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Pharaoh Obama Versus Putin Gog: who will win?
01 oct 2015
The great world war is configured. On one side, the mighty Pharaoh XV Hussein Obama. On the other hand, Putin Gog, king of Magog. Who will win? Putin Gog supports Assad butcher. Obama supports the butchers of Al Nusra, moderate group the Turkey.
Faraó messias.jpg
Matrix Gog Putin.png
There are only two things that unite the two rivals: the love of Persian princisa, the beautiful "Black Widow khamenei". And both hate Moses (Netanyahu), shepherd of the tribe of Israel.

Pharaoh Obama dreams of the death of Moses. Putin Gog, King of Magog too. Pharaoh Obama wants to marry the beautiful "Black Widow Khamenei". Putin Gog also wants . Putin Gog offered the kingdom of Magog as a wedding dowry the beautiful Persian princess "Black Widow Khamenei". She said she will think about it. Who will win this war? Who should marry the Persian princess?

Who of the two mighty kings will be fatal victim of the black widow?
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