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Como acceder a - Este artículo está prohibido en la UE
12 mai 2022
La empresa del lado OTAN "GoDaddy" corta todas las comunicaciones para acceder a la página original de esta guía, dentro de la guerra propagandística con Rusia.
Here’s how to access if your country blocks it

If you can’t get news from RT due to government restrictions, here are some alternative ways to access our content


Serious attempts have been made in Western nations to silence RT, following Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. The EU Commission has given regulators in the bloc’s nations powers to ban the media outlet. If you’ve faced difficulties accessing RT’s content due to those restrictions, here are some steps you can take to bypass them.

1. If you’re reading RT on your smartphone, you can use our Android app, which can be downloaded via this link.

2. On your PC, you can use the Tor browser, which can be downloaded here.
RT’s website address in Tor remains the same: If Tor doesn’t work for you, or is unavailable via regular means, you can resolve this issue by sending an empty email to gettor ARROBA and you will be sent the necessary link.

3. Another way of circumventing restrictions is to use the Psiphon censorship-bypass tool, which can be downloaded for Windows, Android, and other systems. Alternatively, you can use a VPN service of your choice. (Windows download here
, direct Android download here
, and other options here

4. You can also stay in touch with RT through Telegram by subscribing to RT’s soon-to-be-reborn channel there.

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