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Detail of Awaran operation in Balochistan
28 jul 2015
Balochistan's Awaran Region is in seige of Pakistan's Military forces since 18th of July 2015, after a few days short break of previous Mashkay Massacre, in Mashkay area of Awaran.
More than three villages are reportedly burned & vanished, women & children abducted & tortured in Military Camps.

Mothers, sisters & daughters are in search of their beloved ones, either dead or alive.
Some if survivors who managed to escape & reach other villages, reported that heavy aerial shelling by Pakistan's Air Force along with the brutal ground operation.

Hundreds of dead bodies are lying in the open ground for days and nights.
No amy Media outlet and HR group is allowed to visit the sieged area, which increases the doubt that may be some chemical or weapons of Mass Destruction has been used during the deadly operation
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