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Kurds are the ten lost tribes of Israel?
15 oct 2015
“So where do these Kurds come from? One theory is that they may actually be the 10 lost tribes of Israel. The Jews of today are descended from the two southern tribes (Judah and Benjamin), but the ten northern tribes were conquered by Assyria in the 8th century B.C., and settled in the exact same area where the Kurds dwell. The Yazidi religion traces their descent from Adam, moreover they have a yearly pilgrimage in the month of September/October, which is the same time as one of the Jewish festivals required Jews to attend the temple in Jerusalem.”

Source: dream-prophecy

Ethnic groups which could eventually belong to the lost ten tribes of Israel


2 Kings 15:29 and 17:6 record that the northern tribes of Israel were taken into “Assyria” and “Halah and in Habor by the river Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes”. (It was the Assyrians who took the Israelites to those places, but later when the Persians conquered Assyria, the areas in question came to lie within the Medo-Persian area.)

Further, regarding this search for ethnic groups which might belong to the “lost” tribes: According to the biblical criteria – see for instance Deuteronomy 28:64 and 65 with their context – those groups must be (relatively) few in number, and again, they would not have a country of their own.

In short, that is what the Scriptures say concerning the fate of the “lost” tribes of Israel, before their coming restoration which is still a future matter. If any of this sounds strange, make sure to read the other parts in this series.

Groups which have come from Persia.

Significant parts of the area of the former Assyrian and Medo-Persian empires were located within what today is the state of Iran, formerly called Persia. Consequently, some of the ethnic groups which today live in that general area, could be descendants of the ancient Israelites who around 2700 years ago were forcibly taken there. Also: There are several ethnic groups that have come from that area. Many of them are distressed in our day, and have been that even in the past.

Among those groups are the Farsi-speaking part of the people of Afghanistan and Tadzhikistan (Farsi = the Persian language). Some writers have said that the Pashtun (a group of people in Afghanistan) have in the past called themselves Bani Israel (“children of Israel”) and Yusuf zai (“sons of Joseph”). It is hard to say how much of that consists of facts and how much of myths, but, Afghanistan lies in the general area where the northern tribes of Israel were taken into captivity. Clarification:

As was mentioned earlier, 2 Kings 17:6 records that some of the people of Israel were placed “in the cities of the Medes”. At one time, the Medo-Persian empire covered parts of what today is Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a bit more.

Then there are several other ethnic groups of that kind, in the Caucasus area, and of course the Kurds who live in several Middle-Eastern countries and elsewhere as fugitives. There are also the Armenians, a very ill-treated people whose language has many Persian elements and who also have been spread among the nations of this world.

And then, there are the people who today are called “Assyrians”. Even they are a persecuted people without a land of their own. They live in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Armenia and elsewhere; there are “Assyrians” as fugitives in many parts of the world. It is not clear who those “Assyrians” really are, but their fate fits the description the Bible gives concerning what the fate of the scattered tribes of Israel would be.

Yet another ethnic group from Persia.

There is yet another group whose ancestors came to Europe and to other areas of the world, from Persia. Their language contains a large percentage of Persian words. That group of people is relatively few in number, and it has served other gods and still does that, just as the Bible says the scattered “lost” tribes of Israel would do. The people in that ethnic group are spread among the nations and do not have a country of their own – just as the Bible says it would be with the tribes of Israel.

That ethnic group has been persecuted and hated. They have for a long time been a wandering people, on the move, just as the Bible said that the “lost” tribes would be. That group is of course the “Gypsies”, the Romani people, also called Roma.

According to historical sources, the Romani people came to Europe from Persia. Even those who have claimed that they came from Punjab, have drawn maps which show that it was from the Persian area that they came into Syria and Egypt and then to Europe.

It is said that some of the Romani people came to Europe via Syria and Egypt. Some think that the name “Gypsies” comes from the word “Egyptians” (E-gypti-ans). – There are also the “Middle Eastern Romani”, the Domari who live in Egypt and Iran and in that general area. In western India, there are the Domba or Dombari who are segregated from the mainstream community.

Source: biblepages


Genetic science seems to corroborate the claim that the Kurds are very close relatives of the Jews. Which leads us to believe that in fact, the Kurds are part of the "10 lost tribes of Israel."

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