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The Forbidden Truths of Human Economic Systems
05 ago 2003
A Truth-based dissection of the genocidally evil economic policies and structures that all human governments and societies inflict upon their citizen-slaves.
Copyright © 2003-2053 The Seer of Forbidden Truth, All Rights are Reserved. Reproduction of any portion of this Essay without the expressed consent of The Seer of Forbidden Truth is Prohibited.

Economic Systems:

Welcome to yet another brilliant essay of Forbidden Truth. This essay will properly dissect, define, and reveal all of the perverse, evil, and insane aspects of human economic, financial, and monetary systems. We will begin by properly defining the words and terms used by society, from a legitimate and Truth-based perspective. We will begin with "money". What is money? Money is an unnatural and invalid artificial construct of human societies, in which a worthless piece of paper or metal object, has very specific figures and symbols imprinted upon it, and the worthless piece of paper or coin is then assigned a concrete value by the specific society/government which authorized and dictated the creation of the piece of paper/metal object. From all legitimate and Truth-based analytical formulas, it is clear that money has absolutely no value, in and of itself. It is further clear that the creation of money by the government is motivated by a genocidally malicious desire on the part of government, to create, control, dictate, define, and impose upon all citizen-slaves, a very specific economic system which creates 5 different and distinct economic categories, which are: Poverty Class, Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class, and Wealthy Class. Only by invalidly creating money, assigning specific values to specific pieces of paper/metal, then overtly manipulating and controlling the decreed "value" of all of the created money, is the government able to create these invalid economic classes, and divide all of their citizen-slaves in such a way as to make them fit into these categories. So, money is not a "useful piece of currency issued by a bank/federal reserve and designed to facilitate economic exchange", as the societal definition holds, but rather an invalid creation of government which is designed to entrap humanity within a diseased economic system, by imposing concrete standards of relative worth upon the pieces of paper/metal, which are inherently invalid and inspired by nothing more than the random, albeit carefully considered whims, of the empowered governmental leadership which controls both the creation and the imposition of relative value, upon all pieces of "money".

There are some human beings who will pathetically argue that money simply facilitates transactions of goods/services between human beings, and between companies. This is a ridiculous claim, when examined from a Truth-based perspective. The extreme benefits of barter/trade will be discussed later in this essay, but right up-front, it is vital that this toxic delusion and illusion, supported and maintained by your societal/governmental leaderships, is torn asunder. Money is not and can never be a benign entity which facilitates economic transaction, or any type of exchange of goods/services. This is because money itself is assigned and declared to possess a value, every piece of governmentally created money is assigned a concrete value, and this value is then manipulated and controlled by the government on a daily basis, even though the Truth is that the piece of governmentally created money has absolutely no natural or "real" value, in and of itself. It’s only value lies within the assignment of value that your evil leaders apply to it, a relative value that your leaders not only invalidly assign, but are also able to control, manipulate, and change, on a daily basis. The entire rational system of fair and appropriate exchange of goods/services, is totally warped and rendered monstrously distorted, simply by the existence of a monetary currency system which is under the direct and complete control of your malicious and enslaving governments.

Our next vital definition will be Inflation. What is "inflation". Within the monetary-based economic system, inflation is a word which society has created to cloak and deny the reality of it’s malicious manipulation and control of the decreed worth of the inherently worthless paper and coin currency that it creates and uses to establish the various economic class levels of it’s citizenry, and keep it’s citizens trapped within their assigned economic classes. When "inflation" occurs, the relative prices of goods/services goes up, while the "purchasing power" of money goes down. Societies and governments claim that this is an occurrence over which they have very little if any direct control, claiming that the "market" sets and determines relative prices and purchasing power. This is a ridiculously invalid and ludicrously lie-based claim, for numerous reasons, but primarily and most simply, because the entire monetary basis of the economic system is inherently invalid and has been totally designed, created, and structured by the governmental/societal leadership itself. Therefore, your government has complete and absolute control over all aspects of it’s internal economic system, and any claim that undesired occurrences such as inflation are out of the control of the government, is false. It is True that on an international level, a government may not have control over how much value some other government, which uses a different monetary system and different pieces of monetary currency, places upon their money at any specific point in time. However, this in no way changes or compromises the Truth that all domestic monetary value, in terms of the assigned value/purchasing power of currency, is under the control of your government, just as the actual creation and initial assignment of value to the piece of currency, was also under the direct and complete control of your government. Let us clearly understand that economic conditions which serve to hurt, harm, and cause hardship to citizen-slaves, such as "inflation", constitute direct and purposeful attack upon the citizenry by their government. What are the purposes of such deliberate attack?? The purposes include intentionally maintaining economic poverty among a specific percentage of the population, making sure that most citizen-slaves remain trapped within one of the five specific economic classes listed above, and making sure that even the middle class, upper class, and wealthy class continue to believe that they must continue to engage in employed labor in order to economically survive, notwithstanding their elevated economic position with regard to the poverty class and the lower class. To be more precise: Inflation is employed as a weapon of terror by your governments against their citizenry, for the purpose of attempting to force all citizens to maintain jobs.

