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Comunicado de familiares y amigxs de Rodrigo Lanza
14 des 2017
Comunicado de familiares y amigxs de Rodrigo Lanza.

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Re: Comunicado de familiares y amigxs de Rodrigo Lanza
20 des 2017
Dado que este caso está recibiendo atención de la prensa sensacionalista internacional, se ve la necesidad de aportar una traducción:

A message from the family and friends of Rodrigo Lanza

Today, the 14th of December 2017, after 72 hours of detention without communication, Rodrigo was able to tell his version of the incidents which occurred on Thursday, 8th of December in Zaragoza.

First of all we want to express our respect for the pain of the family of the deceased.

During these last days information has been spilled in the media and social networks that do not fit with the facts that, according to witnesses and Rodrigo himself, happened in the following way:

On the 8th of December Rodrigo met casually with an acquaintance who arrived accompanied by two girls and they decided to have a drink. They entered the bar Tocadiscos. There, seated at the bar, was Mr. Victor Laínez, who maintained a fixed gaze on Rodrigo. When Rodrigo sat, Victor Laínez made a gesture to him as if to come closer. Rodrigo came closer to speak with him. Victor Laínez asked him where he was from, and Rodrigo responded that he was from Chile. Victor Laínez replied telling him "fucking sudaka, go back to your country". After this conversation Rodrigo returned to his companions. Having finished the drinks they decided to leave due to the threatening attitude of Victor Laínez. They were also afraid because it appeared to them that Victor Laínez was calling other people on his mobile phone and informing them about the presence of the kids at the bar.

When they were already going out the door, one of the companions of Rodrigo warned him that Victor was coming towards him with a knife. Rodrigo turned around and saw Victor Laínez brandishing a knife. He kicked him to avoid being stabbed, but as Victor Laínez would not desist, Rodrigo decided to punch him. The kids left the bar immediately, fearing that the friends of Victor Laínez would turn up.

Rodrigo affirmed that Victor Laínez wore a closed black jacket, for which at no time could he see if he was wearing suspenders with the Spanish flag or not. Rodrigo defended himself bare-handed from a knife attack.

We want to express our consternation with the different versions which have been spilled by the media, with neither a finished statement, nor the version of the witnesses, nor that of the investigated, and without a judge having received a declaration from any of them. This violates European directives that protect the privacy and the presumption of innocence of the investigated.

Because of this unverified information, we family members, friends and associates have received countless threats and pressuring.

We are grateful to all the people that have shown their support and that have not allowed themselves to be carried away by unverified and biased information.

We hope to have the opportunity of a just defense.
Sindicat Terrassa