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blackout USA 2003
18 ago 2003
Saudi Blackout Money
Sticking It To The Poobahs
News So Hot You Can Fry Eggs
by Sherman H. Skolnick
skolnick ARROBA
Daddy Bush had a falling out with private business partner, Saddam Hussein. and the rest is called Persian Gulf War One. The Bush Crime Family is having a divorce from the Saudi Royals, and it is called the Great Black-Out of 2003.

With the true nature unraveling of the U.S./British high-level crazies having created the monstrous disaster called
9-11, the Saudis are not standing still while the Bushies and the Carlyle Group blame it on supposed "terrorist" hi-jackers financed by the Saudis. Part of an espionage/political assassination-type trick, called The Parallel Track, the Arabs now realize they were all the latter-day "Lee Harvey Oswalds", purely patsies.

What to do? Simple. The Saudis, until now paid for their oil treasure in "U.S. Dollars", have on deposit in U.S. money center banks, mainly New York, more than One Trillion Dollars. The largest such, Citibank New York, has as its heaviest shareholder, with the Rockefellers, a top-member of the Saudi royals.

The U.S. Treasury got wind of the Saudi plan for Thursday, August 14, 2003, to begin the wire-transferring of 98 Billion Dollars. The recipients? Why, French banks and other enterprises in Quebec and through Toronto, Canada. In greater part, that is, the French Rothschilds, official bankers of the Vatican.

Shortly after noon of U.S. Financial Doomsday, the U.S. Treasury ordered their unit, Internal Revenue Service, Manhattan, to immediately revert to back-up power. This according to a wire service story used once and later, dropped down the Orwell "1984" media hole. Three hours later, began the greatest U.S./Canadian black-out, blamed by the U.S. monopoly press on the Canadian side of Niagara power. The Canadians immediately rejected the fake U.S. explanation of a "lightning" strike. That the treacherous Brits, and the Queen of England, having recently bought into a key portion of the U.S. grid, and tied to the Bushies, remains generally unknown.

So in a State of Emergency, by a created mess, the Saudi money escape, for now, has been blocked.

Just earlier than the U.S. Treasury command, the Financial Times of London, showed how Federal Reserve Commissar, Alan Greenspan, is trapped in a U.S. Bond Collapse, causing interest rates to spike, (according to some, perhaps worse than 21-1/2 per cent, for the most solvent creditors, as in 1981).

Now what? Perhaps a new fabricated crisis. Such as, a strange ship entering New York Harbor with "nuclear terrorists". Or, maybe thirty nuclear suitcase bombs (code-named "Red Mercury") known to be located in or near Manhattan. The problem? Simple. Stop the Saudis. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled pro-British American monopoly press can hollar that the Saudi royals are secretly financing the Iraqi underground killing our troops.

The solution? By U.S. Military force, divide up Saudi Arabia. The non-oil western part with the two religious sites, to house the Royals. The eastern part, seized for oil for the U.S. and such.

Can there be any question that the U.S. Treasury had prior knowledge of the Great Black-Out of 2003? Does the Treasury intend to finger the Vatican plan to seize Jerusalem as their capital? Or admit the Saudi attempted money escape? Or admit that the Bush Crime Family should be arrested for treason against the American people?
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