Our next phrase to dissect will be cost of living. Quite similar to inflation, this phrase is designed by your societies to convince you that simply in being alive, and in maintaining your life, the application of a very specific monetary price/cost formula is necessary, and that this formula is somehow intrinsically valid, legitimate, and unavoidable. Consider: 50 years ago, the typical american citizen-slave could live very comfortably on $800 in US monetary cash funds, per month. Today, in the year 2002, it is virtually impossible for any american human being to live comfortably on this amount of monthly monetary funds. Your evil and diseased society claims that the "cost of living" has gone up, and that increases in paid wages and employment salary totally offset the "cost of living" increase, and therefore all human beings living today can live just as comfortably as 50 years ago, despite the fact that they need $2000-$2500 per month in order to purchase the same amount of material goods and pay for their other necessary expenses such as shelter, that the person living 50 years ago only needed to spend $800 for. Let us understand the twofold perversion and overt malice of this claim: First of all, the notion that an increase in salary payment can offset an increase in prices/cost of living, is ludicrous, because it mandates that the human being, that all human beings living within the society, continue to work as slave laborers within the enslaving employment system. Secondly, the "cost of living" increases make it impossible for any human being, of any age, to quit their job with peace of mind, regardless of how much monetary currency they may currently possess, and it further guarantees that unless you are in the top class, the wealthy class, your economic standing will actually fall, with 100% certainty, unless you continue to work as an employed slave laborer. Here you see a beautiful illustration of the genocidal malice of all governmental economic systems, which are overtly designed to terroristically entrap all human beings, including the wealthy, within lifelong enslavement and at the very least an illusion and threat of economic peril, as well as creating a mindset of constant, never-ending economic need to acquire additional money, among all citizen-slaves, despite the True fact that money has absolutely no genuine, legitimate, or intrinsic value, in and of itself. Consider this: in 1950, a young man, aged 21, inherits exactly one million dollars in US cash money. The young man recognizes and realizes that he only needs to spend $800 per month, in order to live a comfortable lifestyle, for that particular month. The young man gets out his calculator, and decides to figure out whether and when he needs to get a job. Easy enough, he simply multiplies 800 by 1250. This total comes to exactly one million. Why does he multiply 800 by 1250?? Because he knows he needs $800 to spend every month, he knows he has a million dollars, and his calculator informs him that multiplying $800 by 1250, produces a total of exactly one million. So, his next step is to divide 1250 by 12. Why? Because there are 12 months in every year. So he gets out his calculator again, and realizes that 1250 months, divided by 12, equals a little over 104 years. This means he can spend $800 per month for the next 104 years, without running out of money, from his initial, current one million dollar total. If this 21 year old young man was sane, he would have performed all of those calculations in 1950, realized that he never needed to engage in a single day of employed, salary/wage earning work for his entire lifetime, and simply spent the past 52 years, from 1950 until today, 2002, relaxing and enjoying his life, never even thinking of getting a job, much less making his money "grow" via investments and the like. But of course the fact of the matter is, no 21 year old young man who met these exact financial circumstances in 1950, would have or could have made this decision and still be financially okay today. First of all, he was under daily moral coercion from his government, culture, family, and every aspect of his economically insane society, to find a job, get a job, and start earning money, even though he had no need to ever earn any money, based upon his then-current financial situation. Secondly, his evil society terroristically informed him that even though in theory he had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his lifetime without ever needing to earn a single additional penny, this notion was nothing more than an invalid illusion. His society told him: "Your cost of living will increase, inflation will take more money away from you every year, than in the previous year, and there is no way to predict how huge these increases will be. 25 years from now, you might have to spend $2000, $3000, or even much more, just to maintain your current $800 a month quality of life comfort. Therefore, the illusion that you do not need to have a job now, is false. You absolutely must obtain a job and begin earning money, because all of your totally accurate monetary calculations as performed by you with your calculator, are useless and meaningless. We control your life, we force you to work as a laborer-slave, because we maintain total and terroristic control of the economic system that we have created." Here you see a perfect example of the ultimate in economic atrocity, as practiced by your evil and diseased governments. A young man, 21 years old in 1950, could have spent the past 52 years in splendid bliss, never earning a single penny, never even investing a single penny of his money, knowing with 100% certainty that he never needed to worry about his lifestyle comfort for a single day in his entire lifetime, and today, at age 73, he could still feel this way, still possessing approximately $250,000.00 in cash, and knowing that his $800 monthly expense would allow him to live comfortably until he was about 125 years old. But no, this young 21 year old 1950 millionaire has instead wasted and sacrificed the past 50 or so years, very possibly his entire lifetime since many men die prior to reaching age 73, or their "retirement" age, whatever it may be, holding down a job, continuing to earn money, under the terroristic and directly physical threat of "inflation and cost of living increases", as well as the equally brutal moral and cultural threat of being negatively labeled and condemned if he dared to reject the decreed "obligation" that your evil and diseased governments place upon all young and middle-aged adults, to obtain and maintain jobs.

There can be no doubt to any sane thinker, that above and beyond all of the basic illegitimacy of the monetary system, there occurs horrifically evil manipulation of monetary value, undertaken by the government under cloaks such as "inflation" and "cost of living increases", which is designed to make sure that even the economically advantaged, always feel themselves to be in danger of suffering financial loss, and therefore remain always obsessed with the perverse notion that they must continue to earn more money, must continue to try and increase their accumulation of monetary assets, in order to keep the threat of "poverty", or at least the erosion of their current standard of living, at bay. Let us clearly understand that these evil economic systems commit genocidal atrocity upon not only the economically poor, but also the economically advantaged, and even the actual wealthy elite class, as well. It is counter-productive to focus obsessively on which groups are most severely victimized, or to become obsessed with economic victimization of the poor, as many so-called "radical" or anarchist groups/movements do, because the reality is that governmental economic systems and structures are severely, genocidally harmful to all citizen-slaves, within all economic classes, except perhaps those who are super-wealthy, meaning those who possess at least 50 million dollars in liquid cash assets as of the year 2002. And the reality is even among this super-wealthy class, there are many citizen-victims who feel morally terrorized into continuing to hold down a job, as a result of the lifetime of malicious behavioral obligation propaganda that their society has subjected them to.

