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(Video) Brutal beating by cops inside a police station in Cyprus
22 ago 2015
The video that was released on 19 August 2015 from the closed circuit cameras of a police station in the Greek Cypriot town of Polis Chrysochous, depicts a 26 years old man in police custody, first being sprayed in the eyes with CS gas and then (while being blinded) the inmate is savagely attacked and hit by 2 policemen with a baton more than 60 times, while fallen on the floor and showing no signs no resistance.

The incident took place in February 2014 but it was only few days ago, when the video was released, that the Minister of Justice and Public Order in Cyprus was forced to take action following the public outcry, while during all this time, (more than a year and a half), the 2 policemen, despite being investigated, they were never taken off duty, ie. these psychos were working and were being paid normally as so called “upholders of peace”, like nothing has happened.

And that is why violence that emanates from people in power towards the people below is called terrorism, while the opposite is called resistance.


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Re: (Video) Brutal beating by cops inside a police station in Cyprus
22 ago 2015
Suceso ocurrido en Chipre el pasado febrero, pero que el video ha sido filtrado esta semana.
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