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Notícies :: antifeixisme : corrupció i poder
Directed Energy Weaponry, A Global Threat
06 abr 2017
DEW is illegally used against political Targets in many parts of the world.
fbi/cia attacks with Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW)


"Crimes de guerre, crimes contre l’humanité et la torture en utilisant satellite et des armes cerveau – War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Torture using Satellite and Brain Weapons".

The fbi/cia use DEW technology on me and on many other political and ideological Targets. The attacks are often debilitating and life threatening, and all branches and departments of government are complicit with the atrocities associated with assaults by DEW.

What, I ask has the United States of America become!

A global threat whose leadership are cutthroats, murderers, torturers and devilish human monsters. The fbi spearheads the inhumane attacks and similar crimes against humanity, as I have documented.

I therefore conclude that the fbi agents, operatives, assets and street thugs and torturers are dead in their sensibilities, are repulsive in their criminal conduct and are abominations of nature by their employment as psychopathic serial killers.

Yet, all of society cheers them on , or supports them even in their crimes against humanity.

The time for a war crimes trial has passed and this nation is so far destroyed from within (& with the help of controlled media) that no remedy is possible to save the people of the USA from the consequences of their malicious and truly diabolical government.

Finally, the citizens of the USA pretend to be outraged upon learning of crimes against humanity in Syria, etc., but the fbi continues pumping toxic chemicals into my residences in efforts to discreetly kill me and my wife.

PS: Barcelona Indymedia wronglu trashes many of my most compelling posts.
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