Next we have the term investments. This is an extremely popular concept within the insane economic structure of your societies. You are constantly being informed and encouraged to "invest" your money, in stocks, in real estate, in bonds, in bank CD’s, etc… The claimed benefit of investing your money, is that the amount of money you possess can increase, if and when the value of your investment increases, or goes up in price, to be more blunt. Here is the Truth: First of all, the inflation and cost of living evils are designed to deliberately keep pace with, if not exceed, any reasonable profit gain that you can expect to make, via any type of investment. Therefore, the notion that you can use investments to actually improve your economic standing, is false. At best, assuming your investments are successful, all you will be doing is keeping pace with the devaluation of your monetary assets, a devaluation that your evil society is constantly and deliberately engaged in. Secondly, most investments, and certainly the investments which are most fervently marketed to you creatures as being desirable, not only carry an overt risk of actual loss, but are in fact specifically designed to insure that a significant number of investors do experience financial loss. Here we have yet another method by which your evil societies maintain their economic stranglehold upon not only the poverty and low income classes, but the middle and upper economic classes as well. Economic investments which carry an overt risk and danger of resulting in a loss of financial assets, are in fact touted much more fervently to the middle and upper classes, than to the poverty and low income classes. This is not primarily because the poverty and low income classes have no money available that they can invest, but because the societal leadership has a greater vested interest in causing it’s middle and upper class to lose some of it’s money via investments, so that the sense of fear and desperation which motivates all economic productivity is maintained, and all citizen-slaves, of all economic classes, continue to believe that it is vital that they maintain a regular job, continue to earn a regular salary, throughout their entire young and middle-aged lives.

Let us clearly understand that investments such as stocks, constitute nothing more than a cloaked ponzi scheme, or a lottery gamble. You are being maliciously enticed by your society, into agreeing to endanger and risk the money you possess, based upon an appeal to both your greed and your fear, with the fear aspect being most prominent. Your society in fact tells you that the only way you can obtain enough money to even hope to retire in your elder years in comfort, is to intentionally risk and endanger the money you currently possess, by "investing" it. Yes, of course some people do make monetary profit via their investments, but this profit is designed to merely keep up with inflation/cost of living increases, and more importantly, it is not the desired goal of your evil society to have you, as an individual, make money via your investments. The societal goal is to convince you that you might make money, entice you into attempting to make money via investing, and then to take advantage of your monetary loss by forcing you to work as an employee/slave for even longer hours, even more years, of your irreplaceable and horrifically finite lifetime. There is no governmental obsession with causing all investors to lose money. In fact the investment system needs to be designed in such a way that a fair percentage of investors do make modest monetary gain, so that the population at large continues to believe that investing their money is a logical thing to do, and in fact agrees to continue to risk and sacrifice their money by investing it. Just like a lottery would fail if it never paid out/provided a single winning ticket, the societal ponzi scheme known as "investing" would fail if no investor ever made a monetary profit. But just like the lottery is designed to deliberately create more losers than winners, the exact same operational design is in place for all heavily promoted societal forms of monetary investment, such as stocks, mutual funds, even real estate, as long as the inflation and cost of living increases imposed upon the citizenry, are properly taken into account.

Barter/Trade Versus Monetary Currency: Okay, it is time to broaden out the discussion topics of this essay a bit, to go beyond mere definitions, and we will begin with a comprehensive analysis and head to head comparison of the natural, instinctual, and "free" form of economic exchange known as Barter/Trade, and the totally unnatural, artificially designed, and maliciously manipulative form of economic exchange known as the "monetary" system, the system which involves the governmental creation of money, and the governmental assignment/manipulation of the value of the created money. Beginning many thousands of years ago, human beings naturally and instinctually recognized that a system under which they, as individuals, exchanged and traded with a fellow human being either material goods they possessed, or their physical skills/manual labor, in exchange for some type of material good or physical skill/manual labor that the other human being could provide to them, and which they desired/needed on a personal level, was useful, desirable, and to an extent, necessary in order for them, as individuals, to properly obtain certain benefits and certain needed goods/services, in their lives. This was an economic system known as Barter/Trade. The Barter/Trade economic system was pure and it was legitimate, as well as being rational and sane in it’s design and operational structure. Mind you, this does not mean that the Barter/Trade system was inherently fair, just, or equitable, or that human beings did not mercilessly exploit and victimize fellow human beings within this economic system. There was certainly a good deal of injustice, exploitation, and victimization that took place, and some of it was extremely brutal in nature. And yet despite this Truth, the overall design structure of the Barter/Trade economic system was legitimate. There was nothing systematically evil or insane about the structure itself, although of course it did allow some enraged and sadistic human beings to brutally exploit fellow human beings, something which is unavoidable within a species of genocidally victimized and pervasively enraged creatures who have themselves, in great numbers, been subjected to injustice and exploitation throughout their entire childhoods as well as adult lives.

The Barter/Trade economic system was inherently, intrinsically, and operationally Superior to any and to every economic system currently in existence within every so-called "civilized" society, which is based upon the creation of monetary currency, and the governmental assignment of value to the currency it has created. There are numerous reasons for this, but two stand out, as being pervasively obvious and undeniable. First of all, the Barter/Trade economic system allowed all human beings to individually establish and declare, without any external, governmental control or influence, a personal value for both the material goods they possessed or the physical skills/abilities they possessed, versus the material goods and/or physical skills/abilities that they may have felt they needed to obtain from a fellow human being. Each individual was genuinely free and had the opportunity, to personally declare and establish this perception of value, and to "impose" his own personal perception of value upon the rest of the world, free of all artificial and invalid, governmental decrees of value. Very specifically, it was the lack of governmentally created monetary currency, which allowed this genuine freedom to exist. The very creation of monetary currency by a government, had an immediate and horrifically negative impact upon every economic system in existence within the society, because it created a completely unnatural and artificial standard of value, for an object that is inherently worthless, this would be the monetary currency or coin which was created to serve as "money".

