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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal : criminalització i repressió
International day of solidarity for Thessaloniki prisoners
13 set 2003
Sunday 21 September


Sunday 21st September

An international day of solidarity has been called for Sunday, September 21, in support of the seven prisoners arrested during the demonstrations against the European Union summit in Thessaloniki three months ago. The seven, who are facing felony charges and up to 25 years in jail, are still in two prisons in Greece, as their appeal against their bail has been refused. A new appeal was made, but it could take up to two months to be answered.



Up to now, demonstrations, concerts and meetings have been called for in the following greek cities:

  • Thessaloniki,
  • Herakleion,
  • Patras,
  • Athens,
  • Chania,
  • Kavala,
  • Volos,
  • Lamia,
  • Komotini.


Please let us know details if you're planning an action so that it can be publicized beforehand, or if you prefer, so that it can be reported on after.



Friday, August 22nd

In Thessaloniki, 100 people participated in a solidarity meeting held in a central square. There was a PA system, the prisoners' letters and solidarity messages were heard loud.


Friday, August 29th

Anarchists in Thessaloniki occupy a radio station and transmit the prisoners' messages. A meeting with a PA system takes place in a neighborhood in Thessaloniki.


Thursday, September 4th

Another occupation in a radio station in Thessaloniki and a solidarity meeting with PA system in the center of the city.


Friday, September 5th

In Thessaloniki, around 150 people participated in a vehicle solidarity march towards the Diavata Prison, where 5 of the arrested are being held, see:


Saturday, September 6th (opening day of Thessaloniki's International Trade Fair)

About 500 anarchists demonstrated in solidarity to the people arrested in the events of Thessaloniki, see:


Saturday, September 13th

Solidarity meeting in Athens in support of the Thessaloniki 7 and also in solidarity with the comrades demonstrating in Cancun, Mexico.


Antiauthoritarian assembly for solidarity, Thessaloniki, Greece

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