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Country’s and Individual’s Involved with Saudi Arabia and Terrorism.
03 ago 2003
To all countries and individuals that are in a current religious trade journey with Saudi Arabia in an effort to expand extreme fundamentalism through the training and support of jihad terrorists, and to any officials taking âenticementâ? money, here is some pertinent information you need to consider:
1. Saudi Arabia has been exposed to both Muslim countries, the West and Europe. There will be great incentive for the West to seek oil from other oil resources that have become available to gain energy independence from Saudi Arabia. It is very well recognized that this war on terror has been spread with money and it can be shut down by removing money. Many of the countries that do support Saudi Arabia in âIslamizationâ? are for the most part countries that make up OPEC and have an abundant oil supply in their own country.

Saudi Arabia will be left with a surplus of worthless oil barrels ten years from now when the new oil finds in West Africa and Russia are in full production and natural gas becomes integrated as an effective energy source. The Western world now realizes that even a short term cost break on oil from the Saudiâs will have devastating long term affects on economies around the world with the economical damage caused by the profits being used to fund terrorist organizations. The short term gains of Saudi Arabiaâs oil will have grave long term consequences. Down town Riyadh and Ad Damman Saudi Arabia, will not be the decadent cities you see today within five to ten years time. You had better choosee wisely which country you support for your long term international strategic alliance. Saudi Arabia proclaims to be friends to all but their sole purpose is to overthrow all Western and Islamic countries that do not practice the same strict Islamic fundamental beliefs (they are becoming known as âthe thought policeâ?).

The West believes in tolerance of race, religion and creed. Unfortunately global terrorism forced them into a position were drastic measures were needed to regain world stability. The US is not known to be colonizers, but liberators. They do not wish to act in the capacity of world police but do need to defend themselves. As this new information is revealed, the world they will clearly see how Saudi Arabia fooled many countries but our eyes are now wide open and we all know who the real enemy is.

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Re: Country’s and Individual’s Involved with Saudi Arabia and Terrorism.
04 ago 2003
Don't worry poor fascigirl you will always have the US army to protect your selfish "civilization" from all the terror of the Universe.

Long life to the goodies Empire!
Re:Saudi Arabia
04 ago 2003
First off, your hair is very american.
Sort of Christian American. I must admit I don't like Christian Americans, and at present am not sure of the organised group "convention" visitors to Barcelona this August, which is more objectionable, the police
or the "Give God Glory" christians.
Anyway your hair is not a good basis to critices your politics, so moving on let's look at what you have to say about Saudi Arabia:
"Saudi Arabia has been exposed to both Muslim countries, the West and Europe".
well how informed you are, with your pretty big hair and shaking hands and internet connection.
Madam, Saudi Arabia is the _muslim_ country.
since the mid 1920s the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has control and responsiblity for the "sacred" sites of Islam, these include Mecca and mount Ararat amongst others. It is one of the pillars of Islam that all muslims of good health who can afford to make the journey to Mecca must do at least one time in their life and thus receive the title "HAJ". To make the "HAJ" one must enter Saudi Arabia, but under travel restrictions imposed in the last three years under pressure from Washington which is in the USA, entry visas for the anual HAJ expire within six weeks.
So let us take it for granted that Saudi Arabia has then contact with the world community of over a billion Islamic faithful. Moving on... you also write Saudi Arabia has had contact with Western Europe, how true, the imperialist powers of France and Britain invented Saudi Arabia. Yes indeed it was their idea arising from Levant settlements in the period 1916-1922 during which under various treaties the Ottaman Empire was dissolved World War 1 ended and the modern states of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq etc., began.
moving on....
Now you have ideas about Russian and West african oil and gas, very interesting, Russia as you might know though I doubt it, accounts for 23% of planetary gas reserves. The most formal discussion on future trade options for this gas has been done with the state of France. If you would like more information for your google searching goto this article on ireland indymedia on the Russians and their "gas".
Last point, you Madam, aptly termed "fasci-girl" have missed one of the most important points about current world terrorism by current I refer to a ten year period of which 2003 is the latest. You will find on examination of all attacks and collateral damage (an american way of saying deaths) that the most effective terrorist organisation have not been muslim fundamentalist.
Sorry but apart from NYC on Sept 11th an event still not conclusively proven to have been islamic fundementalist in conception the old "jihad" really has been that terrible.
So go read up on Islam, your muslim neighbours and change your hair.
Re: the hair.
04 ago 2003
How much CFC went into that hair?
I'm pretty sure you always looked that way.
I thought to use the microsoft "trace your highschool friends" and find all the internet photographs of you since you were a preschool.
But would I waste my time? Saudi Arabia is indeed Gabrielle (can I call you Gabrielle?) one of the most nasty states to live in today. And till very recently it was also the state with the _most_ US troops stationed.
You may like to support the various groupings on the left/green spectrum of Saudi Arabia who wish to create in the future a _republic_ of Arabia without the billionaire Saud family.
Wouldn't that be a good use of your internet time?
Go on support a "Republic of Saudi".
and stop worrying about the muslims and the Oil, it will only confuse you more.
God Bless! and have a nice day.