This brings us to our second reason for why the monetary currency system must be condemned as being limitlessly evil and genocidally harmful to humanity. Within the Barter/Trade system, it was quite difficult, in many cases impossible, for any type of severely systemic, society-wide economic injustice, or invalid enticement for individuals to trap themselves within a toxic cycle of unnecessary poverty, to occur. This was because every individual was able to deal with his own economic situation and standing, from a position of rational Truth. Every person had the opportunity to offer products or services to others, in exchange for products or services that he desired/wanted/needed. The directness of the exchange, value exchanged for value, was a tremendously different structure than any currency-based economic system, in which valuable goods/services are in reality exchanged for something which has absolutely no intrinsic value in and of itself, monetary currency. Let us be very clear here: money has absolutely no intrinsic or genuine value, in and of itself. If I can fix toilets, and I can get people to pay me money for fixing toilets, the money that I am receiving has absolutely no intrinsic or natural value, and the fact that I can use the money to acquire objects of value, or to "pay off" other people for other services they may provide me, does not magically bestow any type of legitimate or intrinsic value upon the money I receive for fixing toilets. The money that I receive was worthless, and it is worthless. The fact that an arbitrary value is created for the money by the government, thus allowing/compelling me to spend the money I earn, is in fact a directly genocidal and supremely malicious form of governmentally imposed economic fascism. Let us understand that the very existence of a monetary system not only encourages and facilitates genocidal economic exploitation/victimization, but it also makes it virtually impossible for human beings to rationally and naturally figure out how to avoid trapping themselves within a cycle of ritualized poverty, because there is no direct value-for-value exchange of goods/services. Instead, there is a value-for-worthlessness exchange, with human beings trading their valuable goods/services, for worthless money, with the worthless money then having an artificial illusion of value placed upon it by the government. The money can then be used to acquire "valued" goods/services, but this in no way alters it’s inherent worthlessness, or the lack of legitimacy to it’s governmentally decreed value. Goods and services have intrinsic value. Money has no intrinsic value, and this is why every monetary-based economic system causes a great majority of it’s citizen-slaves, not only the economically poor, but humans of all economic classes, to become trapped within a cycle of ritualized financial need and perceived deprivation. It is impossible for many human beings to rationally figure out what they need to buy, what they need to acquire, simply because the entire foundational structure upon which their goods/services acquisition decisions are made, is warped. The foundational structure is based upon the giving away of an inherently worthless commodity, money, which is nevertheless still extremely difficult to acquire and absolutely vital to possess in terms of being able to stay alive and avoid extreme personal suffering, within the warped economic design structure of the society. Now, many of you diseased thinkers will counter my above revelation of Truth with the bizarre argument that money is not worthless, that money is fact very valuable, based upon the fact that money can be used to acquire valuable goods or services. Do you pathetic creatures realize how ridiculous this argument is? The idea that money has value because it can be used to acquire objects or services that have value, is a perfect example of the type of fundamentally deranged thinking patterns and warped reasoning skills, that your evil society instills within you inferiors. Think about it, you fools. The notion that monetary currency can or should be perceived to have any legitimate or intrinsic value, simply because it can be used to acquire goods/services that have legitimate/intrinsic value, is nonsensical. Monetary currency is nothing more than a useless, artificial construct, that your government chooses to assign an illusion of value to, and impose this declared value upon all citizen-slaves, as a way to entrap all citizen-slaves within a nationwide economic system which is carefully and specifically designed to both terroristically control and terroristically dictate the so-called economic "freedoms and opportunities" of the populace.

The Barter/Trade system of goods/services exchange is unacceptable to your governments, specifically because it decentralizes and eliminates the ability of the government to impose it’s economic fascism upon the populace. Goods/services have inherent and intrinsic value, therefore in terms of a direct exchange, most human beings would not and will not be willing to trade their valuable goods/services, for other goods/services which they do not in fact need, and which they perceive to be of little or no direct value to them. But within the monetary currency system, this is not the case at all. The vast majority of you diseased creatures are perfectly willing and in fact choose to, waste and throw away your money on goods/services that you have no genuine or legitimate need for. This is partially due to the fact that your diseased society deliberately goads and entices you into agreeing to waste and throw away your money, with the specifically malicious intention of causing you to remain financially trapped within your current economic class, but it is more due to the fact that very simply, money and currency has absolutely no legitimate or intrinsic value. So of course it is easy to convince you broken creatures to waste it, throw it away, squander it on goods and services that you do not need. The fact that you probably did have to suffer, endured hardship and difficulty in terms of laboring to acquire the money, does not magically bestow some type of intrinsic or legitimate value upon the money. You accurately perceive, at least on a subconscious level, that the money you possess is inherently worthless and valueless, and this is why you are much more willing to waste, throw away, and squander your money, than you would be willing to directly exchange actual goods/services for things or other services that you have no real or urgent need for. In point of fact, most especially within insanely capitalistic societies, anyone who refuses to accept the legitimacy of the governmentally imposed pathologically insane decree that the acquisition of material goods and unneeded services must take precedence over the accumulation of monetary wealth, is demonized and labeled to be a "cheapskate", a "tightwad", a stingy, miserly, selfish, penny-pinching person. Even within the most popularly pervasive and terroristically threatening aspects of an ultra-diseased society, such as via the insane god myth, we see this perverse determination to impose upon citizen-slaves a moral and ideological mandate to spend and give away their monetary assets, with the "Ebeneezer Scrooge" myth being one of the most obvious examples of this Truth within the insane and evil american societal system. Let us understand that all of the perceived "need" to obtain and acquire money that the vast majority of you creatures spend a great majority of your lives obsessing over, is artificially and externally induced within your invalid perception of reality, by your evil and illegitimate governmental and societal structures, and that from all Truth-based perspectives, there cannot be and there is not any actual, Truth-based need for money. The only need that exists within the human experience, is a need to acquire certain goods/services, at certain times, and the only legitimate way to address this need, from a Truth-based and benign manner, is via a Barter/Trade economic system, not via a monetary/currency based economic system.

There are some who will argue/claim that the Barter/Trade system is not practically feasible, that some human beings do not have anything of value to barter/trade, or would find it difficult to personally "match up" with another person who has the exact goods/service that he wishes to acquire, and is interested in acquiring the exact goods/services that the other person is offering. Let us recognize that there are some legitimate issues and concerns that would need to be addressed, prior to the "elimination" of monetary currency and the implementation of a purely Barter/Trade-based economic system. A nationwide database system designed to allow and facilitate personal as well as business Barter/Trade exchanges, by helping to match up those who have goods/services to barter/trade with other human beings/businesses looking for the specific items/services being offered, would need to be created. Certainly accommodations would have to be made for those human beings who do not have any type of in-demand good or service to offer up as a Barter/Trade, just as is currently the case with the unemployed who are unable or unwilling to earn money through direct labor. And in emergency situations, such as a need for medical care on the part of an individual, guarantees would have to be provided that all emergency services needed by any individual, will be immediately provided without any regard for the establishment of any Barter/Trade agreement. All of these issues can be addressed and resolved quite readily, but of course there is a better chance of a snowstorm occurring in hell, than any type of a Barter/Trade economic system being implemented by any government/society. This is because the monetary/currency-based economic system is one of the anchoring linchpins of smothering domination and behavioral control by your existing enslaving regimes, over all members of their populace.

