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Comunistas de Irak: ¡ni fundamentalismo saudí, ni sabotaje neoliberal!
08 ago 2003
Un texto sacado de la web de los marxistas irakíes: se expone una crítica a los dos grupos de opresión más importantes que en estos momentos atentan en contra las vidas de los irakíes, y que prometen hacerlo -física, moral o doctrinariamente- durante mucho tiempo. Al menos existe un proyecto de emancipación en ciernes, por minoritario que este sea.

En Irak -como en el resto del mundo- trabajar para confrontar el dogma religioso y el económico-armamentístico, son dos caras de una misma moneda y una ardua y heróica tarea, en tiempos de invasión territorial ignominosa.
We expose and defeat the Islamic terrorism and condemn the attack of the Italian police on our party’s office in Al-Nasryia

As we announced earlier, on 16th of July an Islamic terrorist band belong to Baqir Al-sadr under the name of Al-hawza Al-elmyia, attacked the office of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq in Al-Nasryia and as a result of that a severe conflict came about, and consequently they were forced to retreat. Later, whilst the party’s office was closed at the weekend, they broke into the office after breaking the front door despicably and set fire to the possession of the office and took up position at the office. On 20th of July we were able to get the band out of the office and we re-established it. Today, 21st of July this terrorist band with more armed forces and support of the Higher Islamic Council (HCIRI) and groups of reactionary tribes attacked our office again and more extreme conflict came about. In a filthy plan they kidnapped four members of our party and tortured them an abortive attempt. After the incident the Italian police been appointed to control Al-Nasryia city within the allied forces raided our party’s office, arrested and took all our comrades at the office and they have not been released up untill now.

These Islamic terrorist bands wherever they gained a foothold all their actions and out puts were terrorism, crimes, violating political freedom, basic civil rights, and blindly antagonizing modernism, humanity, women’s right and human respect. On the other hand, whilst the US and its allies have rendered all the world to battleground of deployment of their troops and militarism under the pretext of war on terrorism and under the imposition of their military rule in Iraq they have created a situation in which these bands been left free-handed for terrorism, kidnap, violating civil and political rights of people and women in particular. The attack on the communists, the only force who supports security, safety, freedom, and modernism, is an example in this respect.

We whilst announce that their terrorist action of this murderer band would not remain unanswered, and they will be given their appropriate answer.Simultaneously, giving the Islamic terrorism the opportunity to operate by the allied forces and the attack of the Italian police on our office and arresting our comrades are strongly condemned.The Italian action and position is a servise offered to the Islamic terrorism to be free-handed.The allied forces as they announced themselves the ruler of Iraq, accordingly they are held responsible for the lives and safety of our abducted comrades, and the Italian police must release our comrades who have been detained by them immediately, and they should not place any obstacles in the way of our party’s activity, and to be bound to political freedom, and security of people.

We are calling the freedom loving people of Iraq, public opinion, all workers, socialist parties and organisations, and advocates of human rights to condemn the action of Al-Sadr terrorist band and intervention of the Italian police and put pressure on them in order that our comrades would be released, political freedom be ensured, and Islamic terrorism hands-off people of Iraq.

Worker Communist Party of Iraq

21st July 2003 , Mob: 0044 0779 625 7020, E-mail: k.saya ARROBA
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Re: Comunistas de Irak: ¡ni fundamentalismo saudí, ni sabotaje neoliberal!
08 ago 2003
Mira por donde salen los herederos de la hija de banqueros yankis, esposa del mariscal "rojo" trosky..., apagafuegos, bomberos de la revuelta insurrecta contra el poderoso..., por el sillon (y los beneficios) del gobernante..., duradera y amplia experiencia al servicio de los de siempre...
Sindicat Terrassa