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Notícies :: corrupció i poder
19 des 2020
Insurrection The Bloody Events of May 1937 in Barcelona.
Agustín Guillamón (Author)
Paul Sharkey (Translator)
AK Press / Kate Sharpley Library, December 2020
Book, 450 p.
PVP: 25 euros
ISBN-13: 9781849353601
The Bloody Events of May 1937 in Barcelona
Agustín Guillamón (Author); Paul Sharkey (Translator)

In May, 1937, one of the most advanced revolutions in modern history was defeated. In Insurrection, Agustín Guillamón explains how Stalinist counterrevolution and republican reformism disarmed the threat of the anarchist working class in the Spanish Revolution. While anarchist “leadership” flailed, the defense committees were weakened, which allowed bourgeois institutions to gain power and strengthened the republican state. Using new information gathered from archives and interviews, Guillamón tackles some of the most vexing questions about the Spanish Civil War, retelling the story George Orwell recounted but failed to fully understand in Homage to Catalonia.

Agustín Guillamón is an independent historian; editor of Balance, a magazine dedicated to new research on the Spanish Revolution; and the author of The Friends of Durruti Group, 1937–1939 and Ready for Revolution, among numerous other books.

Paul Sharkey is an accomplished translator who has made a vast body of anarchist texts available to English-language readers. His numerous translations include the works of Nestor Makhno, Osvaldo Bayer, Errico Malatesta, Daniel Guérin, José Peirats, and Antonio Téllez.

Existe una versión en castellano, publicada por Ediciones Descontrol en 2017.

This work is in the public domain

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