Your brainwashing societies convince you that the monetary/currency-based economic system is "freeing", that it allows you to easily obtain exactly what you wish to obtain, and also to choose not to spend your money, but instead to save your money. Both of these notions are totally, utterly, completely invalid. This economic system is brutally enslaving. It enslaves you to the notion that an inherently worthless, governmentally produced and controlled object, monetary currency, has value. It enslaves you to the bizarre notion that wasting your lifetime desperately trying to obtain enough money to "live well", is a sensible, sane life path for you to choose. It warps every type of sane or Superior Truth-based sensibility, by addicting and enslaving you to the notion that you must obtain, possess, and spend this worthless yet difficult to acquire commodity throughout your entire lives. Even if it was genuinely True that the society did encourage saving money over spending money, which is not the case within any current society/government on planet earth, absolutely no argument could be made that the monetary/currency economic system has any legitimacy or validity, although perhaps the degree of genocidally harmful consequences that this system causes to humanity, would be slightly mitigated. It is vital that all Superior seekers of Truth understand completely that it is not money itself, or the monetary system as an independent entity, which should be the focus of our most vehement condemnation. Instead, it is the malicious manner in which your enslaving governments have created monetary-based economic systems, under which they completely control/manipulate every aspect of the day to day lives and life paths of all citizen-slaves, employing these economic systems and the worthless, artificial object known as "money" as weapons of genocidal victimization while completely cloaking and concealing this Forbidden Truth from all conscious awareness among the populace, upon which we must focus upon, totally understand, and reserve our greatest condemnation.

Human Economic Systems:

We need to begin this portion of the essay, which will dissect "different" types of human economic systems, and compare them to each other, with a clear understanding that just as all mainstream religions and just as all forms of governmental structure are essentially identical in terms of both their design and operational structure, as well as their illegitimacy and the genocidal harm they inflict upon human beings as a whole, this exact same Truth applies to all governmentally sponsored and imposed economic systems. As is always the case, your evil and fundamentally lie-based leaders have a tremendously vested interest in creating the insane illusion that many economic systems are extremely different from each other, and some are much more harmful than others. And of course we have the so-called "free democracy" societies continuing to desperately tout their economic systems as being far superior, using the insane argument that these economic systems, just as the governmental system, somehow offers and provides precious and sacred "freedom" to citizens. Let us spit into the face of this limitlessly evil lie! Just as no government can ever or will ever choose to provide any type of genuine freedom to any citizen-slaves, the notion that any economic system developed and operated and imposed upon the populace by a government can possibly provide freedom to any human being, is patently ludicrous. The various names that have been created to describe "differing" economic systems, such as "capitalism", "socialism", and "communism", are in fact nothing more than words which have been created for the purpose of establishing an illusion of difference, so as to convince you that the particular form of economic terrorization that your government imposes upon you, is not merely different from, but far superior to, the types of economic terrorization that other governments impose upon their citizen-slaves. The exact same dynamic is at play here, as occurs within the imposed illusions that democratic governments which offer elections are radically different/better than dictatorships, and governments which offer "freedom of religion" are radically different/better than those which do not provide this type of "freedom". In reality, the exact opposite is True, in all three situations. Within the economic system known as capitalism, we have the perverse brainwashing illusion of "freedom", once again being employed against you creatures. In fact, the capitalistic form of economic fascism and terrorization is overtly described as being, marketed as being, and decreed to be, a "free-market" economic system. This word, "free-market", has been created for the specific purpose of fostering the insane illusion that the capitalistic economic system somehow provides and offers "freedom" to those who are doomed to live out their lives trapped within it’s genocidally evil doctrine and structure, in exactly the same manner that democratic governments claim that their political and religious operating systems are overtly based upon providing "freedom" to citizens. Let us clearly understand that without question, one of the greatest tragedies of humanity, and demonstrations of species inferiority/insanity, rests upon the pathological obsession that you creatures have with desperately embracing every illusion and claim of "freedom" which your enslaving leaders and supremely domineering, totally unfree ideological structures, invalidly claim to offer and provide to you. Every economic system sponsored by any and by every currently existing government, is specifically designed to rob you of every type of genuine freedom imaginable. Every economic system is designed to enslave you in the worst possible ways, the most brutal ways, to literally take away your life from you, until your last, dying breath. Simply by living within the design parameters of a governmentally created economic system, you are literally agreeing to sign over, hand over, and sacrifice, every single type of genuine, Truth-based freedom which exists within the human behavioral and ideological universe.

