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fbi & federal judges crime spree
16 jul 2020
Here is a succinct report on crimes committed by fbi against innocent Targets.
& federal judges crime spree against Targets (edit article)
by gsosbee

Thursday, 16th July 2020

Government & Law
fbi special agent criminals

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Here is a succinct summary of fbi atrocities globally against Targets.
Fbi FUSION CENTER calamity |

What would you do if

In this report "T" means fbi Target and 'Target' means GERAL SOSBEE, or others.

fbi begins a terrorist campaign against Target, even as T is working as attorney/teacher/judge. fbi records T's reaction to assaults on him by fbi, including psychological & discreet attempts on his life.

fbi collects data on T for profiling purposes & for entry into Fusion Center database.

The false fbi profile of a fbi Target in Fusion Center stays with him/her for life.The fbi spreads the false info everywhere & sets up a stalking & assault/battery program ag/Target with blessings of insane fed judge.The Target is innocent & has never been charged with a crime; fbi though for sport engages in a serious/felonious crime spree ag/T, topping it off with massive character assassination.

Then, the fbi begins organized stalking, home invasions, destruction of Target's property, constant assaults with DEW/ELF, & suggestions that he/she should kill himself.
See my sites for more info.

The fbi sends the raw, fictitious data to fbi Fusion Center database, to doctors, police, et al who then use the information to prejudice Target.The fbi spreads the disinformation everywhere.

Fbi murders T when fbi can make the death seem as a natural event.
fbi also attacks T with DEW/ELF around the clock, incapacitating T on occasion.
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