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Anunci :: pobles i cultures vs poder i estats
[PDF] Beyond State, Power and Violence (Abdullah Öcalan)
09 mai 2024
Llibre en PDF
Abdullah Öcalan - Beyond State Power and Violence.jpg

Original title: Bir Halkı Savunmak.
First published in 2004 by Mezopotamien Verlag, Neuss.
Translation by Michael Schiffman and Havin Guneser.
Edited by Havin Guneser.
PM Press, 2023.


Foreword (by Andrej Grubačić)

Preface. In Defense of a People

1. Social Reality and the Individual
Natural Society

2. Hierarchical Statist Society: The Birth of Slave Society
On Method
The Advent of Hierarchy

3. The Statist Society: The Formation of Slave Society

4. Feudal Statist Society
The Mature Slave Society
The Capitalist State and Capitalist Society: The Crisis of Civilization

5. The Democratic and Ecological Society
The Historical Essence of Communal and Democratic Values
Prophets and Barbarians
Monasteries, Witches, and Alchemists
From the Renaissance to Marxism

6. A Blueprint for a Democratic and Ecological Society
Democracy as a System for a Way Out of Crisis
Women’s Liberation
The Return to Social Ecology

7. Chaos in the Middle East Civilization and Ways Out
Understanding the Middle East Correctly: What Is the Problem and How Did It Develop?
* The Mentality of the Middle East
* The State in the Middle East
* The Family in the Middle East
* Further Particularities of Society in the Middle East
Violence and Dictatorship in the Civilization in the Middle East

8. The Current Situation in the Middle East and Probable Developments
The Middle East Today
* State Power
* Theocracy as the Foundation of Every State
* The Situation of Women
* The Economy
The Future of the Region
Democratic Politics
The Freedom of Women

9. The Kurdish Phenomenon and the Kurdish Question in the Chaos of the Middle East
Some Distinctive Lines in the Kurdish Society
* A Short Sketch of the History and Concepts of “Kurds” and “Kurdistan”
* The Struggle Over Kurdistan, War, and Terror
* The Policy of Forced Assimilation Targeting the Culture of Kurdistan
* Ethnicity, Class, and Nation in Kurdistan
* Official Ideology and Power in Kurdistan
* Self-Awareness and Resistance in Kurdistan

10. The PKK Movement: Critique, Self-Critique, and Its Reconstruction
Section A - Historical Sketch of the PKK
* First Phase: Emergence
* Second Phase
* Some Thoughts on the PKK
Section B - Critique and Self-Critique in the Name of the PKK
* The Concept of the Party
* Power and Violence
* Democracy
* Self-critique of the PKK
* National Liberation
Section C - The Questions in the Restructuring of the PKK
* Kurdish-Turkish Relations
* First Contacts
* The Strategic Alliance
* Capitalism in Turkey
* The Era of the Republic
* 1920–1940
* 1940–1970
* 1970 to Today
Section D - Reform and Social Transformation in Turkey
* Nationalists
* The Liberal Bourgeoisie
* Democrats

11. Contribution to the Debate about the Refoundation of the PKK
Tasks in Reconstructing the PKK and the Time of Koma Gel
* Political Objectives
* Social Objectives
* Women
* Ecology and Economics
* Internationalist Aspect
* Individual Rights
* Cadres
* The People’s Congress
The People’s Defense Forces
Options for Democratic Action and a Democratic Solution
The Second Path

12. The Role of the ECtHR and the EU in the Lawsuit against Abdullah Öcalan
Critique of the EctHR

13. An Identity That Must Be Accurately Defined


Annex A. Modern History of Turkey

Annex B. Chronology of the Recent History of Kurdistan

Annex C. Chronology of the PKK



About the Contributors

Publications by Abdullah Öcalan in English
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This work is in the public domain

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