Is "free market capitalism" the worst mainstream economic system currently in existence? Is it worse than communist and socialist economic systems? Well, we first need to realize that in many ways this is a moot and quite unimportant question, because all governmentally created and imposed economic systems are supremely malicious and genocidal harmful to all citizen-slaves who live under the specific government. This question is a little like asking "Is it worse to be shot in the head with a .44 caliber bullet, or a .357 Magnum bullet?" There is no legitimate, Truth-based answer to such a question, and it is really not worthy of receiving much if any focus or deliberation from us. It is far more important to simply recognize, understand, and totally embrace the Truth that all governmentally sponsored economic systems are essentially identical in both design and implementation upon humanity, and all are limitlessly, supremely harmful to human beings as a collective whole, and just as importantly, upon every individual human being. This would include even top-level Superior Seers such as Myself, although certainly to a far lesser degree, since unlike the insane god myth, it is essentially impossible for any human being, even as an adult Superior, to totally break free from the negative consequences and injustices of the toxic economic stranglehold that is maliciously imposed upon them. Recognizing and embracing all of the Forbidden Truths regarding economic systems, certainly does provide a huge amount of personal relief from the toxic and harmful consequences of economic victimization and injustice, but unfortunately not to a 100% degree, as is the case with rejection of the insane god myth. Back to the issue at hand: The "free market" economic system of capitalism is slightly more evil and slightly more harmful, than communist and socialist systems, primarily for the same reason that the democratic form of government is slightly more harmful than other forms: It is the "lie factor". Capitalism relies more upon the creation of a web of impenetrable lies, myths, and illusions, to win over public support and acceptance. Communism and socialism also of course rely on lies and deception, but to a lesser degree. The terrorization employed within these economic systems is slightly more ‘honest", more open. There is a better chance that a victim of communist or socialist economic victimization is aware of the fact that the economic system of his society/government is evil and is choosing to genocidally victimize him and his fellow citizen-slaves, than is the case with a victim of the capitalistic economic system. But let us understand that this distinction is not a major one, nor is it supremely important. The bottom line Truth is that every governmentally created economic system is supremely harmful to the specific group of human beings who are being compelled to live their lives trapped within the specific system in question, be it capitalistic, communist, or socialist. The reason why capitalist societies/governments have been somewhat more successful in terms of retaining pervasive support among their victim population, is because they rely more on lies, myths, the insane but alluring claim to be benevolent and provide "economic opportunity and freedom to improve individual quality of life", and relentless demonization of the "other" economic systems, such as communism and socialism, as being terrible and evil and to be avoided/condemned at all costs. It is this lying, this reliance on pathological deceit rather than the more honest and direct threats of brute force and direct punishment, which serve to render both the democratic governmental systems and capitalistic economic systems, slightly more evil and horrific than the governmental and economic systems that they condemn and demonize. But let us never forget that the exact same malicious purposes, immoral goals, and insane ideological precepts are at work, within all currently practiced governmental and economic systems of the human species.

The Capitalist Economic System:

Okay, let us dissect some of the operational Truths of the capitalist economic system. This system claims to operate under a "free market" doctrine, which is meant to imply that all human beings, consumers as well as "sellers", enjoy the freedom to decide for themselves how much they will charge for their goods/services, and in the case of consumers, how much they are willing to pay for the goods/services, all within a monetary currency-based structure. This is a fundamentally bizarre, as well as totally invalid, claim. First of all, the value of money within the capitalist system, is totally controlled, determined, and manipulated by the government. Since it is monetary currency which is used to both charge for and pay for goods and services, the entire notion that the actual costs of goods and services is somehow fairly or legitimately determined by a "free market", is ludicrous. The Truth is that these costs are determined and controlled by the government, in a totally unfree and fascist manner, via the establishment and the constant adjustment of relative monetary value, as well as overall cost of living, inflation, and other increases, which are imposed upon the citizenry by the government. When a government establishes a specific "value" for specific pieces of inherently worthless monetary currency, it compels all of it’s citizen-slaves to find a way to obtain a very specific amount of monetary currency each and every month, in order to avoid becoming homeless, going hungry, or believing that their artificially established "standard of living" is declining. Therefore, every aspect of economic life within a capitalistic society, is totally and completely under the control of the government. The only "freedom" that individual citizen-slaves enjoy, is the freedom to decide how and where to spend their money, but this freedom is essentially and inherently worthless and useless, due to the Truths that there is no free market, and the prices that are charged for and paid for by the populace, for all goods and services, are artificially determined and preset as a direct result of the malicious manipulation of monetary value/worth that the government engages in on a daily basis, as part of it’s operational control of it’s economic system. Let us clearly understand that one of the most fundamental evils of capitalism is that it is a lie-based system. At it’s core, capitalism works by convincing human beings that they enjoy economic freedom, rather than the brutal economic fascism and malicious oppression imposed by the government that they are actually, Truthfully, subjected to. "Money" is itself a totally invalid and artificial device. Any economic system which operates within a formula involving the exchange of money, which is worthless, for goods/services which do have worth, is inherently, and fatally, flawed. But this fatal flaw becomes thousands of times more harmful, and attains a level of genocidal evil, when the supreme leaders of a society are able to determine, manipulate, adjust, control, and dictate the relative value and "buying power" of money, on a daily basis, as is the case within all capitalistic societies.

The goal of all capitalistic societies is to make their citizenry feel and believe that they enjoy some degree of monetary security and comfort, while at the same time continually stripping the populace of all of it’s monetary worth by addicting them to a lifestyle of ritualistic spending/wasting of money. Remember this vital point:Money is inherently worthless. Because it has no intrinsic value, your evil leaders have no trouble at all in convincing you to spend/waste your money. Even if the things you buy and the services you obtain for your money are of no genuine value, they are still not inherently and intrinsically worthless, as money is. This is why very few human beings are sane enough to choose not to spend their money, for properly self-loving and self-valuing reasons. The malicious societal lures and enticements to spend money, are impossible for most human beings to resist. When a human being is given a "paycheck" or other regularly scheduled distribution of money, the human being is also instructed by society that it is his obligation, as a member of society, to spend this money. The money exists to be spent, to be wasted, to be given away to other human beings, all in preparation for the upcoming receipt of the next paycheck or social security benefits check or other type of monetary payment. The goal of your evil society is to compel/convince you to spend your lifetime "earning" money, and at the very same time, giving away all of the money you earn, so that you feel and in fact are, terroristically compelled to literally sacrifice and devote most of the time and energy of your precious and irreplaceable life, towards the pathologically obsessive task of obtaining money, despite the fact that money is an artificial construct of the government which has absolutely no inherent or legitimate value or importance, in and of itself. It is within the process of falsely convincing you that money has value, and falsely convincing you that it is proper and appropriate that you spend your life desperately trying to obtain money, that the greatest atrocities of the capitalistic economic system, are committed against you.

