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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal
No Smartphone - No Genocide: Smartphones are for racists
11 jul 2020
Mass-murder for the imperialist Uber-population, the most racist crime of the 21st century!

While in Belgium statues of King Leopold II come down for killing 10-15 million people in Congo, the same sort of slaughter still happens today, but this time for the masses.
This time it's not for the industry needs rubber, this time it's for coltan for even more decadent luxury and it's again Congo and when the body-count stopped in 2012, so far 5.5 million were slaughtered to make stupid --by army invented-- toys competitive.
Since 2012 they just "forgot" but in this by historians called 2nd Congolese Holocaust it's possible a second time 10-15 million.

It's so scary to see hundreds of smart phones surrounding the statue of slave-trader Colston when getting thrown into Bristol's harbor.

But even more ignorant bliss is that that it's again Congo.
Quality product "Made in Genocide"

Without genocide one has to pay like for a car. So what we see is just corruption and finger-pointing as blood-diamonds are disgusting but blood-phones are just made for disliking blood-diamonds.

The bloodphhone has killed min 10 times of humans than for oil and diamonds together and in all the wars the last 30 years

And no, "fairphones" don't exist, their producers claim they can't control the smuggle.
In fact they are even worse racist than the "normal" companies putting over human live the demand for phony crap for the smart scum: The 1st world Uber-population, "modern" worlds community of Borg-drones.

Time will come to see your children hate you for infecting them with brainwash wishes and make them becoming murderers too.

This work is in the public domain

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