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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal
huawei is not chinese
06 des 2018
huawei´s puppeteers are western capitalist pigs
Don´t let the corporate massmedia brainwash u into believing huawei is a chinese company, secretly state-owned .

It is not. Huawei, just like any other industrial giant , heavily depends for its survival and expansion, on company-issued debt - that is to say, its private bondholders : who are they ?

australia&new zealand banking group for instance - the same pigs who are now instructing their political lackeys to decry huawei´s spying on the west and to boycott the company as if it were solely chinese.

Another major huawei bondholder is DBS bank, owned among other western pigs, by paribas :

So why don´t they arrest these bondholding banksters too, alongside the huawei chick ?

Don´t be fooled : capitalfascist global pigs have always played both sides...before during and after WW2 and soon, WW3.

This work is in the public domain


Re: huawei is not chinese
06 des 2018
I have good friends in Amsterdam also, bye.

Good luck man
Re: huawei is not chinese
07 des 2018
Don´t forget to take your meds, goede :

u stupid fuckin´ zionazi troll.

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