Socialist and Communist Economic Systems:

I must make it clear that the goal of this essay is not to promote or to attempt to establish legitimacy for, any type of monetary based, governmentally controlled economic system. All such economic systems are fatally flawed, and genocidally harmful. The harm that they cause is not incidental or accidental, but rather deliberately malicious, caused by the governmental application and administration of their invalid, monetary-based, economic system. This applies to each and every Modern Era human government, be it capitalistic, communist, or socialist. Yes, in some very limited ways, the socialist and communist economic systems are slightly less genocidally harmful, and slightly more equitable, than capitalistic economic systems. But these "advantages" are minor and limited, and they do not, in any way, alter the Truth of the malicious intent and genocidally harmful consequences, that are caused to the general population. Yes, there is slightly less lying involved in communist and socialist economic systems. The populace living under such evil regimes, is somewhat better able to recognize and appreciate the True fact that their government is brutally and unjustly victimizing them, simply because the smothering cloak of lies/brainwashing functions most effectively within a capitalistic, democratic form of governmental victimization. And yes, there is more "equality of injustice" within the communist and socialist economic systems. What do I mean by "equality of injustice"? Very simply, the vast majority of the general population is subjected to a much more relatively uniform degree of unjust economic suffering, under socialist or communist rule. Within the capitalistic system, the economic injustice and suffering experienced by the general population is every bit as severe and brutal, in fact more brutal, but it is also much less uniform, and the citizenry is much less able to recognize/appreciate the brutal injustices it is being subjected to, due to the increased level of brainwashing as well as the artificial creation of a "caste" system of economic suffering in which large groups of economic victims comfort themselves via the societally created illusion that "other" large groups of citizens are suffering even more, and so they should feel lucky and grateful to not be trapped within the "other" group. This is the "caste" system of victimization, employed by democratic/capitalistic governments via the creation of economic "classes", such as wealthy class, upper class, upper-middle class, middle class, lower-middle class, lower class, poverty class, homeless class. Within this malicious caste system, even members of the poverty class are terroristically convinced by their governmental leaders that they should feel lucky and grateful to their societal and governmental leaders, for allowing/helping them to not become members of the homeless class. So, let us recognize that communist and socialist economic systems, while they are absolutely malicious and illegitimate, do not quite reach the ultimate degree of malice and evil which is manifested by capitalistic societies. The Truth of how and why the government establishes monetary-based economic systems, and controls them in a brutally fascist and oppressive manner, is more easily recognized and obvious, within communist and socialist societies. It is clear, to any sane thinker, that the goals and the operational structures of capitalistic societies are every bit as malicious, every bit as malevolent, and in fact even more genocidally harmful on an overall level. You pathetic fools cannot even seem to recognize the Truth that just as the government controls every aspect of the economy within a socialist system, the government also controls every aspect of the economy, to the exact same degree, within a democratic, "free market and free enterprise" system. The only difference is the degree and type of cloaking, deception, and brainwashing which is undertaken against you by your democratic governmental leaders and empowered agents.

It is our responsibility, as Superiors and seekers of Truth, to never even attempt to choose the "lesser of two evils", or to rationalize condemning one entity less than another, simply because it may be slightly less genocidally evil in a few ways. No, we must stridently and with no hesitation condemn all societal and governmental entities and institutions which are deliberately malicious and harmful and illegitimate, and always dig down to the root of the problem. Here, as regards economic systems, it is clear that government itself is the root of the problem, and every currently existing and empowered government, capitalistic, socialist, and communist, is equally guilty of having created, designed, and imposed an overtly malicious, genocidally harmful, totally unjust, unfair, and lie-based economic system upon it’s citizenry/populace, with the establishment of a monetary/currency-based system, being the foundational root of the diseased system. Some of you may begin to conclude that I am focusing too much on the monetary aspect of this issue. You may think that the creation of paper and coin money is simply a minor issue, which should not be a primary focal point of Superior analysis and condemnation within this essay. You are wrong. The goal of Forbidden Truth is to cut right to the heart of all issues, to dig down to their root levels, uncover and reveal the specific structures which cause and allow all types of genocidal injustice and insanity to occur within the human experience. Consider: Within the Insane God Myth, the invalid construct of "hell" is an absolutely vital instrument of terrorization. Without the hell lie/myth detail, the entire degree of terroristic effectiveness of the insane god myth would be significantly and seriously compromised. In exactly the same fashion, the effectiveness of governmental economic victimization and terrorization would be seriously and significantly compromised if there was no governmentally created and controlled monetary currency system which existed at the root of the economic system itself. Money is the weapon, money is the tool of terror, money is the toxic fuel which ignites, inspires, and facilitates the ability of governments to inflict genocidal economic victimization upon their populace. Imagine a government trying to force all of it’s citizen-slaves to only engage in barter/trades which meet specific and limited criteria, for example the government declaring that no more than two cows could be bartered for the replacement of a toilet. Such efforts would be recognized as fascist and oppressively unjust by many members of the population, especially within societies which claim to be "free and democratic". It would in fact be effectively impossible for governments to successfully impose economic fascism, within a barter/trade economic system that had absolutely no monetary/currency component. It is therefore vital that we understand the extremely important and primary role that money and paper/coin currency plays, in directly causing and allowing economic genocide to be committed by all governments, against their citizen-slaves. Perhaps some of you cannot find the Superiority that is required to recognize that all currently existing economic systems are genocidally evil and worthy only of destruction and elimination, but you might be able to develop and embrace the slightly less Superior but still extremely valuable and profound insight of Truth, that the monetary/currency component of your society’s economic system, is evil, perverse, genocidally harmful, and must be eliminated. Any insight of Truth, even if it does not reach the highest level of an issue, is still valuable and worthy of embrace.

