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Students Baloch Resistencia
29 jul 2015
The Central Spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization (AZAD) expressed unwavering opposition to the Pakistan Army chief recently visited the Mashkay, Panjgur, Dera Bugti, Pasni and other areas of Balochistan which are included in the ongoing military operations. Dozens of unarmed youth have been abducted and hundreds of civilians including women & children have been killed during the current military operation.

In his statement, the BSO-Azad Spokesperson said that the State Forces are aware of the Baloch youths commitment to the national independence movement, is beyond their control. Since their exploitative plans are not welcome by the Baloch people they have resorted to excessive force and inhuman military operations to create fear among the Baloch people and discourage their conscious commitment to the spirit of the Baloch.

Thousands of families were forced to leave their ancestral towns, Pakistani forces occupied their land and schools and has set up many army camps. The Baloch genocide is well under way and since the recent Chinese companies investment in Balochistan the state has intensified atrocities in Balochistan.

The BSO-Azad spokesperson says the ongoing Baloch independence movement is the masses movement and it will not be weakened by using force or by promises of privileges. In entire Balochistan, the state army increasing aggression and has mobilized religious fanatics against the Baloch national movement. They are causing a severe deterioration of Baloch society and it's very dangerous to regional peace and stability. State is providing small privileges to the thieves, drug mafia and criminals, to use them against Baloch citizens; and complete their exploitative projects.

The threat posed by these policies and projects has become reality. Dr. Malik, Sanaullah Zehri, and the parliamentarian politicians have played active role and are equally responsible for the recent civilian massacre. These parliamentarians have conspired to safeguard their personal interests and their business deals to replace the thousand year old Baloch identity and render the Baloch people a minority in their own state.

Confirming the State conspiracies, the BSO-Azad Spokesperson said that the State has imposed an environment of war in Balochistan because the independent Baloch State will not consent to the Chinese exploitation of Balochistan. Their (China) investment & foreign aspirations will not be fulfilled. To establish the success of these exploitative projects the state has endeavored to eliminate the Baloch people, language, and identity. The spokesperson considers this an attack against the Baloch nation and are opposing the states endeavors on every front. The foreign companies affiliated with the occupier state should read the writing on the wall. Investment made in Balochistan without the consent of the Baloch people should be considered forfeit and cannot be saved.

The BSO-Azad Spokesperson further stated that State forces are encouraged by the silence of human rights organizations. While the international community's remain silent and neutral, during the past week the Pakistan Army has engaged in a series of full scale military assaults in Pasni, Awaran Quetta, Dera Bugti, and other areas of Balochistan. Dozens of Baloch civilians have been abducted and hundreds have been injured or killed; including the women & children. Their villages have been completely destroyed in the bombardments, set on fire and are burned to the ground by the state forces. In this dire situation; human rights organizations and independent media organization have taken an unusually inactive role, and history will never forgive their silence concerning the genocide of the Baloch people.

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