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Comentari :: criminalització i repressió : educació i societat
Texas Governor Greg Abbott Wants Texans To Follow Him Blindly To Hell
02 jul 2018

The American U.S. media, ACLU, Amnesty International, NAACP and Democracy Now apparently feel it's not precedent setting news for Texas to execute Hank Skinner after the state destroyed his most crucial DNA exoneration evidence.

Commentary :: Human Rights    

The Devil Got Ted Cruz & Greg Abbott To Fix Hank Skinner's Death,Using Arizona vs Youngblood..

The Texas State Legislature voted Friday on a new ideal form of prosecution that allows all state law enforcement to decide on their own, when it is in every ones best interest to lose or destroy exoneration criminal evidence. Texan Governor Greg Abbott & Texas U.S Senator Ted Cruz embraced each other after the vote was final, stating to the media "Since Arizona vs Youngblood is an outdated piece of U.S. Supreme Court fodder, we were forced to take matters into our own hands!

Frightening..Texas Governor Greg Abbott actually believes the U.S. Supreme Court Justices will allow him again to attempt to set another very dangerous American judicial system precedent,by now allowing him and Texas to execute~murder Texan Hank Skinner,after former Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and his posse, lost~destroyed Mr.Skinner's most crucial piece of DNA exoneration evidence..

**The U.S. Supreme Court Justices apparently still have not brought Governor Greg Abbott's Texas demons into reality,after Mr Abbott and his posse first tried to execute~murder Hank Skinner even without any DNA testing on crime scene evidence,5 years ago.. via @austinchronicle

We pray Pope Francis can find the time in his international travels,to personally visit Catholic Texas Governor Greg Abbott,and offer him your prayers of deliverance, from those demons influencing him to execute-murder Hank Skinner,after he and his posse lost-destroyed the man's most crucial exoneration evidence.

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