The economic systems of socialist and communist societies, simply allow government to more directly and obviously commit economic genocide upon their citizenry, than is the case with capitalistic economic systems. Within capitalistic economic systems, the government more effectively cloaks it’s malicious efforts, successfully getting most of it’s citizen-slaves to blame and hate the "IRS", the "fortune 500 companies", the wealthy class, specific CEO’s, the notion of "systemic corruption within big business", the character flaw of "greed" within the human species, other governments and their "bad" economic systems, etc.., for the economic terrorization that the capitalistic government is inflicting upon it’s citizen-slaves. You see, the government itself cloaks and rejects the direct blame that it bears, invalidly deflecting the blame upon these other entities. In addition, capitalistic societies have perfected the perverse art of making economic victimization appear to be unavoidable, harmless, necessary, even to the direct victims that are being subjected to the unjust and deliberately malicious harm. For example, the vast majority of human beings in america consider the notions of inflation and "cost of living" increases, to be absolutely normal and necessary. They do not even see anything wrong, unfair, unjust, or perverse about the fact that a house which may have cost $15,000 in 1940, costs $200,000 in 2002. "It’s just inflation, the normal cost of living rise, and look at our salaries, they have gone up a lot too." This is the insane rationalization that you creatures make, to allow the beloved society that you are addicted and beholden to, to assume complete control over every aspect of your financial life.

The purpose of all economic systems is to destroy your lives as human beings and as citizens, by carefully adjusting and controlling the amount of money that you are able to obtain, or "earn", each year, in such a way that you remain trapped within an ideological obsession/belief that you need to continue to earn more money, by working at a job, for all of the healthy years of your lifetime. This is the limitlessly malicious goal and purpose of the economic system of your government. In america in 1940, forcing citizen-slaves to spend $15,000 to buy a house, achieved the exact same malicious goal of trapping citizens within an ideological mindset of needing to continue to earn more money, as forcing american citizen-slaves to spend $200,000 in the year 2002 to purchase a house. That is why the american government allowed $15,000 to buy a house back then, and allows $200,000 to buy that same house today. There is no "free market" system at work, there is simply economic fascism and terrorization, by the government, using monetary currency and manipulating it’s decreed value. The government has a vested interest in making certain that decent homes cannot be purchased for $15,000 today, because if nice homes could be purchased for $15,000 today, the ability of the government to compel labor productivity from it’s citizenry throughout their entire lives, via economic terrorization, would be greatly compromised, assuming of course that current salaries remained at their current levels. So, "inflation" and "cost of living" indexes and increases are nothing more than poverty control mechanisms, used by the government to maintain a perpetual state of economic need and stress among the populace. These indexes are used to make sure that a vast majority of all citizen-slaves never achieve economic freedom and independence, but at the same time never plunge into total and permanent economic failure/hopelessness either. The "caste system" plays a vital role here, especially within capitalistic societies. Perversely, even members of the Wealthy and Upper Class caste continue to experience economic terrorization throughout most of their healthy, adult lives. How can this be, you might ask?? Surely the wealthy and upper class caste members recognize that they are "okay" financially? Surely they recognize that they will not become homeless or go hungry, even if they stop earning money, don’t they?? Well, first of all, the caste system itself, plays a marvelously effective role in terrorizing these upper classes. Society convinces these upper classes that it would be a horrible, unforgivable tragedy for them to slip down even a single rung, on the caste ladder. And the result is that a member of the Wealthy Caste feels just as much terroristic pressure to not slip down one rung to the Upper Class caste, as a Poverty Class human feels terroristic pressure not to slip down one rung to the Homeless Class level. Interestingly, despite the fact that they are subjected to extreme and perverse injustice and victimization, you often find some of the most carefree and emotionally content human beings, among the Homeless Class, simply because this is the lowest level of the economic system, at least in america, and therefore at least some of the homeless do not experience the daily terroristic pressure to avoid slipping down on the economic caste system, as all other caste system members, on all other levels, do experience. Of course this one positive, major as it is, is offset by other types of negative, unjust terroristic pressures, such as finding shelter, food, privacy, and safety, that the homeless class is forced to endure.

Within any type of a legitimate economic system, the goal of the system would be to very specifically minimize the amount of labor and productivity that all human beings need to perform, in order to live a comfortable and happy life. Minimize the amount of time that the individual has to work, on a daily basis, weekly basis, yearly basis, and "lifetime" basis. Allow the human being to stop working, to avoid working, for lengthy periods of time, and to completely stop working at a young age when good health can still be expected. This would represent a legitimate, economically benevolent system. Of course every currently existing economic system has the exact opposite operational goals, to maximize the labor and productivity of all citizen-slaves, to force all citizen-slaves to work/labor long and hard, throughout their entire lives, while dangling pathetic promises/illusions of a possible few years of ease and relaxation prior to death, via an old age "retirement" which very often never comes to pass because the person becomes ill and often even dies, before even reaching his retirement age. In addition, many human beings are so totally stripped of all genuine self-worth and personal autonomy mindsets, that even upon reaching retirement age and receiving the "permission" of their societies to retire, they insist upon continuing to work, because the only way they can feel that their lives have any value, is if they work as slaves to a boss, and continue to earn "money", an artificial construct which never had any actual value in the first place. How pathetic! Neither government nor private "enterprise" can ever possess or establish the moral authority to try and compel maximum economic productivity from human beings. All such efforts are intrinsically immoral and unjustifiably malicious, including the use of intellectualized propaganda techniques/brainwashings such as the notion that "we owe it to our children to provide a better economic future for them", by sacrificing our own lives via a lifetime of pathologically desperate economic labor, in which we attempt to obtain as much money or material goods, purchased with money, as we can. Every economic system of the Modern Era that has existed and been imposed by any government upon it’s citizenry, has had the specifically malevolent goal of "maximizing economic productivity", a goal which directly undermines and in fact destroys the only legitimate purpose/goal that any government can have, in justifying it’s existence, which would be to maximize the quality and enjoyment of life of it’s citizens.

The notion that a democratic, capitalistic, free market economic system offers any type of advantages or benefits to the populace, when compared to a socialist or communist economic system, is utterly and completely ridiculous, and not supported by a single shred of Truth-based data or evidence. The fact that most people living under capitalistic economic systems do believe their economic system to be superior, is simply a testament to the maliciously effective brainwashing techniques and extern
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