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Berlin : Raid in Rigaer94 – Arrests spark resistance
18 abr 2018
Three weeks ago the current reinforcement of the siege of Berlin-Friedrichshain’s Nordkiez culminated in yet another crazy raid in Rigaer Str. 94, at the center of the so called "danger zone". Two residents were imprisoned. The riot police is nearly 24/7 stationed in front of the squat and they make checkpoints in different streets. Undercover cops try to infiltrate the area.
At approximately 8 o’clock in the morning on 29th March 2018 our dear friend Isa was assaulted and arrested by special forces. 350 pigs were luring around the neighbourhood and waiting for him to be alone, walking his dog, Raf. Only then they dared to approach him. They ripped off his keys and entered Rigaer94 to raid his home. Dozens of pigs supported with ballistic shields and backed up by helicopter entered his flat, seeking to humiliate his teenage daughters, who, too, rank very high on the pigs’ personal lists of enemies of the law and order. Isa is accused of selfdefence against a drunken idiot, which attacked his family with a bottle and ended in hospital. He is also accused to have used pepperspray against a mad pig, which tried to enter the door of Rigaer94.
After two long years of round the clock siege, this is the most recent climax of escalation and police terror in our Kiez. The answer won’t be violent enough.
In the course of the action another resident of Rigaer94, Michal, was arrested. They both are kept imprisoned in JVA Moabit. Since eight month in prison is Nero, sentenced for attacking a helicopter with a laserpointer.


Two nights before this raid, a van of riot police was attacked with stones at Dorfplatz [crossroad Rigaer with Liebig Street].
On March 30, a police van was hit by a stone on the same spot.
April 2, two riot police vans had to flee on the same spot after 30 stones were raining from a roof on them.
April 3, a patrol car was hit by a single stone in Rigaer Street. Authorities announced that 3 officers from this car went to hospital because they inhaled splinters of glass.
April 11, another patrol car was ambushed with stones from a bridge, 2 pigs went of duty because of shock.
Last week an open assembly on Dorfplatz was discussing the situation with the neigbourhood.
Now police is in high alert, waiting for the discussion- and chaosdays and a courtdate in May.
Every kind of solidarity action is welcome.
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