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[Syria] Lista de grupos, individuos y webs de la oposición al régimen de Assad progresistas y democráticos
29 des 2016
de nuevo, para romper la manipulación informativa de la izquierda fascista pro-Assad...

List of Progressive & Democratic Syrian Opposition Groups, Individuals, Websites
Posted on December 20, 2016    

Reach out and contact these groups, individuals and websites to help Syrians who are still fighting for justice and human rights. This is a long list. Please scroll down to the end and past the graphics.

Al-Jumhurriya website, Yassin al- Haj Saleh, Karam Nachar, Yassin Swehat

Women Now for Development: feminist organisation led by Samar Yazbeck

Syrian Women Network

White Helmets Humanitarian Organisation

Raed Fares, Kafr Nabl

Radio Fresh Kafr Nabl


Syrian Women for the Syrian Intifada – SANAD


The Working Group for Syrian Detainees


Kurdish Arta Radio in Amouda


Kurdistan 24

Kurdish-Arab Fraternity Coordination Committee in Aleppo


The Fraternity (Birati) Foundation For Human Rights (Kurdish association)


Kurd Watch, reports on Human Rights violations against Kurds in Syria

Yekiti Media (Kurdish)


The Creative Memory of the Syrian revolution


Kesh Malek, activist group with Marcell Shehwaro, executive director


ANA Press

Inab Baladi (Local Grapes),


Violation Document Center in Syria

UOSSM Medical Activities

Razan Ghazzawi’s blog

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently

Syria Deeply

The Syria Report

Syrian Network for Human Rights

Break the Sieges

Syrian Center For Policy Research

Citizenship Movement


Joseph Daher’s blog, Syria Freedom Forever

Leila al-Shami’s blog

Revolutionary Left Current in Syria

Budour Hassan’s blog

Nader Atassi’s blog

Many Individuals and groups:

Mazen Darwish, Salameh Kaileh, Nahed Badawiyya, Shiyar Shiyar Khalil, Shiyar Nayo, Ghayath Naissa, Akram Naissa, Yasser Munif, Marwan Othman…

Also see this list created by Ibraaz, a forum on the Middle East and North Africa

Joseph Daher

December 20, 2016
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