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From Palestine, the Next Revolution in File Sharing
18 set 2003
From the legacy of Napster comes ES5 - the product of an international team dedicated to the success of Peer-to-Peer file sharing. Built with great attention to privacy and stealth, the group cleverly positioned themselves in a place of few intellectual property laws - Palestine.
"Most proponents view Intellectual Property (IP) as a matter of utility. Without such laws, the argument goes, we would be deprived of clever inventions and beautiful works of art ... we say that if you purchase the book or buy the CD, you are its rightful sole owner. Proponents of IP, however, say that some distant author or musician may partially colonize your book and CD and tell you how to use them [ex. prevent you from reselling their creations].
-- Ilana Mercer and N. Stephan Kinsella

Our group is made up of many people, Jordanians, Palestinians, Indians, Americans, Russians and Israelis. Some of us are Jewish, some Christians, some Hindus and other of us are Muslim.

Believe it or not, we all love and respect each other.

We all work and play together. Our families on many occasions eat at the same dinner table. We trust each other and are very close friends with each other. As a group, the most important thing in our life is our children, our families and love ones and of course our friends.

Our #1 goal is to protect its users from intrusions to their privacy by providing encrypted traffic, random ports and IP anonymity:

One Click Proxy Server: Users can send connection requests through intermediary proxy servers located throughout the world so that the download destination of a file cannot be traced by any entity whatsoever. There is nothing for the user to set-up, just right click to enable the proxy server.

SSL-Secure Sockets: Prevents monitoring of a userâs uploading or downloading activity. Users can automatically deploy SSL by right clicking.

UDP-User Datagram Protocol: Using UDP makes it impossible to reliably scan a userâs computer to determine if ES5 is running. Also, unlike TCP connections, UDP traffic can not be easily blocked by ISPs.

ES5 Security Key: ES5 utilizes a standard HTTP server to transmit files, but deploys a special "security key" so than only ES5 users can access your shared files.

IP Addresses: ES5 does not display user IP Address information.

Dynamic Ports: Each ES5 node uses a randomly chosen port (unless the user chooses a specific port themselves). Therefore, ISPs will be unable to identify file-sharing traffic based upon port numbers and unable to throttle back the users bandwidth.

User Defined Port Settings: ES5 provides users with âone-clickâ? port setting options for ES5 to use port 53 (the port used by DNS) or port 37 (the port used by time service) therefore rendering all blocking attempts hopeless.

Multiple Points of Entry: ES5 uses multiple methods for connecting to the ES5 network including IP Multicast, Usenet Articles, Web Sites, Node List Files and a several other undisclosed methods.

Penetrating Firewalls: UDP allows seamless penetration of firewalls without inconvenient setting of firewall parameters. For users behind firewalls, ES5 uses UDP to request a PUSH, where the behind-the-firewall computer initiates the connection back to the requested userâs computer.

PGPDisk: As an additional security feature, to all P2P programs, is that ES5 integrates seamlessly with PGPDisk (which is a free program and will be provided by ES5 to its users) that lets you encrypt your disk drives to store your P2P content. No one except you will ever be able to see your files, not your kids, your spouse, your mother, your boss, the FBI, the KGB or anyone else!
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Re: From Palestine, the Next Revolution in File Sharing
19 set 2003
David P Robbins.
12/8/42 - 3/9/03
el tio k hizó los mathematicos x NSA y CIA.
se haya un tio k sabe leer tus archivos, fue el.
Un sueño de muchos, la idea k nadi/ningú/not one
might read your letters.
Qabala, codigos, cosas nascondos.
Un sueño de muchos mas, k todos los archivos puede ser "abierto".
Contra la prop. privado de la mente!
el mejor manera de encryptar ut disco es con un maleta.
Re: From Palestine, the Next Revolution in File Sharing
19 set 2003
La veritat és que, després de visitar la pàgina, m'he decepcionat molt, perquè pensava que seria un programa lliure, però només pots baixar-te l'executable (per a Windows només) i no hi ha per enlloc el codi font.

Em sembla molt incongruent que feu tanta propaganda sobre privacitat, seguretat i col·laboració, i que després no puguis tenir el codi font ni modificar-lo.