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Massacre of the Kurdish people in Turkey / NATO
26 gen 2016
Condition of 25 injured trapped in a basement in Cizre deteriorating

25 injured people who remain trapped in a basement in Cizre are still being hindered from access to hospital and treatment they are in urgent need of.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 11:00 AM
25 injured people who remain trapped in a basement in Cizre are still being hindered from access to hospital and treatment they are in urgent need of.

The tragedy in Cudi neighborhood began with artillery strikes on civilian houses which left 29 people injured 4 days ago. Four of these have died of wounds waiting for an ambulance in the basement where they remain trapped since.

While the situation of the rest is deteriorating every passing hour and day, Şırnak Governor Ali İhsan Su is hindering ambulance access to the scene to retrieve the casualties. The Governor wants those with heavy injuries to walk out of the neighborhood to reach an ambulance that will be sent to the area, which is, however, impossible under the current circumstances and ongoing gunfire by Turkish state forces.

HDP Şırnak deputy Faysal Sarıyıldız talked to Şırnak Governor for the retrieval of casualties in the wake of the recent meeting between a HDP group and Interior Ministry in Ankara. The Governor, however, refused the proposal for the dispatchment of Cizre Municipality's ambulance to the scene through a suspension of the aggression by Turkish forces.

Regarding the current situation on the issue, HDP MP Sarıyıldız stated that; "The Governor wanted the wounded to walk outside the neighborhood through their own means while attacks by state forces are ongoing ceaselessly. It is, however, security forces under the command of the Governor that have demolished the building where the injured are taking shelter. While the municipality ambulance isn't allowed to enter the neighborhood either, those heavily wounded are asked to go out and walk out of the neighborhood. These people wouldn't get wounded or killed if the security forces acting on the Governor's order do not fire on them. If nobody reaches and retrieves the wounded from that basement till this evening, I will go and help them myself. Let them kill me, too. We have come to the point of questioning our humanity."
Cizre People's Council co-chair Mehmet Tunç, who is together with the 28 wounded and slain people in the basement, told that Turkish forces continue to shell the building where they remain trapped.

"The second and third storey of the building collapsed as a result of yesterday's aggression. Windows of the basement are all covered with debris now, which makes it difficult for us to take a breath inside. There is no water or any medical means to help the wounded. We have managed to find some water from inside the building, like from the boiler, but this dirty water has made the wounded sick."

Tunç pointed out that the lack of medical material forced them to remove some cotton from pillows and try to dress the wounds of the injured with this cotton which, however, also run out yesterday noon.

Cizre People's Council co-chair said a minor with a heavy wound in the chest was in a rapidly deteriorating situation, while DBP Assembly Member Mehmet Yavuzer now suffers gangrene in both feet due to ongoing denial of access to treatment.

Tunç added that the basement has become unliveable and every passing hour will result in further casualties among the wounded.
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