a treath case to all other Nations; there is no point of making an other Wild Goose Chase, since the cause of the treath have and can been pinpointed into Ministry of Interior (which should be renamed to Ministry of Police Affairs), Police Force and Finnish Lawyers.
In stead of hunting citizens and civil officials behinds these lunatic acts, maybe screening these people on abroad or eliminating members from these certain groups give an appropriate signal to this power elite to stop harming any foreign State.

So, when foreign powers have problem with Finland or caused by Finland, then you now know who is the problem causer. I hope this protection scheme is some help to Foreign Nations on having problems with Finland, even I truly support peaceful solution. A good and clear example of such an peaceful solution have been Nelson Mandela's struggle in South-Africa.

Life is cruel, but if an other alternative were a war, then there are only two bad options to choose from?